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Updated on: January 21, 2022
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VigLink Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 VigLink Alternatives


Stripe Payments Plugin for WordPress – WPPayForm
(3 Ratings)

Simply Accept Payments in WordPress with Stripe (PayPal also supported). Increase your conversion rate for payments.


Checkoutify – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store
(1 Ratings)

Abandoned Carts Recovery with Email & Web Push Notifications.


Create with Spring, sell on social - Spring. For creators.
(1 Ratings)

Create and sell products to your fans with Spring. Creators can monetize their content and earn their fair share. Plus, it's free.


Smart Returns Platform | Returnly
(1 Ratings)

Give your customers a return experience like no other. Returnly is the only return solution that lets shoppers get the right item before returning the wrong one.

Products Similar to VigLink

ProfitWell Retain

Churn Reduction Software & Churn Prevention Tools | ProfitWell
(6 Ratings)

ProfitWell Retain utilizes over five billion data points, some A.I and Machine Learning, and white labeled outreach to reduce churn automatically. Setup takes 15 minutes on Stripe, Zuora, Braintree, Recurly, and Chargebee and we do the rest.


Full list of eCommerce Software Features in CloudCart | Everything you need for your store!
(1 Ratings)

Get a FREE CloudCart store today! Take advantage of the fully-featured ecommerce software that is CloudCart integrated with different 1st and 3rd-party marketing tools targeted at increasing your sales.

Magento 2 Mautic Integration...

Magento 2 Mautic Extension | Magefan

Email Marketing is a new branch of marketing specializing in the peculiarities of emailing. It allows you to notify your customers about some promotions on your website or offer them some deals. There are different emailing platforms that allow you to automize the email sending.

Magento 2 Language Switcher...

Magento 2 Language Store Switcher Extension | Magefan

Magento 2 Auto Language Switcher using the GeoIP database displays customers the store view in their local language. In order to define which store view to direct customers the extension analyzes customers' location or browser language is analyzed.

Magento 2 Image Optimization...

Top 3 Tips for Magento 2 Image Optimization

Magento 2 Image Optimization Extension allows you to convert all your website pictures into WebP format. WebP is the next-generation image format developed by Google. Image Lazy Load extension will load images gradually, just when scrolling down and not at once. This extension will boot the website loading speed and reduce the page size. With this extension, you will improve your website's SEO and even attract more customers.