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Updated on: June 19, 2021

Push Notification Software

Push notification software is mainly used to deliver information from a centralized server to a computing device. The software allows receiving notification alerts even when the device is locked, and the application is closed. The software uses mobile backend as a service (mobile BaaS), a cloud service by which it provides push notification for mobile apps. It is mainly used to promote products and improve customer experience by sending web push messages automatically. It allows the publisher to set-up an automated message that will be sent through an application interface (API).

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Fastest Growing Push Notification Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews


OneSignal is an entirely free application that allows user to send unlimited push notifications to unlimited subscribers. It supports all platforms such as HTML and also integrates well with WordPress. It provides real-time tracking feature to track notifications instantly after sending it. The... read more

OneSignal also won

VWO Engage

VWO Engage software is a Push Notification tool used to engage visitors with web push notifications and Facebook Messenger. Send triggered notifications and custom target audience based on different actions performed on your website. Engage your customers with Cart Abandoners messages to drive your sales. Schedule notifications and measure the performance of campaigns from your dashboard. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


PushEngage is a push notification application suitable for both mobile and website. The software segments and sends web push messages automatically to set of customers in order to support sales and marketing of business. Based on custom criteria, targeted audience are grouped or segmented and push... read more

PushEngage also won


PushAlert is a Push Notification tool that helps users to increase the reach of their efforts, boost their revenue, and re-target users with notifications on both desktop and mobile and mobile devices. It does not require the installation of any application and works completely online to convert... read more

PushAlert also won


PushAssist is an application software that provides reliable push notification services. It is easy to install and the multi-device support feature allows you to send notifications to both mobile and desktops. The software has fragmented and programmed notification feature, due to which,... read more

PushAssist also won


PushBots is a tool used to engage customers. The software offers Smart A/B Testing feature for enhancing the performance of users. Send and manage push notification, in-app messages, or polls to understand user behavior, retention and more. Enhance your campaigns notifications with images, videos,... read more

PushBots also won


Push.World software is a platform used to re-engage customers across web and mobile with automated push notifications. Increase retention and recover lost sales by sending triggered push notifications. Send targeted notification, analyze clicks, views, and check the conversion rates. Marketers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.


Firepush is a remarketing automation tool to increase the engagement of existing customers via web pushes and SMS messages. It helps in sending fully customisable push notifications and messages to customers based on the segment they belong in. Since Firepush is made specifically for online... read more

Firepush also won


NotifyVisitors is an automated notification management software based in the cloud that is easy to access from anywhere, round the clock. The SaaS version of this software is available too. This push notification software comes equipped with several useful features like A/B testing, campaign... read more

NotifyVisitors also won


Truepush software is a free-forever Push Notifications tool used to build, engage and re-target your users. Create, Send and Measure campaigns and gain insights into campaign performance via Dashboard. Segment your user based on user action. The software offers Project Duplication for duplicating your existing projects and customize them for your requirements. Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.