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Application Development Software

Application Development Software helps to create, test, debug, and manage applications and frameworks through successive stages in an orderly way. It provides an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that coordinates the programming tools so that the developers can view the progress of development through a user-friendly interface. Developers can deploy a range of development tools to IDEs, APIs, and frameworks to develop, test the applications.

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Most Popular Application Development Software

The Most Popular Software award is given to the SaaS products with the highest presence across social media, web search and user reviews.

GitHub #1

GitHub is a software development platform for individual developers and companies to build, ship and maintain their software. The platform allows developers to record and rewind any changes to their code, keeping the entire team in sync. It helps to create quality programs with less coding.... show more

GitHub also won

Microsoft Azure #2

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that is useful for the app developers to build web-based applications on different programming languages such as ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript. Azure enables to quickly create, deploy and manage applications throughout the global... show more

Microsoft Azure also won

Firebase #3

Firebase is an intuitive mobile application development solution backed by Google. Users can smoothly accelerate and scale their app development process without managing any infrastructure. The platform can be used to build apps, release and monitor them besides boosting up engagement levels. Cloud... show more

Firebase also won

MobiRoller #4

MobilRoller is an app creating platform wherein users can build stunning iOS and Android apps without requiring any coding knowledge. Software developers have designed this app in a unique way, and they assure excellent user experience every time. The software comes along with powerful and... show more

MobiRoller also won

Particle #5

A fully integrated IoT (Internet of Things) software, Particle offers an array of essentials required to power multiple IoT products. This software believes in reprogramming the world for a seamless future and is trusted by a wide number of top companies like Jacuzzi, Bosch, Continental, Briggs... show more

Particle also won

BuildFire #6

BuildFire is an advanced mobile app builder platform for individuals and companies to develop fully custom mobile apps in a short time. It provides an intuitive click and edits technology that does not require any coding knowledge to build quality apps. BuildFire includes a wide range of functionality that covers the majority of any app-building needs. Its highly custom and unique features help users to develop their own plugin with the BuildFire SDK. Also, the BuildFire SDK empowers users to create powerful functionality with an entirely serverless architecture. Users can add customized in-app purchase functionality to their apps. They can... show more

nandbox #7

nandbox is an app-building tool that allows users to build mobile apps without coding, hosting or paying any upfront costs. nandbox also allows users to replicate existing reputed apps by choosing, configuring, and publishing it in a short time. Developers can enhance their apps with a multitude of interactive features such as mapping-integrates interactive maps in the app, built-in messenger-ensures easy and fast communication with customers, digital coupons entice customers by offering discounts and even creates, manages, and pitches events with social media sharing options. Some other key features of the tool include cloud processing,... show more

Bizness Apps #8

Bizness Apps is an user-friendly mobile application builder designed for competitive industries such as real estate, communities (club, local or nonprofit organization), schools, restaurants, health & beauty as well as small scale digital marketing and design agencies to develop their businesses. It increases the customer engagement through its revenue generating services and latest mobile technology features such as unlimited push notifications, reservations, food ordering, mobile shopping cart, coupons and CRM tracking tools that allow the user to easily build, edit and manage mobile applications online without any prior experience in... show more

AppInstitute #9

AppInstitute allows users to build apps in minutes without any coding. This easy-to-use app builder comes along with online chat support which makes it far convenient to use even for new users. It helps to build apps using a few simple steps, beginning with choosing a suitable template and then adding all the business information. Next, users need to edit their content by simple drag and drop functions, and finally publish it instantly. The user just needs to select a business type, and the app immediately shows up all the pre-loaded contents along with special features that one might require when adding a personalized touch. Users can get... show more

Appmaker.xyz #10

Appmaker.xyz is a tool that enables businesses to create native iOS and Android apps to redefine their brand perception and increase their brand value and trust. Using the in-built features like payment gateways, in sync with the store, RTL support, currency and language switcher, app analytics, and much more, businesses can acquire more customers through App store discovery. The platform reduces users' cart abandonment through easy checkout options and reminders using push notifications, which reduces cart abandonment by up to 40%. Users can use the in-built value-added feature of ‘Push Notification’ through which businesses can engage... show more