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Updated on: January 25, 2022

Application Development Software

Application Development Software helps to create, test, debug, and manage applications and frameworks through successive stages in an orderly way. It provides an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that coordinates the programming tools so that the developers can view the progress of development through a user-friendly interface. Developers can deploy a range of development tools to IDEs, APIs, and frameworks to develop, test the applications.

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Fastest Growing Application Development Software

The Fastest growing Software award is given to the SaaS products registering the maximum growth across social media, web search and number of user reviews

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud computing platform that is useful for the app developers to build web-based applications on different programming languages such as ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Python, Javascript. Azure enables to quickly create, deploy and manage applications throughout the global... read more

Microsoft Azure also won


Firebase is an intuitive mobile application development solution backed by Google. Users can smoothly accelerate and scale their app development process without managing any infrastructure. The platform can be used to build apps, release and monitor them besides boosting up engagement levels. Cloud... read more

Firebase also won


GitHub is a software development platform for individual developers and companies to build, ship and maintain their software. The platform allows developers to record and rewind any changes to their code, keeping the entire team in sync. It helps to create quality programs with less coding.... read more

GitHub also won


Retool is a platform that provides its users with building blocks to build internal tools for an organization, and hence save time. The software allows its users to build front-ends quickly around any kind of datastore. It connects to various SQL databases such as MySQL, BigQuery, Postgres, MS SQL, and Redshift as well as any other API, such as Salesforce and Google sheets, etc. Users can connect their data sources and build their queries and logic and queries in Javascript or SQL through the platform. One can connect their questions and logic to prebuilt components such as text inputs, tables, and buttons while also organizing and... read more


Crowdbotics is an app builder that facilitates the fast building of high-caliber and real production software applications. It is powered by a library of myriad open-source building blocks including social login, communities, and notifications. It also has a learning model that enables the system to upgrade itself by learning from the packages used during app development. In a few minutes, apps can be built and launched on mobile devices or the web in real-time. It works seamlessly whether or not users know how to code. Also, users can create applications as simple as a mobile or web app, and as sophisticated as a machine learning app,... read more


MobilRoller is an app creating platform wherein users can build stunning iOS and Android apps without requiring any coding knowledge. Software developers have designed this app in a unique way, and they assure excellent user experience every time. The software comes along with powerful and... read more

MobiRoller also won


Tugboat software is a platform used to deploy previews to automate development of software. The software offers a secure site previews for any git push with container images to mirror your production environment. Shell access to every container to debug problems inside the runtime environment. Generate mobile, tablet and desktop before-and-after screenshots for visual regression testing. Developers, Small, Medium and Large companies make use of the software.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is a set of services and tools for web and mobile developers to build scalable full-stack applications. It can be used to personalise app backends besides connecting users’ apps in minutes, for deploying static web apps in few clicks and easily monitoring app content external to the AWS console. Developers can use the Amplify admin CLI and UIs’ intuitive workflows to set up upgradable AWS backends with authentication, data, storage and other common use cases. Amplify UI can also be used for providing non-developers with administrative access to manage app users and content without an AWS account. With this Amplify console,... read more


A fully integrated IoT (Internet of Things) software, Particle offers an array of essentials required to power multiple IoT products. This software believes in reprogramming the world for a seamless future and is trusted by a wide number of top companies like Jacuzzi, Bosch, Continental, Briggs... read more

Particle also won

3Pillar Global

3Pillar Global is a product development platform that helps companies with various product building processes, powering up their digital business. It delivers a variety of lean solutions through digital innovation consulting, with the help of advanced agile engineering and product expertise mechanisms. 3Pillar Global allows companies to strategise and execute every feature of their product, besides offering access to automated testing, iterative updates and continuous learning, which also ensures long term adaptability and quality. 3Pillar Global helps to thrive companies by aligning their growth objectives with customer experience design,... read more