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Rakuna Better management of event and campus recruiting

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For 2 to 20 Hours Per Week
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Shiny's fractional talent marketplace is the new secret weapon for startups. Founders spend too much time and money to hire key executives, often needing to replace them in a couple of years anyway. Companies worldwide spend billions of dollars every year on executive searches, while most startups are forced to limit their search to their current network. Craft and submit a job post on the platform with your requirements and preferences. We'll make sure we match you to the right executives.

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Build a team faster
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Social recruiting is an effective tool that can be used to transform the recruitment marketing process. By utilizing social media platforms, employers can reach passive and active job seekers with the right messages at the right time, making their employer brand the top choice. With the seamless candidate journey software, employers can hire more talented candidates and keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process. This software also increases conversions, making it easier for employers to find the best talent. Through the use of social recruiting, employers can build relationships with their ideal talent and keep their recruitment process organized and efficient. With the right tools and strategies, employers can make sure their recruitment process is up to date and attractive to the best job seekers in the market. show more

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The Global Talent Digital Technology
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Radancy is the leading global talent technology company. It provide employers with an intelligent solutions to their most critical challenges, delivering results that strengthen their organizations. The unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need.

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AI Growth Marketplace
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Fuel50 is the AI Opportunity Marketplace solution that smart-matches your people to coaches, learning, vacancies, gigs, projects and career journeys. Harness next-gen workforce data, power internal talent mobility, drive workforce agility, and future-proof your organization.

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Start reaching your prospects exactly
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Use Robo and turn Indeed.com into own private lead machine, gathering vital information including emails about people who posted. Click on the roboscraping extension to grab a database of decision-makers. Using Robo, gathering vital information as well as email addresses in a snap.

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Products Similar to Rakuna


All-in-one Online Career Fairs Software
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Brazen is a leading virtual hiring event and online career fair platform to meet the needs. The software offers a mobile-friendly interface with text-based chats or chat-to-video interviews create a seamless user experience for both recruiters and candidates. Create Live video broadcast booths to host webinars within event. Share recorded webinars for future recruitment marketing initiatives.

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Transforming the candidate experience
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inploi’s conversion module seamlessly integrates with existing HR technology, significantly improving the candidate experience and increasing conversion rates. This attraction module delivers universal reach to online communities across social media, job boards, aggregators, search and display campaigns, and this own job search platform. this data and analytics module provides companies with never before seen insights into the applicant experience and powerful data that inform key business decisions.

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Career Portal and Recruitment Marketing Platform
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Talenteria is a state-of-art recruitment marketing platform and career site builder, that promotes your employer brand and creates an impressive candidate experience. Talenteria is a tool that leads to the best hiring decisions, building successful teams, and promoting company culture. They take advantage of the latest media trends, to create eye-catching career sites that showcase company identity and attract the right talent - without any help from a developer. Talenteria is a key solution for proactive recruiting, that helps companies recruit smarter, spending less time and money at all stages of the recruitment funnel. show more

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Talroo Ad Platform

Manage Job Advertising Campaigns
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Talroo is dedicated to helping employers build their essential workforce quickly and effectively. The team of customer service professionals are available to assist throughout the process. To make the process even easier, it have also developed TAP, an innovative tool designed to connect employers to the right candidates faster. With TAP, employers can quickly fill their essential workforce and get back to business.

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Recruitment Marketing Platform | SnapHop
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Recruitment marketing platform that helps companies accelerate recruiting, attract great candidates, and reduce cost per hire.

Stories Incorporated

Recruitment Marketing Content Agency • Stories Incorporated
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Stories Incorporated creates engaging recruitment marketing content for employer branding and people communications to attract and engage top talent.


Recruitment Marketing Technology: Attract right candidates
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Recruitment Marketing Technology to get you the best-performing channels to attract the right candidates. 10,000+ happy users worldwide.

CareerBuilder Talent Network

Browse All US Jobs | CareerBuilder
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Look for US jobs quickly. Browse through active jobs by title, category or location on CareerBuilder.com


CareerArc social recruiting | Get your employer brand + jobs on social media
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CareerArc is the only social recruiting platform that provides the social media reach, frequency + scale needed to attract + hire top talent.


Next Generation Job Search. LocalWork.com
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Search for jobs in Phoenix with Arizona's best rated website for Phoenix jobs, careers and advice. Careers in Phoenix are found on LocalWork.com

Aspen Tech Labs

Features - CareerSiteCloud
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CareerSiteCloud features: create hosted corporate or employer branded site, design branded landing pages and manage job ad campaign.


Jobs for Veterans, Veterans Job Fairs | RecruitMilitary
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Find veteran jobs, military friendly colleges, and franchises for veterans through RecruitMilitary. Search our veteran jobs database today!


Small & Medium Business Solutions - Recruiting.com
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Successful hiring starts at your career site. Career Sites by Recruiting.com attract and engage the best candidates so you can hire the right talent. Your career site is the top source of information for candidates - so what it says and how it looks matters. Investments in employment branding and candidate experience translate into more applicants and improvements in quality of hires by as much as 70%. By giving candidates a reason to apply and easy ways to engage through mobile recruiting, social recruiting, and seamless ATS integration, Recruiting.com career sites can amplify your recruiting results. Want to recruit and hire better talent? Find out what a Recruiting.com Site can do for you. show more


Core features | Recruitment Websites
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Why not find out how our core features can deliver your recruitment website the best results to your business.

TMP Worldwide

Radancy - Global Digital Technology & Recruitment Marketing Solutions
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Welcome to Radancy. Transform your talent acquisition with our unified platform, data and expertise. Learn more about our recruitment solutions here.