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Core strategy

Strategy Management Tool Write a Review
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Core strategy is a software that allows enterprises to align everyone in realtime with the organizations strategic vision and plan. It also continuously monitors and evaluates the progress being made and corrects itself if required, which in turn, helps maintain the long term success of the organization.

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StrategyWorks solution help you to achieve your objectives faster 4.6 Based on 4 Ratings
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StrategyWorks solution helps leadership teams to deliver their business and digital transformation objectives faster and more efficiently.

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Programs are making progress. Write a Review
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CORL8 helps consultants and companies drive organizational change and track progress using visual scorecards. Whether it's a diversity and equity program, security audit, or go-to-market strategy, get organized and collaborate to increase success and manage change. Transparency, accountability, and humility. They are all human and They are stronger when they support each other through our failures. To that end, they believe being humble about their abilities and transparent about their wins and losses will create an environment where accountability is treasured and not feared.

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Just stay the course Write a Review
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From this experience know that goals are the most important implementation aids. That is why have worked out the critical success factors from a wide variety of target and implementation systems and translated them into software. A software exclusively for goal management and strategy implementation - and not a misused tool that is actually intended for spreadsheets or presentations.

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Track, manage, analyze marketing tactics, beautifully Write a Review
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Enjoy quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily views to observe marketing activities. Get all the needed fields for marketing programs. Match existing campaign and reporting structures for seamless workflows across tools. Create multiple program types to capture all the marketing programs. Add program fields to track all the needed information. Compare the projections with real time performance. Identify the best sources to maximize the growth.

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Ready to execute tactics on your behalf Write a Review
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GrowthBot is a tool that helps automatically grow startup by providing strategies to drive traffic and increase revenue. It helps execute effective growth tactics, such as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, and provides best practices for startup.

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Empowering Executives with Advanced Data Insights Write a Review
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iDataWorkers is the premier platform designed to transform the way executives manage their businesses. With iDataWorkers, users will have seamless access to vital business insights through robust data integration and advanced visualization. iDataWorkers offers an intuitive platform that simplifies the process, allowing them to focus on what matters most making informed decisions for their business. With this seamless platform, they'll have critical business insights and notifications right at their fingertips. At iDataWorkers, they understand that as an executive, their time is valuable. With iDataWorkers, you can stay ahead of the curve and make strategic decisions with ease. This seamless and intuitively connected platform has helped countless executives stay informed and ahead of the game. Transform their strategic decision-making with iDataWorkers and experience the power of seamless data integration and advanced visualization. With iDataWorkers by their side, they'll have the edge you need to stay ahead in today's fast-paced business world.

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Follow a modernistic approach regarding planning, execution and managerial part of individual strategies Write a Review
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StrategyBlocks is a strategic management and planning software that helps companies to simplify their planning, management and execution parts in no time. It comes with a complete performance management system that enables users to monitor the overall potential of particular strategies. The software helps to create such strategic management plans which are flexible enough to adapt to the ever-changing needs of individual organizations. Further, multiple ‘bookmarked’ dashboard views equipped within the particular provide up-to-date information about plans’ performance and helps with seamless monitoring. With StrategyBlocks, companies can follow a unique approach to overcome the challenges related to monitoring KPIs and improving functionality in the planning and execution part. StrategyBlocks manages both subjective and structured data, besides executing strategic risk management protocols, which is important for any business. It also helps decision-makers to create a clear communication channel that facilitates macro and micro-level visibility across the entire organization.

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Elevate Marketing with AI-Powered Precision and Simplicity Write a Review
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Frictionless offers a dynamic suite of tools tailored to elevate marketing strategy. In a collaborative AI-enabled workspace, users can harness Personas, SWOT analysis, positioning, and go-to-market strategies to target the right audiences with precision. The platform's AI-powered insights make competitor analysis a breeze, while helping to define core values, crystallize vision, and pinpoint unique offerings that set apart. Frictionless empowers brands to generate consistent and engaging on-brand messaging that resonates deeply with their audience. The platform ensures every piece of content aligns perfectly with the strategic goals, making it easier than ever to connect with and captivate the target market. With Frictionless, complex tasks become effortless, allowing to focus on what truly matters—creating impactful content and growing the brand. Join the revolution of smarter marketing with Frictionless, where innovation meets simplicity for unparalleled audience engagement and business growth.

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Stratsys Strategic Planning

Get meaningful business insights and proceed with further planning in a strategic way Write a Review
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Stratsys Strategic Planning is a comprehensive strategy planning tool that helps companies plan and follow up multiple business operations, in order to gain a compact overview of their organization’s essential KPIs. Admins can depend on the particular to visualize their organization’s’ overall goals and strategies and divide them into operational tasks in real-time. In this way, employees get to understand how smaller departmental’ goals can connect to the overall strategy at both individual and team levels. With Stratsys Strategic Planning, users can track KPIs and the organization’s progress towards their goals. Further, admins get access to full details of operational results in real-time, directly on their dashboard. Stratsys Strategic Planning also comes equipped with a variety of collaboration features enabling team members to work more efficiently. Users can share boards and cards that provide more clarity between operational and strategic work, helping admins set effective criteria related to the efficient execution of various business processes.

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Core strategy Core strategy 0
StrategyWorks StrategyWorks 4.6
Zielnavigator Zielnavigator 0
Growegy Growegy 0
GrowthBot GrowthBot 0
iDataWorkers iDataWorkers 0
StrategyBlocks StrategyBlocks 0
Frictionless Frictionless 0
Stratsys Strategic Planning Stratsys Strategic Planning 0

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