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Pre-Employment Testing Software

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IBM Kenexa Employee...

Talent management services
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IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments use behavioral science techniques to measure traits, skills, and culture fit. A team of I/O psychologists and 30+ years of behavioral science expertise have ensured the portfolio.

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Indeed Assessments

Talk to best candidates
(32 Ratings)

Hire the right talent by evaluating on-the-job skills and qualities that matter most to business. Post a Job to start assessing candidates. Easily get started by selecting from over 150 expertly designed test modules to match needs. Candidate evaluation is based on results from ready-made test modules, utilizing data-driven decision making so can be confident that making the right hiring choices for organization.

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Toggl Hire

Screening Candidates with Tests
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Toggl Hire software is a smart skills tests used to screen and hire the candidates faster. Create your job opening, job role for hiring candidates with relevant skills for the position will test creator. Collaborate with your team to tags on candidates and filter candidates by score to export their test results. Collect candidates feedback to gain insight into tests and hiring process. HR Managers, Small and Medium companies make use of the software.

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Build for Volume Hiring
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The volume hiring solution helping organisations transform hiring into a process that’s fast, friendly and fundamentally fair. Traditional processes for volume recruiting are manual and subjective. At best, they’re inefficient for employers. At worst, they’re unfair to candidates. Harver automates your recruitment process from apply to hire free from bias and enjoyable for everyone.

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Hogan Assessment Systems

Products | Hogan Assessments
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View our personality assessment products with convenient filtering and sorting to find the selection or development solution you need. Start here!

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Know who you’re hiring
(54 Ratings)

Devskiller is an end-to-end platform to assess and manage tech skills throughout the entire employee lifecycle. Industry-proven platform to assess and develop tech talent. With their platform, you can quickly screen and interview developers. Using entertaining stack-specific tests, predict how your applicants will perform. Their platform makes evaluation of employees very easy. The algorithm provides management insights from objective skill assessments which can be used to identify and close skill gaps, and implement career paths. One of its most essential features is that it can be adjusted to the use-case of any team that uses it. Recruiters - can utilize its skill assessments, and the HR team – can utilize it to keep employees engaged. They even test programming languages, frameworks and libraries that others don’t. They have clients from industry leaders from 85+ countries – including companies like paypal and Deloitte, Their real life testing methodology replicates the actual work that developers undertake in order to show you how their coding abilities are put to use. You can examine the exact skill set required for any position at any level of seniority. show more

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Measure potential not pedigree
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Pymetrics is a soft skills platform. It is redefining hiring and talent management – using data-driven behavioral insights and audited AI which creates a more efficient, effective, and fair hiring process across the talent lifecycle.Internal and external talent cannot be judged by resume alone.Pymetrics uses gamified behavioral assessments to evaluate the entire talent lifecycle. Instead of focusing on backward-looking resumes or subjective questionnaires, they collect objective cognitive and behavioral data that measures everyone’s true potential.The digital interview feature is an integrated platform for candidates and recruiters. the video interview builds based on pymetrics’ gamified assessments, providing a comprehensive evaluation of every candidate. This platform can evaluate candidates for any role within your company, and ultimately, any role in its own ecosystem. Every candidate has a fit – it could be redirected instead of rejected. show more

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Thomas International

Psychometric Assessment & Aptitude Tests
(6 Ratings)

Thomas is the leading talent assessment platform for mid-market organisations. It takes the guesswork out of recruitment and supports the development and retention of your best people. Thomas operates in over 60 countries and supports more than 50 languages.

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Now hire the best coders by examining their skills from the best platform
(16 Ratings)

Codepad is software that enables companies to hire the best coders by interviewing with the best set of questions. Coders can easily describe their skills through this platform. This helps the companies to understand the way in which candidates work better. Firstly, the candidates are assessed by their knowledge of technicalities. The software automatically screens the candidates and provides automated ranking and scoring. It generates reports for the companies to shortlist candidates. In the second round, companies can send a coding project that the candidates can independently complete. This will help organisations to dive deeper into the prime skills that the participants have. In the third round, the candidates can be assessed through a live interview in a collaborative environment. The software provides an IDE online where both the candidate and the interviewer can code together live. Through this session they can indulge in writing, executing, and debugging their codes. This format allows for creating an experience that is positive and beneficial to the developer. show more

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Flexible, Scalable, Robust
(33 Ratings)

Make more informed talent decisions with assessment platform. Designed for peak configurability, Criteria seamlessly fits into process, making it easy to administer assessments, manage candidate pipeline, and interpret results. Criteria makes it easy to test candidates. Use a simple testing link in online job posting, or invite candidates to take assessments at any stage of hiring process.

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Sales Candidate Assessment

Candidate Assessments for Salespeople - Objective Management Group
(15 Ratings)

Our Sales Candidate Assessments provide accurate and insightful results to thousands of successful companies that rely on it to choose winning salespeople.

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About Us | Topgrading
(8 Ratings)

We help you reach new heights. Topgrading is a proven system for improving the productivity, profitability, and progress of an organization by recruiting, hiring, and developing teams of top performers. Our Story You need a great team to make it to the top. Topgrading was born from a firm conviction: That the #1 most important … About Read More »

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Take the headache out of screening
(4 Ratings)

Imagine instant longlists of pre-qualified customer service candidates. Customised with layered assessments and painless interview scheduling - Weirdly’s a recruitment software even hiring managers will love.

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Hire Success

Pre-Employment Testing System | Hire Success®
(1 Ratings)

Gather objective data on applicants and employees, identify top candidates, easily conduct structured interviews — all with Hire Success.

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Assessment Features | Berke
(52 Ratings)

Berke's customizable pre-employment assessment helps you hire with confidence.

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Talentoday Manager Software

Talentoday Manager: Data-driven matching at scale | Talentoday
(1 Ratings)

Recruiters, managers and career counselors can now speed up their decisions with Talentoday Manager which provide personality and predictive behaviors on individuals.

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Home - XBInsight Talent Assessments
(4 Ratings)

XBInsight's talent assessments are fully customized by job type and by industry. Take a test drive today and experience the power of our tools.

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The Devine Group

Talent Selection & Talent Management - OutMatch Platform | OutMatch
(1 Ratings)

Learn how OutMatch's Platform can make talent selection & management easy for everyone involved with modules working together for a better talent strategy.

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AQai Adaptability Assessments

Plaform Features | Adaptability Assessment | AQai
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Ai personality Aida is a conversational chatbot with a built-in AI personality. Ai personality measures a person's adaptability and how adaptable a group of people are collectively.

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Hire the best candidates through tests
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SkillRobo is a candidate assessment tool that assists companies and HR teams to hire skilled candidates to fill their vacant positions. With this tool, companies can create competitive tests to identify candidates’ skillset on any particular topic. They can invite and interview participants onboard for taking online tests of candidates. It can also be used to generate instant reports by analysing candidates’ performance in these tests and quickly shortlisting the best ones. With SkillRobo, different types of tests can be created by companies belonging to different industries, such as KPOs, the IT sector, BPOs, automobiles and others. It also supports interactive and engaging online environments to deliver test questions to candidates. The tool enables users to upload test scores to their HR evaluation system and shortlist candidates. Finally, they can also make an in-depth analysis of every test and customise questions accordingly to check the real potential of candidates. show more

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List of Pre-Employment Testing Software

IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments 4
Indeed Assessments 4
Toggl Hire NA
Harver NA
Hogan Assessment Systems 4
DevSkiller 4.7
pymetrics NA
Thomas International 5
CoderPad 4.3
HireSelect 4.2

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