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CommCare by Dimagi | Data Collection App 4.5 Based on 2 Ratings
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Build a smarter data collection app that works offline and tracks data over time with CommCare, the world's most poweful mobile data collection platform.

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Achieve Data Control with Smart Data Engineering Write a Review
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Bigeye is the ideal data reliability engineering platform for data teams. It helps them build trust in their data by automating data observability, detecting anomalies, and accelerating root cause analysis. Deployment is easy and quick, taking less than 15 minutes. Bigeye's team can continuously monitor over 50 data quality attributes and define custom monitoring. Plus, it is a SOC2 compliant platform that never copies or exports data. It's the perfect solution to proactively detect and resolve issues.

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Product Overview | Syncari - The #1 Data Automation Platform Write a Review
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Learn how Syncari's complete data automation platform enables you to restore trust in your data in this product overview.

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Take Growing Enterprise to The Next Level Write a Review
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Introducing bisko – the revolutionary tool designed to power the customers business operations! Stop wasting time crunching numbers and gathering data from multiple sources. With bisko, can easily collect, organize, and analyze vital customer data all in one place. Create detailed customer profiles with demographical information, interests, likes and dislikes – whatever needed to boost the business operation intelligence and make better decisions. Having a deep understanding of the customer preferences gives an edge to personalize their user experience and improve omni-channel marketing campaigns.

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Leading Digital Transformation in Healthcare Write a Review
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1Clearsense is a HITRUST-certified, cloud-based platform that accelerates outcomes in clinical, financial, and operational settings. It forms the foundation of Clearsense's healthcare digital transformation, emphasizing data governance, implementation, and analytics. With robust data management, efficient implementation, and advanced analytics, Clearsense empowers healthcare organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve patient outcomes. The user-friendly interface enables non-technical users to harness the power of data for organizational transformation.

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Mammoth Analytics | A Faster Path To Insights 5 Based on 1 Ratings
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Mammoth Analytics is a lightweight SaaS data management platform that allows you to store, analyze and visualize your data.

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Customer Data Technology for Business Intelligence Write a Review
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Woveon is a customer business intelligence platform that can aggregate billions of data points about customers across various conversations, transactions, and behaviours. All these customer experience instances can then be stitched together in a single and unified view. Consequently, internal data systems can then suggest optimal response workflows, smartly recognize compliance violations, and automate redundant agent research. The resulting insights can thus enhance the existing live chat, AI services, and business automation processes of companies. With integrated data touchpoints, organize can access a holistic view of customer journeys and know them better. Agents can then generate suggested responses that have a higher rate of success. Profiles can be matched with the associated conversations and cross-analyzed with other customer details or campaign information. Features include customer conversation analytics, single customer conversation view, intelligent conversation responses, and prioritized customer conversations. Relevant use cases of Woveon include industries such as financial services, e-commerce, call centres, and airlines.

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The low-cost data platform that feels like magic Write a Review
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Artemis is designed to make data accessible to any user. It is a comprehensive data platform that can help any business user make decisions with confidence. With Artemis, teams can trust the data they are using to make decisions. Artemis provides a simple, yet powerful tool to navigate and visualize data. It provides a single source of truth that everyone can access, helping to bridge the gap between technology and the business. With Artemis, users can quickly and easily explore their data, identify trends, and make smarter decisions. Everyone from analysts to executives can gain insights from their data with Artemis. It helps teams make decisions faster, with more confidence, and with greater accuracy. Artemis allows teams to make decisions based on real-time data, enabling them to stay ahead of the competition. With Artemis, data has never been easier to use and trust. It is the perfect data platform for any business user.

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Location analytics at scale Write a Review
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They go beyond simple data visualization and provide advanced analytics and insights at scale. Traditional location data analytics solutions are reaching their limits due to the vast amount of data being tracked. A core focus on data-driven analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence brings new opportunities for insight generation.

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JetPack Data

JetPack Data - Data analysis for everybody 4.7 Based on 3 Ratings
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JetPack Data proposes an intuitive data analytics and visualization platform geared for 'the common man'. Using advanced Machine learning techniques, JetPack Data does the analysis for you and not the otherway around!

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Dataherald by HiGeorge logo

Dataherald by HiGeorge

Use interactive visualizations to tap into the world's data Write a Review
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Dataherald by HiGeorge is a data visualization platform that enables you to find ready-to-use data and build auto-updating visualizations without the need of any coding knowledge. It assists you build, tweak, and publish no-code data visualizations, providing you access to the most recent insights and trends, without periods of meticulous labor in less than 60 seconds. With Dataherald, you can keep your audience more engaged and informed, all while saving times of physical data entry. You can get interactive data visualizations, enabling your audience to interact with the information directly. The platform also locates, cleans, and organises datasets for you, which saves you time when it comes to data analysis. You can simply copy & paste your data visualizations into any newsletter, article, or PowerPoint presentation. From the platform’s enormous collection of live, auto-updating data streams, you can create your own data visualization and any website, article, or PowerPoint presentation can benefit from it. Dataherald offers data on a variety of subjects, like Real Estate, Covid-19, Economics, and so on, which are automatically updated anytime the source changes.

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DMP Solutions for Agencies, Publishers & Advertisers- dJAX Adserver Write a Review
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dJAX DMP Manager is an innovative technology platform that provides valuable insights about audience. Creates rich customer profile with the granular behavioural data and bridges the right data across channels to power right time engagement.

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Table Backend

A Complete Software for All Needs Write a Review
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If a professional customer is looking for the ultimate backend solution to power small projects, including marketplaces, job boards, and more, then Table Backend is here. This flexible platform allows to use a variety of tasks, including roadmaps, to-do lists, and other custom use cases. The customer will have full control over every feature with easy-to-understand dashboard that allows to make adjustments with ease. Whether needed a single page app or complex website architecture, this system can accommodate any project needs. It's understandable that data privacy and integrity are important to which the customer built robust security features into this platform so that data remains protected. Easily create complex databases for multiple users so everyone on the team can access information when needed. Table Backend provides an intuitive solution for professionals who require advanced features while needing to keep costs low and quality high. Enjoy maximum productivity with minimal effort when using Table Backend!

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All-in-One SAP Data Management Tool Write a Review
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DataLark is a leading end-to-end data integration platform that helps businesses make the most of their data. With DataLark, businesses can securely and cost-effectively migrate and integrate their critical data to help drive better decisions. Whether they're looking to move data from on-premises to the cloud or they want to connect and automate their disparate systems, DataLark is the answer. This easy-to-use platform allows them to network their cloud and on-premises applications to gain total transparency of their data flow. They can also take advantage of their prescriptive analytics to uncover hidden patterns and trends in your data that can help them to maximize their value. When it comes to the safety of their data, DataLark's sophisticated security protocols ensure your data is safe and secure. This platform is designed to protect against data loss and minimize downtime, so they can trust that their valuable data is secure. DataLark is the ideal platform for businesses of any size to optimize the value of their data. With DataLark, they can quickly and easily manage their data integration so they can make informed decisions about their business.

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Unlock the Potential of Synthetic Datasets Write a Review
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Introducing AuraML, the ultimate solution for enterprises looking to elevate their AI-ML model development process. With this cutting-edge Synthetic Image Data Cloud Platform, companies can say goodbye to the painstaking task of manually collecting and labeling training datasets. This innovative solution empowers organizations to swiftly generate synthetic data that is perfectly aligned with their specifications, streamlining the entire process and reducing associated costs. At AuraML, they understand the value of time and resources for engineering teams, and that's why they have developed a solution that frees them from the mundane and time-consuming tasks of data collection and labeling. With AuraML, they can focus on what really matters - developing cutting-edge technology to drive their business forward. But what sets AuraML apart from other solutions in the market? They have a laser focus on industries such as Warehouse, Logistics, and Robotics, ensuring that this synthetic data is tailored to meet the specific needs of these sectors. They understand the importance of accuracy and precision in these industries, and that's why this synthetic data is carefully crafted to provide the most realistic and reliable training for their AI-ML models. This target audience is professionals with a third-party perspective, and they invite they to experience the game-changing capabilities of AuraML for yourself. Say goodbye to manual data collection and labeling, and hello to a more efficient and cost-effective way of developing AI-ML models. Try AuraML today and see the impact it can have on their business. Elevate their technology with AuraML.

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Decentralized Data Management Platform Write a Review
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Uniflow is a game-changing digital ecosystem powered by a Universal Identity and Universal Currency. Uniflow's mobile and web applications make it easier than ever for individuals and companies to embrace an efficient, secure, and cost-effective financial reality. Its Universal money system enables reliable, safe, and secure transactions with no complication or hidden costs.Built on a decentralized, scalable, and robust Universal Network, Uniflow is a platform for transparency, security, and independence. From streamlining transactions to organizing finances, Uniflow helps professionals tap into a revolutionary digital experience. Professional users can also benefit from features such as budget tracking, setting up and managing businesses, and increasing financial autonomy. Uniflow gives users the tools they need to own and control their financial future. Join Uniflow today and become part of the shared vision for a safe, secure, and independent future. Uniflow, and take the digital world into their own hands.

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Perfect Business Data Without Manual Work Write a Review
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Collatable, can save the hassle and take control of the business with the best up-to-date information. Collatable automates data across all aspects of the company so that the customers always have access to the most comprehensive insights. With no longer have to manually input each new piece of data - allow collatable to do it for the customers. This intuitive software quickly recognizes any new information, so don't have to worry about human errors or gaps in coverage. By allowing us to take the weight off shoulders, will be able to efficiently acquire and analyze data that is essential for optimizing operations and improving customer satisfaction.

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Data Collection System Write a Review
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Introducing Tabliner, the ultimate solution for seamless data collection within the company and between business partners. With its innovative no-code cloud application, Tabliner revolutionizes the way to gather and manage information, making it accessible to everyone. Designed for professionals, Tabliner offers a user-friendly and intuitive interface that requires no coding knowledge. Say goodbye to complex and time-consuming data collection processes. Now, anyone in the organization can easily collect and analyze data with just a few clicks. With Tabliner, will experience a new level of efficiency and collaboration. Streamline the workflows, improve communication between departments, and enhance productivity by seamlessly sharing data with business partners. Elevate the decision-making capabilities with robust reporting and analytics features. Gain valuable insights from real-time data, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions that propel the business forward. Whether in finance, marketing, or operations, Tabliner empowers to unlock the full potential of data. Stay ahead of the competition and experience the power of Tabliner. Join the ranks of successful professionals who trust Tabliner to streamline their data collection processes. Embrace the future of cloud applications with Tabliner and harness the power of data like never before.

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List of Data Management Platform (DMP) Software

CommCare CommCare 4.5
Bigeye Bigeye 0
Syncari Syncari 0
Bisko Bisko 0
1Clearsense 1Clearsense 0
Mammoth Mammoth 5
Woveon Woveon 0
Artemis Artemis 0 0
JetPack Data JetPack Data 4.7

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