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90% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
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96% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
90% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
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UiPath RPA is a cloud-based robotic process automation software solution that is developed specifically for government organizations and businesses to design and manage an unattended automated function to simplify front office work activities. This tool, via advanced analytics, enables users to connect their team's systems applications, track performance, and create customized reports. UiPath RPA software produces the most precise, futuristic and easy-to-use solutions to automate monotonous office tasks, irrespective of their complexity. Furthermore, it studies and approves data from and between any system document and application, automating even the most complicated workflows with adequate accuracy. This software enables users to save multiple licenses in one combined database that aids future reference. This platform comprises a studio module that enables users to design workflows by deploying several technical languages. This artificial intelligence-enabled suite features a robot that can effectively operate on various legacy systems, including mainframe desktop, Citrix, SAP, and much more. ..show more

akaBot is a compact RPA solution, helping out aspiring organisations to get their pressing business challenges streamlined on the go. The software gets an all-inclusive ecosystem of its own, which is capable of saving operational costs by 60%, enhancing productivity levels by 80%, reducing processing time by 90% and eliminating unnecessary human efforts by 70%. Moreover, RPA services provided by akaBot covers up metrics like assessment, 24/7 operation and maintenance, implementation and training. Also, a variety of ready-made and most requested processes tailored for individual industries helps with seamless client automaton journeys from time to time. Businesses can get their automation journeys streamlined with akaBot in five simple steps. All they need to do is identify and prioritise process management related metrics, implement designs and build robots by integrating with a variety of chatbots, OCR, voice and AI, streamline the operational part, evaluate generated results and finally proceed to get the particular structure applied over a vast interface. ..show more


Access Control Defines application access to various users. Includes role-based system that controls options to be displayed to different users based on their role

Attended Automation A semi-automation process that often requires human intervention and collaboration

Bot Performance Analytics Helps you track and analyze the performance of a bot

Bot Scheduling Allows the user to schedule bot deployments in advance or consistently or at different time intervals.

Collaboration Helps you safely share data with only those who matter and enhances your teamwork

Custom Automation Allow users to use custom code to automate processes

Debugging An integral part in appplication development that locates and corrects code errors in a computer program

Disaster Recovery Helps to resume the IT infrastructure quickly after a disruption

Exception Handling Allows adding an exception in unassisted automation to automatically resolve problems that are identifiable and repairable

Machine Learning An intelligent automation process that allows a bot to imitate or predict behavior by learning from historical behavioral patterns.

NLP NLP (Natural language processing) helps to understand and process the text and spoken words in documents and applications in much the same way human beings can

No code Development Allows building applications through visual modeling tools and configuration without having to write code

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Helps in converting scanned paper documents into editable files

Pre-built Templates Has inbuilt templates for landing pages so that designing from the scratch is not required

Unattended Automation A fully automated process that doesn't require any human intervention

Visual Editor Enables users to quickly edit and make changes to the original content, webpages, widgets, and other components and create modified versions of the same in real-time.

Web data Extraction Helps to extract structured and unstructured data over the web

Workflow Recording Allows users to record, save, and run the testing actions

Workload Management Allows prioritization of high-value transactions in the queue


Access Monitoring

24/7 (Live rep)

Business Hours


Contact Number/Address

New York, New York

Hanoi, Vietnam / +84 (24) 3 768 9048






Mobile - Android

Mobile - iOS

Mobile - Windows

Mobile - BlackBerry

Installed - Windows

Installed - Mac




Large Enterprises

Medium Business

Small Business


Pricing Model

Free Trial


One-time license



Quotation Based


UiPath RPA


  • Build super-smart, ​robust robots
  • Manage your robots, masterfully
  • Run all kinds of robots
  • Engage with your robots
  • Measure automation performance
  • Veracode and ISO
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  • Assessment & Proof of Concept (POC)
    • Assess readiness of infrastructure and security
    • Evaluate and select RPA tool
    • Develop business case for Robotics potential
    • Conduct business and technical PoC
  • Maintenance & Support
    • Operate, monitor, and maintain Robotics processes
    • Provide governance, management and documentation training and supporting
    • Update automation trends and technology
    • Support change management
  • CoE (Center of Excellence) development
    • An internal CoE team helps you expand, develop and operate akaBot with your own resources
    • The CoE is built in three phases.
  • Implementation
    • Design & build RPA robot
    • Integration with OCR, Chatbot, Voice and AI engines
    • Automation delivery, deployment, testing, and maintenance
    • Build a RPA Center of Excellence for consistent implementation and support
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