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Jonathan Cox

September 15, 2021 Source:
Excellent system, even better service and customisation

Having initially used Buddy ten years ago when employed, I was swift to return to the team when I set up my own company and needed to implement a CRM within my clients' organisations. I have now implemented Buddy with two clients over the past 12 months and have had my positive impression reinforced.

In one instance in particular, the implementation was not straight forward. We had a bespoke need for a very unique set-up but Philip, Adam and the team took time to really understand the need and the business, allowing them to design the system so that it worked for us.

The response times and level of service has been excellent and whenever we have been stuck, they have found a solution.

The pricing is very competitive and the service is excellent - superb value for money.

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Grace Miles

July 15, 2020 Source:
Buddy CRM Is great!

I have been using Buddy for 2 years now and we have found it a huge help to the company. Buddy has allowed us to generate Quote numbers in sequence so we do not have to use an excel sheet.

We can easily contact customers, know when to follow them up and see what we have missed. The system is really easy to navigate. The help desk are always on hand should you have any question or queries.

I would get Buddy if you are not  keeping in touch with your clients and if you need to keep your contacts all in one place as this was a key issue for us before we got the CRM.

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Dipesh Vaja

August 19, 2020 Source:
Versatile Team

I've worked with several different CRM systems and each of them is similar in their core offering. I've been with my new company for about 8 months and have 'inherited' BuddyCRM as part of my role.

There are several areas that we need to work on improving with regards to the CRM and using it correctly, however in my opinion the biggest poitive that I've seen is that the BuddyCRM team are always accessible and have taken on all my points (whether specific to this business or on a whole) and implemented changes where possible.

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Andrew Etherington

August 17, 2020 Source:
Global expansion

Buddy CRM was our chosen system as our UK business started to expand.  

The overall system allows you to bespoke a lot of content which is ideal for our business, plus we love that we are able to create reports that work specifically for us.  Integration with our Accounting software has also assisted our business streamline itself.

The last couple of years has seen our business move into global franchises - Buddy CRM allows us to have duplicate accounts for each franchise and access to those accounts for a full HQ overview.

The team at Buddy are always on top of their game and provide sound and influencial advice which helps keep our business developing.

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Caroline Watson

August 17, 2020 Source:
Lovely to use!

We've been using Buddy for a couple of years now and we love the fact it's simple to use, we can adjust it as the business changes and the support team are just fantastic.

Nothing is too much for them, we're really made to feel like a valued client :)

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Philip Lilly

July 14, 2020 Source:
Adaptable CRM package

Buddy CRM is a great CRM package that can be addapted to any business situation. Buddy CRM have customzied several areas of the platform to align with our needs. The support is fast and effeceint with a memeber of the team always contactable.

It is simple and intuative to use as a CRM system with the ability to pull in additional customer information (financials, salve volumes etc). This make it invaluable in the field when visiting customers.

I would highly recomend this CRM platform.

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Jacqueline Barnett

July 28, 2020 Source:
Logistics company using BuddyCRM for various departments

We are using Buddy to record the work of our Sales, Marketing and Compliance teams. We are storing documents in Buddy, and the history of our relationships with suppliers, service providers, customers and potential customers. We have had good help from BuddyCRM's support team to organize the platform so that it will meet the different requirements that we have uniquely for our business.

We are confident that we will see great benefit from having all our data organised, secure and selectively accessible within BuddyCRM.

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Jourdan P

July 8, 2019 Source:
"BuddyCRm review"

What do you like best?

I like how it allows me as a manager to get visibility of interactions between sales members and customers more efficiently.

What do you dislike?

The social media integration could be a bit better in my opinion

Recommendations to others considering the product:

If you need a CRm that has good integration with Mailchimp this would be it

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

I'm solving the problem of organizing all of our touchpoint information for each customer in one secure place, by using this software.

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