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Top 5 EOS Crop Monitoring Alternatives


The Best Farm Management Software
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An ERP for farmers to reduce wastage, maximize profits and increase efficiency. A Leading Smart Farm Management Software for keeping track of produce, make effective decisions and increase efficiency of operations. This farm ERP solution serves as a complete farm management software. From crop planning and farm accounting to harvesting and distribution, Farm Management software caters to small as well as large individual and corporate farms, research and development centers, agricultural laboratories and culture labs, government agencies, export agencies, contract farmers as well as anyone who needs an ERP software solution in the agribusiness space. Learn how to minimize costs and maximize yields and profits with Farm ERP software. show more

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Greenhouse Management
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farmNXT Inc. is a Canadian startup focused helping farmers produce safe, traceable and cost effective food by applying precise, sustainable and profitable agricultural practices.

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Digital Farming offering
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Adapt-N is a professional software tool for agronomists to help deliver exceptional in-field performance to growers. Users have total control of how to configure each field, whether flat rate or variable, manually set up or fully integrated into other software systems.

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Professional crop farmers with small-to-mid sized production (fruit, vegetable, grain). Enterprise farming holdings and agribusiness companies with large and complex operations. Food and beverage companies with direct farmer contracting and sustainable supply chain strategies.

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Farm information management ecosystem
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Growers, service providers and many other stakeholders are now able to work together on the same set of farm data. Browse the real-life case studies from across the globe to hear from our customers and their successes. Farm Planning, Budgeting, Track and Manage Product Inputs, Job Management, Compliance, Agronomy, Logistics & Grower Services, Precision.

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Products Similar to EOS Crop Monitoring


AI Powered Agriculture
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Poniks is a Agtech platform that simply automates the tedious tasks in your day to day operations within Agriculture.

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Harness machine learning & computer vision
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At Prospera ,it using machine learning to solve the biggest challenges in agriculture. Creating technology that combines the power of machine learning, computer vision and practical knowhow to enable growers to make more informed, efficient, and scientific decisions. Our goal is simple: to drive better, more sustainable food production, all over the world.

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Farm’s precision ag activities
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FARMserver, a secure, online, cloud based solution that serves as your farms foundation for all precision ag activities.

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Digital Ledger for Agricultural Trade
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At Cashplow, it is building digital tools for the strong rural aggregator network in the country. It unlock the opportunity to digitize agricultural value chains and map various dimensions of buyer-seller relationships. Our objective is to enable players in the ecosystem to create a digital footprint by building functional identities.

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A Simple Farm Management Software
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Farmbrite software is an All-in-one farm software used to organize sustainable workflows. Plan and manage livestock, crops, equipment, customers, orders, and finances. Track soil and livestock health to automate traceability to measure the profit & loss with compliance reporting. Measure the yield and output estimates for crops and livestock of products online with a fully integrated e-commerce website. Farmers, Agriculture sectors make use of the software.

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Farmers Business Network

Farmers Business Network (FBN) | Trusted Insights from Real Farmers | FBN
(1 Ratings)

Farm confidently with trusted agronomic insights made possible by connecting real data from real farmers on an unbiased platform.

agAnytime agTools

DEKALB | Digital Tools | Top Performance
(1 Ratings)

DEKALB offers a selection of innovative digital tools that can help you meet your performance goals season after season. Search our selection of tools to guide your decisions and help maximize your corn yield.


oneWeigh Quick Tips – May Edition | Proceres
(2 Ratings)

For customer using oneWeigh scale automation software, Proceres provides helpful tips & tricks to customize oneWeigh for your exact needs.


Farm Planning and Decision Support Software - CropZilla
(1 Ratings)

CropZilla Farm Planning and Decision Support Software improves productivity by creating master plans for your fields to make your operation more profitable

Climate FieldView

Digital tools to analyze crop performance and maximize return
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Simplify your field data management by using digital maps to better analyze crop performance on your farming operation.

Agroop Cooperation

Agroop | Crop Monitoring Technology
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The technological solution that brings agronomists and farmers together. Save resources, prevent risks and maximize your production.

Phoenix Farms Financials

Agriculture Software | Phoenix Farm Management: Financials
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Farm management software that scales up from small family farms right through to corporate enterprises. Modular so that you only buy what you need. Create a farm plan with Phoenix Mapping. Do a farm budget forecast and monitor it against your actual spending with Phoenix Budgeting.


Agro-Pal - Apps on Google Play
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Agro Pal, is a Free Farming Assistance Android App backed by Artificial Intelligence. Salient features include Crop Details Assistance, AI backed Plant Disease Detection, Weather Prediction, Aggregation of useful Agro Information Web links, Forum support to enable community discussion. This is product by Amantya Technologies


SmartFarm - Complete Farm Management Solution from CropIn
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Award-winning, robust and flexible farm management solution, SmartFarm. Cloud-based that enables complete digitization of farms, empowers data-driven decision-making. Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Remote Sensing and Advanced Satellite Monitoring.

Meteobot App

Current and historic agronomic data about your fields
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Meteobot® is a state-of-the-art product which use a simple and cost-effective way to get meteorological data seamlessly transmitted from the fields to the smart device in your hand. The weather stations give local information about unlimited historical data, real time weather data and 10-days weather forecast.