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Single-Source Online Restaurant Management 4.5 Based on 301 Ratings

Across The Street is a cloud-based Restaurant Reservations Software. They make it easy for your customers to make a reservation online on your website. With all the statistics readily available to you, you will be in a position to make more informed business decisions based on the reservation trends for different days of the week, weekends, special occasions & festivities. This tool gives your customers a fast easy way to communicate with you about an upcoming special event. Customer Feedback is key to a restaurant's success today. They make it so that customers can give you feedback right on their website.

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Rezku Prime logo
Free Restaurant Reservation System iPad Tablet App 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Take online reservation 24/7. Free iPad reservation app for restaurants. Complete table management and online booking for your restaurant.

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ServeTreats logo
Restaurant Management Software for Order Automation Write a Review

ServeTreats is a restaurant management tool for food businesses who want to leverage the benefits of technology to drive more revenues. Users can directly connect with their customers through a branded app instead of relying on third-party marketplaces that host a bunch of other competitors. With a commission-free sales and marketing platform, restaurants can realize better revenues. The system also directly integrates with the business’ website and social media platforms such as Facebook. Restaurants can receive orders online and can share the links of their apps on channels such as Whatsapp, Facebook page, and more. They can also boost their net profit instead of using any third-party commissions or order fees. With an integrated Orders Management System, they can also track pending orders along with the process of each order, whether take away or home delivery. The Reservations Management System also keeps a record of upcoming bookings on the basis of date and time.

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Loman AI logo
Your Restaurant's 24/7 AI Phone Agent Write a Review

Welcome to the future of restaurant management with Loman AI. Say goodbye to long wait times, missed reservations, and confused customers Loman is here to revolutionize the way they run their restaurant. Imagine having a loyal, reliable assistant who never gets tired, never makes mistakes, and is always available to help. That's what Loman AI brings to the table. With cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Loman can seamlessly take orders, book reservations, and answer customer inquiries with ease. By integrating Loman AI into their restaurant, they're not just saving money and increasing efficiency they're also transforming the customer experience. No more frustrated customers waiting to be served, no more mix-ups with reservations, just smooth, seamless service that will keep their customers coming back time and time again. This team of experts has developed Loman AI to be the ultimate solution for team collaboration and workflow management in the restaurant industry. With clear, professional language and an easy-to-use interface, Loman is accessible to a broad audience while still exuding the confidence and authority that comes with this expertise in the field. Don't get left behind in the fast-paced world of restaurant management. Embrace the future with Loman AI and watch their business soar to new heights of success. Upgrade their restaurant today and experience the difference that Loman AI can make.

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NowBookIt logo
Hospitality reservation platform Write a Review

Introducing NowBookIt the ultimate solution for managing reservations and creating unforgettable guest experiences in the hospitality industry. They understand the importance of efficiency and maximizing restaurant operations, which is why we have designed a simple and user-friendly platform for restaurant owners, just like them. This platform has been carefully crafted to provide a seamless experience for their guests, while driving repeat visits and boosting their revenue. Don't just take this word for it, explore this glowing testimonials from satisfied restaurant owners who have experienced transformative improvements with NowBookIt. Gone are the days of manual reservation systems and disjointed processes that leave their staff feeling flustered and their guests feeling frustrated. With NowBookIt, everything is integrated from managing reservations to enhancing efficiency. This platform seamlessly integrates with various systems, allowing for a streamlined and organized approach to handling reservations and guest experiences. No longer will they have to worry about overbooking or losing track of reservations. With this platform, everything is organized and easy to access, giving they peace of mind and improving their restaurant's overall operations. Plus, with the ability to create seamless guest experiences, they can be sure that their guests will keep coming back for more. Choose NowBookIt and join the countless satisfied restaurant owners who have seen a significant improvement in their operations and customer satisfaction. With this informative, organized, and authoritative platform, they can confidently manage reservations and create unforgettable guest experiences. Try NowBookIt today and see the difference it can make for their restaurant.

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RestoManager logo
Finally a platform tailored to your restaurant Write a Review

RestoManager, is the solution to all their restaurant management needs. With RestoManager, they no longer have to worry about the hectic reservation process. This tailor-made online reservation system ensures a hassle-free experience for both them and their customers. No more missed calls, forgotten bookings, or chaotic schedules. RestoManager takes care of it all for them, leaving them with more time to focus on providing exceptional service and food to their valued guests. But that's not all, RestoManager goes above and beyond just managing reservations. This advanced analytics feature helps them analyze their business performance and make data-driven decisions to grow their restaurant. Say goodbye to manually tracking sales and expenses, RestoManager does it all for them in real-time, giving they a third-party perspective into the strengths and weaknesses of their business. They understand that in the ever-evolving world of restaurants, reducing no-show rates is crucial. That's why RestoManager automatically sends reminder emails to their reservations, reducing the chances of cancellations and empty tables.

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