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Legal Practice Management Software
(195 Ratings)

Smokeball is proud to be rated the No. 1 Legal Case Management Software on G2, thanks to stellar client reviews. They were continuously innovating and improving our industry-leading software and support, so can run best firm.

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Manage core legal cases in your own way
(55 Ratings)

Filevine is a compact case management software that is built for real attorneys to help them manage every part of their ongoing cases. The software can also be customised and reshaped to fit the needs of individual users accordingly. It is built on AWS, which provides attorneys’ firms with the same speed, security and reliability over which Netflix, Capital One and the Department of Justice put their trust. Filevine provides brands with a community of field experts allowing them to expand the personal network quickly. This Filevine Community also includes strategic technology, a client referral program and a renowned Legal X conference functionality. The software even facilitates seamless work management by automating multiple tasks, data management, team collaboration, billing and timekeeping functionalities in real-time. In addition, it also enables attorneys to track leads, automate marketing and get powerful business analytics in hand besides proceeding with document automation, e-signature and unlimited storage. Filevine offers accurate security with TLS 1.2 encryption when the data is in transit and AES 256 encryption when the data is at rest. show more

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Better client experience
(1 Ratings)

Speed-up onboarding times and reduce admin and risk, giving clients a better experience. Secure, bank-grade automated CDD that creates consistency and audibility across the firm. Improve cash flow with beautifully designed legal-specific payments tools. Delight finance team with seamless integrations with case and practice management systems.

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The ultimate legal tech solution
(3 Ratings)

Aleri is a legal tech solution, developed especially for lawyers and advocacy firms to assist them in understanding their case in the best way possible by summarizing documents, tagging information and creating case timelines. It enables you to discover important facts by easily navigating the evidence, connect the dots by comparing the evidence throughout the case, organising and tagging key information, and comparing the evidence. Using Aneri, you can take notes and prepare cross-examination questions with ease. And to prepare cross-examination questions, you can use one smart and centralised digital notepad. You can develop a clear strategy for determining who you'll question and how they fit into your case's thesis. Aleri gives you every option for challenging your witness's plausibility, credibility, and dependability. You can find their weak points and take advantage of them by extracting just the facts from witness testimonies and transcripts, then organise them by subject to make question construction easier. Additionally, Users can make a list of different witness statements and pieces of evidence, then compare and contrast them for putting forward a better case using Aneri. show more

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Products Similar to Brightflag


Attorneys with you, every step of the way
(0 Ratings)

At LegalZoom, understand that may be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to estate planning. That’s why offer a variety of DIY services that can help make the process easier. They understand that estate planning can be a complex and intimidating process, so have a vetted network of attorneys available to help without the need for hourly charges or office visits. This services have helped over 3.5 million customers create custom estate documents tailored to their unique needs. They can help create a variety of documents, from wills to powers of attorney, so can protect your loved ones and assets both now, and in the future. They understand that estate planning can be a difficult topic to approach, but at LegalZoom, goal is to make it as easy and stress-free as possible. show more

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Immigration Software and Case Management for Immigration
(5 Ratings)

eIMMIGRATION is an immigration software and case management for immigration lawyers. It is easy-to-use and comprehensive, offering Case & Contact Management, Process Management, Configuration Management, Reports Management, Questionnaire tracking, USCIS & Priority Times Tracking, e-Filing, e-Signatures, Billing, and many additional features to help lawyers run their practices more securely, efficiently, and effectively. Best For



Case Management Software for Attorneys & Law Firms
(136 Ratings)

MyCase covers the entire client lifecycle with Lead Management, Case Management, Billing and Invoicing, and robust Reporting. It includes market leading features such as integrated MyCase Payments, 2-way text messaging, and the MyCase Client Portal to centralize client communication and share files securely.

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Transforming your contractual processes
(0 Ratings)

A real gain in daily productivity, reinforced control of legal risks and a facilitated collaborative process. Increased visibility on financial risks, reduced contract management costs and automated monitoring of deadlines. Accelerated contracting, a precise view of your negotiation conditions and key indicators to secure commitments over time.Shorter closing times to sell more, centralized contracts that are easy to find, and a transparent connection with the legal team for more autonomy. All employment contracts managed within a single platform to simplify drafting, signing and monitoring. show more

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Legal operations management software
(0 Ratings)

Legal operations management software helping in-house legal work better together. Provide rapid commercial and tailored advice to your internal clients. Demonstrate your team’s strategic contribution to the organisation. Make better critical and commercial decisions based on precedents. Access a complete overview of the legal team’s work with tailored reporting and dashboards.

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Re-Engineer Your Work Environment
(0 Ratings)

CaseDocker helps you to work in collaboration with your fellow colleagues, clients & SMEs to complete the tasks & actions and capture the information in a bottom-up approach. It helps you to get a tight grip on your case-associated tasks and actions. CaseDocker provides a customizable Real-time dashboard, which helps you to keep your work on track and notify you of time so that you do not miss out on anything. It's a state-of-the-art solution that is a perfect fit to serve the requirements of the legal fraternity to manage their work by enhancing productivity and communicating and collaborating with their teams and clients smoothly. show more

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Lawyer Case Management
(2 Ratings)

CaseFleet is a revolutionary case management software specifically designed to help lawyers organize their cases more effectively. It is the perfect tool for reviewing evidence and organizing facts and identifying trends. With CaseFleet's chronology building tools, allows lawyers to create facts and link information as they analyze the evidence. CaseFleet's document reviewer feature is a patent-pending technology that makes it easier and faster for lawyers to enter and review evidence. With the document management feature, lawyers can easily search through all the case files and documents in an instant. Result highlighting allows lawyers to quickly jump into the matching document to view the text in context and create new facts for the chronology. CaseFleet also provides lawyers with the ability to generate a statement of material facts, a complaint, an outline for cross examination, or initial disclosures with the click of a button. This is thanks to the software's reporting feature, which generates professional work product, including linked documents, needed. With CaseFleet, lawyers will have the tools they need to build winning cases. show more

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Personal Injury Case Management Software
(31 Ratings)

CloudLex handles productivity, communication, collaboration and reporting across firm from case intake to settlement and negotiation, including storage and archival. CloudLex is secure legal software hosted on the HIPAA-certified Microsoft Azure cloud: a billion-dollar industry leader protecting clients’ data.

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Caseflow Acumen

A Legal Workflow Software
(2 Ratings)

Caseflow Acumen is a Case management software used to automate workflows and practice cases. The software offers tools to generate any document with fields, forms, and processes to meet the specific needs of your firm, practice and save it directly to your DMS. Collaborate with your team with scheduling engine to manage appointments and notes. Generate reports with custom dashboards for your clients via portal.

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3E MatterSphere - Elite
(1 Ratings)

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LegalServer Features
(4 Ratings)

LegalServer case management software enhances performance for non-profit legal aid, public defenders, and city & county law departments. cloud-based hosted platform we are improving legal case handling.

Opus 2

Discover Connected Case Management | Opus 2
(1 Ratings)

Opus 2 provides cloud-based legal technology and services to connect people, case information, analysis and data. Our secure platform, tailor-made for lawyers, provides a connected and flexible way of working. Opus 2 deliver electronic trials and hearings worldwide.


Product - Actionstep - Legal Practice Management Software
(12 Ratings)

One software platform for CRM, Matter Management, Document Assembly & Storage, Time & Billing, Trust & Office Accounting, Reporting and much more. Actionstep puts you in control of how things are done, without having to control every little thing.


Full-Service Legal Practice Management Software | AbacusLaw
(114 Ratings)

Consolidate your firm's case management, time tracking, billing & accounting tools with our legal practice management software. Get a free demo today!

CSC Matter Management

Matter Management Software and Services | CSC
(1 Ratings)

Our unified, web-based matter management software solution provides safe storage, retrieval and management for all documents and associated data.