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3E MatterSphere - Elite 4 Based on 1 Ratings

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Case Analysis Litigation Solutions | CaseMap | LexisNexis 4.1 Based on 21 Ratings

CaseMap is a litigation software that helps collect, categorize & store case facts so every team member can maximize their case analysis, see connections & better collaborate on the case. Learn more!

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Casetext logo


Faster, better, and more efficient platform for legal researchers 4.8 Based on 59 Ratings

Casetext uses advanced artificial intelligence to provide its users with faster and more accurate legal research. It allows users to leverage various legal research tools to get on-point authorities in the very first search. The software offers its users a comprehensive library of cases, regulations, statutes, articles, rules, briefs, etc. Users can pull up a case by name or citation or search Casetext by boolean. The artificial technology used by the software enables users to drag and drop a document to find on-point results instantly. The software also provides its users with filters based on date, jurisdiction, published or unpublished, party type, motion type, cause of action, etc. Users can read the paragraphs where their search terms appear before the user leaves the page while also putting flags on bad law for a heads up before starting to read. Casetext provides its users with labeled results such as motion type and cause of action that enable users to skim through the results with confidence.

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LegalZoom logo


Attorneys with you, every step of the way 3.6 Based on 8 Ratings

At LegalZoom, understand that may be feeling overwhelmed when it comes to estate planning. That’s why offer a variety of DIY services that can help make the process easier. They understand that estate planning can be a complex and intimidating process, so have a vetted network of attorneys available to help without the need for hourly charges or office visits. This services have helped over 3.5 million customers create custom estate documents tailored to their unique needs. They can help create a variety of documents, from wills to powers of attorney, so can protect your loved ones and assets both now, and in the future. They understand that estate planning can be a difficult topic to approach, but at LegalZoom, goal is to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.

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MyCase logo


Case Management Software for Attorneys & Law Firms 4.4 Based on 81 Ratings

MyCase covers the entire client lifecycle with Lead Management, Case Management, Billing and Invoicing, and robust Reporting. It includes market leading features such as integrated MyCase Payments, 2-way text messaging, and the MyCase Client Portal to centralize client communication and share files securely.

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CSC Matter Management logo

CSC Matter Management

Matter Management Software and Services | CSC 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Our unified, web-based matter management software solution provides safe storage, retrieval and management for all documents and associated data.

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Law Practice Management | PracticePanther 4.1 Based on 32 Ratings

Running your law firm doesn’t have to be complicated, leave that to us. Learn about our most-loved features to see if we’re a good fit for your firm.

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Smokeball logo


Legal Practice Management Software 4.8 Based on 173 Ratings

Smokeball is proud to be rated the No. 1 Legal Case Management Software on G2, thanks to stellar client reviews. They were continuously innovating and improving our industry-leading software and support, so can run best firm.

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Docketwise logo


Immigration Software for Lawyers - Docketwise Immigration Software 5 Based on 6 Ratings

Docketwise is the #1 rated immigration software and case management for immigration lawyers. Docketwise modernizes immigration practice with intelligent questionnaires that generate complete immigration applications based on answers to simple questions.

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Exterro Project Mgmt-Law Firms logo

Exterro Project Mgmt-Law Firms

Exterro Project Management for Law Firms - Exterro 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Deliver more value to clients by using the industry's only purpose-built, easily-customized legal project management solution designed for law firms

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Manage core legal cases in your own way Write a Review

Filevine is a compact case management software that is built for real attorneys to help them manage every part of their ongoing cases. The software can also be customised and reshaped to fit the needs of individual users accordingly. It is built on AWS, which provides attorneys’ firms with the same speed, security and reliability over which Netflix, Capital One and the Department of Justice put their trust. Filevine provides brands with a community of field experts allowing them to expand the personal network quickly. This Filevine Community also includes strategic technology, a client referral program and a renowned Legal X conference functionality. The software even facilitates seamless work management by automating multiple tasks, data management, team collaboration, billing and timekeeping functionalities in real-time. In addition, it also enables attorneys to track leads, automate marketing and get powerful business analytics in hand besides proceeding with document automation, e-signature and unlimited storage. Filevine offers accurate security with TLS 1.2 encryption when the data is in transit and AES 256 encryption when the data is at rest.

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Actionstep logo


Product - Actionstep - Legal Practice Management Software 3.9 Based on 6 Ratings

One software platform for CRM, Matter Management, Document Assembly & Storage, Time & Billing, Trust & Office Accounting, Reporting and much more. Actionstep puts you in control of how things are done, without having to control every little thing.

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AbacusLaw logo


Full-Service Legal Practice Management Software | AbacusLaw 4 Based on 113 Ratings

Consolidate your firm's case management, time tracking, billing & accounting tools with our legal practice management software. Get a free demo today!

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LegalServer logo


LegalServer Features 4 Based on 4 Ratings

LegalServer case management software enhances performance for non-profit legal aid, public defenders, and city & county law departments. cloud-based hosted platform we are improving legal case handling.

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Best Case Bankruptcy logo

Best Case Bankruptcy

Features – Best Case 4.8 Based on 5 Ratings

Best Case by Stretto is used to prepare more than 80% of the bankruptcy cases filed nationwide. Stretto continually updates federal and local forms, as well as IRS and Census Bureau data. On average, bankruptcy attorneys save 60 minutes of data entry per case by importing credit report data.

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Legl logo


Better client experience Write a Review

Speed-up onboarding times and reduce admin and risk, giving clients a better experience. Secure, bank-grade automated CDD that creates consistency and audibility across the firm. Improve cash flow with beautifully designed legal-specific payments tools. Delight finance team with seamless integrations with case and practice management systems.

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Brightflag logo


Your AI-assisted legal operations partner 4.6 Based on 51 Ratings

Brightflag is a cloud-based platform that is developed for handling all of your legal issues and jobs. It enables the requests to be captured using standardised forms and procedures, which reduces time for both parties and assists to demonstrate Legal's actual value to the company. With Brightflag, you can organize critical data and documents on a simple platform that boosts productivity, improves collaboration, and lowers risk. With intelligent invoice review, you can ensure responsibility, enhance predictability, and look into the future with real-time projections. You can standardize triage requests and matter intake, and assess legal's real business effect. Brightflag facilitates the administrators to construct as many request templates as they like, each with its own set of file attachments and fields, ensuring that legal has a complete picture of each request. Using Brightflag’s Request API, requests can also be made directly from your software users' record system. Brightflag's legal case management software makes it simple for in-house corporate teams to interact with suppliers, track key information and documents, and provide reports that help them make better business choices.

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SmartAdvocate logo


Get the Best Legal Case Management Software for Busy Attorneys | Free Demo of Our Law Office Case Management System 4.7 Based on 45 Ratings

SmartAdvocate is a fully integrated case management system designed for personal injury and mass tort litigation practice. SmartAdvocate® combines the best database for managing personal injury files with browser based features.

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CaseFox logo


Manage legal bills and documents in an organized way 3.5 Based on 5 Ratings

CaseFox is a futuristic legal billing solution for Law Firms, Attorneys, consultants, CPAs and investigators. Users can depend on the particular to monitor invested time, manage tasks, cases and clients besides generating invoices. Firms irrespective of their size can leverage CaseFox, to manage bills and make their practice better. Practitioners can set hourly working rates, monitor billable hours and manage more than one trust accounts with CaseFox. Firms can digitize their document management facilities, eliminating all chances of mismanagement and irregular stacking. The legal documents get stored within Google Drive and Dropbox accounts. Consultants leveraging CaseFox can set goals for their employees and monitor the performance showcased by them from time to time. Staff can also self-monitor their own performance. Accurate analytics dashboard, trust-wise transaction monitoring, data import-export, client wise message facilities are some of the other important features offered by the software.

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Legal case management (LCM), issue management, and legal project management are all words that refer to a subset of law practice management that encompasses a variety of approaches and technologies used by law firms and courts to better manage the life cycle of a case or matter. In general, the phrases allude to sophisticated information management and workflow processes that are specifically geared to fulfill the needs and requirements of the legal area. As attorneys and law firms compete for clients, they are frequently challenged to provide services at lower costs and with greater efficiency. To meet these challenges, firms develop practice-specific processes and employ cutting-edge technology.

List of Legal Case Management Software

MatterSphere MatterSphere 4
CaseMap® CaseMap® 4.1
CourtLink® CourtLink® 5
Casetext Casetext 4.8
LegalZoom LegalZoom 3.6
MyCase MyCase 4.4
CSC Matter Management CSC Matter Management 5
PracticePanther PracticePanther 4.1
Smokeball Smokeball 4.8
Docketwise Docketwise 5

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