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Updated on: September 30, 2022
Ambassify Employee Engagement Reinvented

Ambassify Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Ambassify Alternatives

Seismic LiveSocial

LiveSocial - Seismic
(13 Ratings)

Grapevine6 is a content engagement platform that accelerates sales and marketing efforts. Launched in 2013, Grapevine6 uses artificial intelligence to provide the content that moves sales opportunities through the pipeline. The platform scans thousands of publications for activity that can be used to start a conversation with a prospective client.


Social Selling & Sales Enablement for Sales Teams | EveryoneSocial
(212 Ratings)

EveryoneSocial provides an employee advocacy, social selling, and employee communications platform. It's designed to help your employees become powerful marketers, sellers, communicators, and recruiters.

Social Toaster

How SocialToaster Works - SocialToaster - Automated Content Marketing
(18 Ratings)

SocialToaster is an artificial-intelligence powered enterprise-level ambassador activation platform that uses the power of social media to amplify your message. SocialToaster delivers your existing marketing content directly to your biggest fans so they're more likely to see it, engage with it, and share it with their friends. See why over 75 of the top schools in the country (along with NGOs, B2C brands and other organizations) use Social to activate their biggest fans.


PostBeyond Employee Advocacy Platform Overview | PostBeyond
(378 Ratings)

PostBeyond is an employee advocacy and social selling platform, where marketers can activate and engage employees to share content with their social networks. Over 100+ customers around the globe use PostBeyond to transform enhance brand visibility.


DrumUp - Social Employee Advocacy Platform
(14 Ratings)

DrumUp is an end to end social media content scheduling and discovery app. Can cut down your social media management effort by up to 90%. Works with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Link blog feed to post directly to your social accounts. Can also add custom posts to your content queue for publishing.

Products Similar to Ambassify


Employee Advocacy and Employee Engagement Platform | GaggleAMP
(226 Ratings)

GaggleAMP is an employee advocacy and communications platform designed to empower employees and stakeholders. We help your company increase brand awareness, enable sales teams, and empower communications and HR teams. We also provide an outlet to attract and retain top talent and increase personal branding opportunities.

Bambu by Sprout Social

Build brand through employee advocacy
(56 Ratings)

Bambu by Sprout Social gives employees a simple way to share curated content across their social networks so can amplify reach, increase engagement and attract more qualified sales leads. Bambu makes it easy to curate content for employees in one easy-to-digest feed and the ability to share with just the click of a button.

What is Bambu by Sprout Social ? Bambu by Sprout Social Pricing


The new standard of brand guidelines
(0 Ratings)

Brandpad is the brand platform where design studios and brand owners standardize their brand deliveries. Everything from creation to sharing and usage in one, dedicated place in the cloud. Accessible for everyone involved, beautifully designed by you. Deliver your brand identities as interactive, digital experiences. Everything from creation to sharing, maintenance and brand usage in one system. With Brandpad you can turn brand identities into fully customized, digital guidelines, with all relevant specifications and assets. No coding required. Brandpad helps revitalize old brands, maintain existing identities, and maximize new business. Design, organize, manage and update. show more

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Social Seeder

Activate your most efficient advocates
(11 Ratings)

Social Seeder is a platform that enables companies and organisations to create, grow and nurture a community of brand ambassadors. By supporting our clients with a full-service solution, Social Seeder helps organisations with both the strategic and tactical implementation of their ambassador program. With over 250 recurring corporate and SME clients, the success of Social Seeder has skyrocketed in the EU with offices in Switzerland, Portugal and Austria. In an additional effort for international expansion, Social Seeder has announced a strategic partnership with a US-based agency. Social Seeder is much more than a communication platform. The use of Social Seeder’s platform supports the organization cross-departmental, going from marketing to sales to HR. show more

What is Social Seeder ? Social Seeder Pricing


A platform that connects your entire venue
(0 Ratings)

LoyaltyMatch was founded by a team that believes that real time customer loyalty data can provide extraordinary marketing insights and profitable outcomes. This core philosophy means our customers have a cloud-based loyalty management and gamification platform that makes it easy for brands to increase user loyalty and engagement holistically across social, web, mobile, in-store, and machine experiences. Using LoyaltyMatch loyalty and game mechanics, brands can reward users for real-time actions that driving user behavior, achieve specific business goals, while measuring and optimizing user engagement. show more

What is LoyaltyMatch ? LoyaltyMatch Pricing


Award-Winning Marketing Tool For Recruitment
(2,510 Ratings)

Paiger is the number one social selling tool to schedule your social, get your sales team sharing your content, and report everything.


Your All-in-One Rewarding Platform
(0 Ratings)

Develop more loyal customer and employee with Incentivefox’s relationship and results platform. Referrals are 4x more likely to purchase and boast a 25% higher lifetime value. Incentivefox helps you refocus on generating referral leads to drive more quality business through your doors with a streamlined referral marketing program. Car dealership websites typically convert less than 2% of visitors. Increase conversion from your existing web traffic through a 5 question, 60 second interactive survey that will guide your sales team to successful and personalized interactions with each customer. The Incentivefox dashboard gives you real time overview of all of your retention programs and offers. Discover your most loyal customers and which could use a bit of extra attention. The employees bringing in the most referrals and what offers are attracting the most customer engagement online and offline. show more

What is Incentivefox ? Incentivefox Pricing


BeAmbassador ?? Turn your Employees into Brand Ambassadors
(21 Ratings)

BeAmbassador is a SaaS Platform that allows you to increase organic reach of your brand in social media. It boosts Marketing, Sales and Human Resources strategies such as Employee Advocacy to enhance brand image through social networks. Analytics allows the brand to monitor ambassador activity in real time and analyze the impact of its publications.


SoAmpli | We Automate Social Media Marketing & Sales
(11 Ratings)

SoAmpli is an award-winning advocate marketing and sales SaaS platform. It helps companies turn their sales team into social selling stars increasing sales and powering brands. The platform facilitates the creation of a centralised space for heads of marketing and social media managers to quickly distribute fully-approved content.


Safe and Compliant Social Media Amplification
(34 Ratings)

MarketBeam is a safe and compliant social media publishing, amplifying, and monitoring platform, designed specifically for companies who operate in highly regulated environments, such as cybersecurity, life sciences and financial services. MarketBeam's quick start package starts from a 7-day implementation process to fully reveal the power of streamlined social publishing and employee advocacy, helping enterprises to grow followers organically, drive traffic, and build leads.

What is MarketBeam ? MarketBeam Pricing


Turn Your Employee Into Powerful Social Influencers
(0 Ratings)

Amployee.io - amplify your brand story with the Collective social voice of your employees. We provide a simple platform for Employee advocacy & Engagement. Leverage your employees on social media with our artificial intelligence based advocate marketing platform.Our platform is easy to adopt & quick to scale and provide detailed reporting for sales & marketing managers. Leverage your employees on social media with our artificial intelligence based advocate marketing solution.

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Influence customers & talent through a trusted voice
(0 Ratings)

Prospective customers and talent trust your employees. So empower your best employees as Brand Ambassadors and send them smart, pre-approved content they can share with their networks. People trust what your employees say. FirmPlay’s employee advocacy software helps you market, sell, and recruit by arming your employees with pre-approved content they can share with their personal social networks.

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A mobile first platform to connect
(35 Ratings)

Beem integrates and surfaces existing channels into a single platform, allowing you to unify channels into one mobile location. With Beem, brands can foster two way communication between their hardest to reach workforces, engaging them with need to know and nice to know content and information. Beem offers simple and secure communication with enterprise grade security provision and solutions for contractors, seasonal and offline workers as standard.

What is Beem ? Beem Pricing


Unlock The Benefits Of Employee Advocacy
(3 Ratings)

Sociuu is the simple, safe and smart employee advocacy platform for social media designed to increase employee engagement, optimize recruitment and amplify your brand’s social reach. Sociuu is designed to be simple and easy to use, so you can get maximum effect from running a structured employee advocacy program.

What is Sociuu ? Sociuu Pricing


SocioAdvocacy: Employee Advocacy Tool | Employee Advocacy Platform
(3 Ratings)

An employee advocacy tool that empowers employees to become brand advocates for the company. Increase Brand Visibility and Boost Sales. Take a Free Trial!