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Updated on: June 29, 2022
Abacus Private Cloud
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Abacus Private Cloud Alternatives and Competitors

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Top 5 Abacus Private Cloud Alternatives

Azure Virtual Network

Virtual Network – Virtual Private Cloud | Microsoft Azure
(14 Ratings)

Learn about Azure Virtual Network. Create your own private network in the cloud. View features, documentation, and pricing.

VMware vCloud Air

VMware Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Consistent Infrastructure, Consistent Operations
(11 Ratings)

Hybrid cloud solutions from VMware based on VMware Cloud Foundation deliver consistent infrastructure and operations for any app, anywhere. Learn more.

Google Virtual Private Cloud...

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)  |  Google Cloud
(16 Ratings)

Google Cloud VPC is global, scalable, and flexible. It provides networking for Compute Engine VM, GKE containers, and the App Engine environment.

IBM Cloud Private

What is Private Cloud?
(53 Ratings)

Private cloud is a cloud computing environment dedicated to a single customer, combining many of the benefits of cloud with the security of on-prem IT.

Products Similar to Abacus Private Cloud

Alibaba Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): Isolated Cloud Network
(18 Ratings)

Virtual Private Cloud helps you build an isolated network environment based on Alibaba Cloud.

Rackspace Managed Private...

Configure Private Cloud | Rackspace Technology
(5 Ratings)

Rackspace Technology helps you achieve top Performance, Flexibility and Cost savings with the Security, Compliance and control of a dedicated Private Cloud. Get started.

Scaleway Virtual Instances

The Cloud that Makes Sense
(4 Ratings)

Three distinct solutions to address your cloud infrastructure needs, your dedicated server solutions & hardware hosting

Lumen Edge Private Cloud

Enrich experiences, enhance application performance
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Lumen Edge Private Cloud on VMware Cloud Foundation™ brings together software-defined networking and vSAN Storage to deliver a completely integrated Hyperconverged Infrastructure-as-a-Service that transforms the data center to meet the demands of the digital age.

What is Lumen Edge Private Cloud ? Lumen Edge Private Cloud Pricing

LightEdge Virtual Private...

VMware Virtual Private Cloud
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LightEdge’s Virtual Private Cloud is used to get the top security and high performance needed at a cost that can afford, customized to the liking. With LightEdge Virtual Private Cloud, never run the risk of competing for performance, as our services are carefully designed and managed to avoid bad neighbors attributes of traditional public clouds.

What is LightEdge Virtual Private Cloud ? LightEdge Virtual Private Cloud Pricing