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Top 5 Keysoft Landscape Alternatives

Yardbook logo
Landscaping Business Software 3.8 Based on 3 Ratings

Yardbook Profiles are designed to attract customers. Claim or create Yardbook Profile page today. Create new relationships with customers that keep them coming back. Spend less time and money managing business and more time growing it. Get paid faster and manage numbers with far less effort.

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TurfHop logo
Lawn Care Business Software Write a Review

Turfhop's lawn care and landscape business management software used to automate workflows. The software offers tools to schedule jobs, manage client history, notes, and attachments organized in one place. Stay organized with tasks and follow up with customers as soon as the job is done for feedback. It integrates with Zapier, Quickbooks, Mandrill, and more.

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iScape logo
The #1 Landscape Design App Write a Review

iScape has easy to use design tools that allow your project to come to life in no time at all. Simple and easy-to-use, take a look at what’s possible using iScape. There are so many styles and design options you could create. Get started today!

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Extrabat Paysage logo
Online Tool for Landscape Professionals Write a Review

Extrabat Paysage is a platform used for optimizing the performance of gardener/landscaper activity to work efficiently. The software offers modules to manage accounting, diary, after-sales service, services, customer space, cash register software, and more. Access online from any devices to automate tasks with quote in one click.

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Horticopia Pro logo
Landscape designs Made Simple Write a Review

Horticopia Pro by DynaScape Software used to manage plant information and lists. The software offers tools to contain pictures and data of thousands of plant species. Expand portfolio of plants with search and get detailed information on each species that fits the design.

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Products Similar to Keysoft Landscape

LawnPro logo
Lawn Care Software for Mac, Pc, iPad, iPhone and Android. 3.8 Based on 2 Ratings

Lawn care business software for billing, scheduling, estimating, and more. Works on Mac, Pc, tablets, iPad, iPhone, and Android.

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Realtime Landscaping Plus logo
Home Landscaping Software 2 Based on 1 Ratings

Winner of the TopTEN award for best home landscape software. Design yards, gardens, houses, decks, fencing, patios, and more. Free support and money back guarantee.

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DynaSCAPE Design logo
Professional Landscape Design Software - DS | Design 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Dynascape Design Professional Landscape Design Software helps you create powerful designs that look hand-drawn and professional.

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Manage360 logo
Landscape Business Management Software | Manage360 from Dynascape 4.3 Based on 4 Ratings

The landscape business management software you need to run a successful business. Manage360 incorporates job management and other key features.

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DynaSCAPE Color logo
Full Color Landscape Design Software - DS | COLOR 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Show your landscape design's true colors with our landscape design coloring software, and transform your designs with intense colors.

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Kitchenwhiz logo
An Online Kitchen Planner Write a Review

KitchenWhiz software used to build flawless Kitchen Designs in Minutes and receive a quote from Local Cabinet Makers. Customize cabinets and change doors to drawers (and vice versa). With KitchenWhiz, drag and drop individual cabinets and see the changes instantly in 3D. Generate reports of the kitchen room front views in PDF file formats.

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Shaderlight logo
Shaderlight Photorealistic 3D Rendering for Landscape Design 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Transform your Sketch3D model in a realistic 3D render with Shaderlight, helping your ideas become visualizes for your clients.

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GroundsKeeper Pro logo
Lawn Care Software: Billing, Business Management: Adkad Technologies 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Start a free trial of our lawn care business management software that can help you with billing, invoicing, estimating and more.

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PlantMaster logo
Plant Presentation Made Simple Write a Review

PlantMaster offers fully immersive experience to explore plant choices. The software offers tools to create quick lists and build palettes of favorite grasses. Track quantities, container sizes, and remarks for each project. Send digital reports or interactive presentations to customers to print or save PDFs of the plants. Generate reports to measure the performance of presentations.

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PRO Landscape logo
Landscape Design Software for Professionals | PRO Landscape 3.3 Based on 4 Ratings

The most complete landscape and garden design software and apps for landscaping professionals.

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GardenPuzzle logo
Garden Design Made Simple Write a Review

GardenPuzzle software is a platform to visualize garden concept with different climate zones, arbours, fences, benches and other decorative elements. The drag & drop tool and textures painting with algorithms automatically take care of object sizes and order to create 3D-like effects. Share favorite garden designs and manage garden in minutes.

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Asset logo
Asset Software | Landscaping Business Software 2.3 Based on 2 Ratings

Software developed specifically for landscaping and snow removal companies. Each department integrates seamlessly with all the others. It's the only software you need to run your entire business, accounting and administrative, production and operations.

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Lands Design logo
Landscape design advanced solution - Lands Design 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Lands Design is a professional landscape design software with BIM technology. It lets you develop 2D drawings and 3D technical model of the project. You can easily switch between 2D and 3d with just one click. Lands Design is distributed based on the "try-before-you-buy" policy. It offers a 90 days free trial and offers a free trial.

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Siterecon logo
Property Mapping Software for Landscaping Write a Review

Siterecon is an automated takeoff and measuring software designed to make their site management process simpler and more efficient. With automated takeoffs, they can get a clear view of material needed and its corresponding costs with minimal manual oversight. Get accurate quantities for materials and calculate gross margins quickly with accuracy. Document site conditions on the map with the help of notes, images and videos. Flag areas that require attention, track progress and report back on issues quickly using powerful reporting that is available everywhere and anytime. Siterecon also helps they save time on nurturing leads and increase their close rate by 100%. Utilize available customer data in order to craft personalized communication for potential customers. Never overextend yourself or lose out on a valuable lead due to timing. Monitor and track their portfolio's accuracy by calculating production costs in order to maximize their gross margins. Enjoy high-quality visuals that convey information and obtain the data they need quickly. Siterecon is a comprehensive tool to help they manage their portfolio with clarity and precision. Get accurate information about their project's costs and make sure their portfolio is always running with maximum efficiency. Take control of the work that needs to be done, ensure quality assurance, and better their close rate today.

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LandOne Takeoff logo
Takeoff and Enhancement Design Software Write a Review

LandOne Takeoff is a platform used to make bid and estimating process fast and easy. The software offers tools to customize materials to match company's guidelines. Draw lines to define areas and create professional visuals for presentations and proposals. Secure opportunities in minutes with onsite design to stay organized with all notes and photos on the cloud.

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