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KeyDelivery logo
The most affordable E-Commerce shipping and tracking solution Write a Review

KeyDelivery provides the best value for your money, making your shipping and tracking simpler and cost-effective. Track your shipments and get update notifications on your webhook or ERP. Provide an excellent shipping experience with your customers without worrying about complex and tedious carrier management.

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Latitude Manifest & Shipping System logo
Manifest & Shipping Software | PathGuide Technologies 4.6 Based on 8 Ratings

Latitude Manifest & Shipping System is a parcel shipping integration system that simplifies warehouse shipping, package tracking and route management. This software provides a seamless multi-carrier shipping solution.

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ParcelTrack logo
ParcelTrack - All your orders in one place 4.8 Based on 2 Ratings

ParcelTrack integrates all your packages and shipments from different delivery services into a single app. Free push notifications keep you up to date with your delivery status. The ParcelTrack Inbox makes it even more convenient to track your packages.

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FreightFriend logo
Freight Matching Software and CRM Write a Review

FreightFriend is a cloud-based, AI-powered truckload procurement solution that helps shippers and brokers find the right capacity and match it to the right freight. It includes the relationship management (CRM) platform, the Capacity Guru dynamic routing guide, and Freight Guru intelligent freight matching.

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Streamline ERP logo
Streamline ERP - Logistics Platform CRM / TMS / WMS 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Streamline is a global ERP CRM/TMS/WMS platform built on award winning platform. Our clientele include small to multi-million dollar organizations leveraging Streamline to run their businesses more efficient.

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eCourierz logo
Marketplace for Faster & Reliable eCommerce Shipping Write a Review - A white labelled L - SaaS platform for Multi-Carrier Shipping which connects SMEs to the best shipping options and integrates their accounts on various eCommerce portal. Since 2015, eCourierz has been on mission to offer one- stop convenient shipping solutions to any individual for their express parcels and documents. Be it university document or an International shipment or a free trade sample or eCommerce shipments, eCourierz covers it all. Whether in the domestic or abroad, eCourierz provides wide range of choices, convenience for sending your parcel. Today eCourierz have approximately 10000 customers, prepaid services to 12000+ Pincodes, COD services to 4000+ Pincodes, and Free pickup from 100 cities in India.

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Piyovi TMS logo
Automate Inbound and Outbound Multi-Carrier Shipping Write a Review

Introducing Piyovi TMS, the ultimate global multi-carrier shipping platform designed to revolutionize their business's shipping process from start to finish. Say goodbye to tedious and time-consuming manual tasks, and embrace a new era of efficiency and accuracy. With Piyovi TMS, businesses like yours can now accurately rate shipments within seconds. No more headaches from guessing weights and dimensions or crunching numbers. This advanced technology does all the work for them, ensuring that they never lose money on inaccurate shipping costs again. But that's just the beginning. Piyovi TMS takes automation to the next level by automating their entire shipping process. With just a few clicks, they can generate shipping labels and documentation that comply with industry regulations. No more wasting time on tedious paperwork or risking non-compliance issues. This platform ensures everything is in order, every time. Track and trace their shipments with ease using Piyovi TMS. Say goodbye to the anxiety of not knowing where their packages are in transit. This state-of-the-art tracking system keeps they informed every step of the way, from when their package leaves their warehouse to its final destination. You'll have peace of mind knowing that their valuable shipments are always in safe hands. But it doesn't stop there. Piyovi TMS goes above and beyond by providing end-to-end tracking, right up until proof of delivery. No more customer complaints about lost or delayed packages. With Piyovi TMS, you'll have real-time visibility into every shipment, ensuring that their customers receive their orders on time, every time. This platform is designed with the professional in mind. We understand the challenges and demands of running a business, and that's why Piyovi TMS is here to make their life easier. This user-friendly interface and intuitive features ensure that even the least tech-savvy user can navigate and utilize our platform effortlessly. So why wait? Join the countless businesses that have already experienced the power of Piyovi TMS. Streamline their shipping process, increase efficiency, and boost customer satisfaction. With Piyovi TMS, the future of shipping is within their grasp. Take control of their business's shipping today. Try Piyovi TMS and watch their operations soar to new heights.

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Parcel logo
Logistics Collaboration Platform Write a Review

Parcel is the perfect platform for businesses looking to simplify their shipping process. With streamlined coordination, can ensure that customers receive their products in a timely and organized manner. It offer tailored services that accommodate each business’s specific requirements. Whether the customer is a small business or large enterprise, have the tools for efficient shipment tracking, monitoring, and delivery. It also provide clients with real-time insights into shipment status and real-time visibility into product costs—features that makes job simpler than ever before! And scalable solution—it grows with business needs so that the customer can take on larger projects without having to worry about organization or tracking!

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ShipsGo logo
Reach live position of your shipment Write a Review

ShipsGo is the all-in-one solution for tracking and managing their shipments like never before! This intelligent tracking system will revolutionize the way they handle their cargo, giving they unprecedented ease and control over their shipments. With ShipsGo, gone are the days of constantly worrying about the whereabouts of their shipments. But that's not all this API integration allows them to automatically track their shipments and display them on their website, giving their customers peace of mind and increasing their trust in their business. Plus, with this all-in-one dashboard, they can easily manage all their shipments in one place, saving they time and effort. But it's not just about tracking this platform also provides valuable statistics and intelligent reports about their shipments. This information is crucial for making informed decisions and optimizing their shipping processes. With this voyage information feature, they can access the live position of their shipments at any time, ensuring that they're always in control. Say goodbye to late deliveries and unexpected delays with ShipsGo, they’ll receive notifications for on-time arrivals, as well as sailing and delay alerts, giving they a heads-up about any potential disruptions. This goal is to make their shipping experience as seamless and stress-free as possible.

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ParcelRobin logo
Easy Return Labels Software Write a Review

ParcelRobin gets the cheapest shipping rates worldwide from the US with FedEx, UPS and USPS so the customers can focus on their personal or business matters and not the hassles of shipping. It has key features like Free Insurance, Drop-off or Pickup, Easy Return Labels and One Account.

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sendso logo
Send something to anyone through email address Write a Review

Send something to anyone using just their email address or social media. Copy a product URL from any supported shopping website and paste it in sendso. Add products to your cart and checkout. Users only need the recipient's email address. They will take care of delivering it to an address of their choice. Their team will review the user's order and confirm the purchase. Pay for the order once the recipient accepts it. They will ensure the product is delivered to the recipient.

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Parceldoo logo
Automate shipment tracking Write a Review

Parceldoo RapidAPI is connected with the main carriers on the market, so user can get tracking status for the shipments with just a few clicks. This can save user a lot of time and hassle, especially if they have to track multiple shipments at once. User can also connect Parceldoo to productivity tools like the e-mail and e-shop, so the tracking process can be automated and user can focus on other tasks.

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eShipz logo
A Smarter Enterprise Solution Write a Review

eShipz is a cutting-edge enterprise solution designed to optimize, automate, and simplify their logistics processes, ensuring enhanced efficiency and complete visibility at every step of the way. Syncing and processing orders has never been easier with eShipz's integrated marketplace feature. With just one click, they can manage and track all their orders from major channels such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Prestashop, and more. No more juggling between different platforms eShipz brings everything together in one convenient dashboard. But that's not all, we also understand that every business has unique priorities and requirements when it comes to fulfillment partners. That's why we've developed a data-driven carrier recommendation engine that helps them select the perfect partner for every order. No more wondering about the status of their shipments this user-friendly interface makes it simple and hassle-free. But don't just take this word for it these satisfied clients rave about the results they've seen since using eShipz. Join the ever-growing list of successful businesses that have improved their supply chain operations with this smarter enterprise solution.

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