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Duomly Interactive Programming Courses logo
Duomly - Programming courses online Write a Review

Duomly is an e-learning platform providing programming courses for everyone. We are focusing mainly on the hottest areas of programming: Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Web Development. With Duomly users can not only learn the theory but also challenge in code tasks in most of the lessons. Our mission is to bring programming knowledge to everyone and make technology more friendly to people. Duomly wants to prove that everybody can get involved in the programming ensuring a smooth and pleasant way of learning

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Plan Academy logo
Project Controls Training Courses by Plan Academy 4.8 Based on 49 Ratings

Learn about Project Controls software like Primavera P6, or planning & scheduling for construction and Forensic Claims analysis, 100% online!

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SafeSide Prevention logo
SafeSide Prevention: Video-Based Suicide Prevention Training Write a Review

SafeSide serves health, behavioral health, community, and educational organizations who share the aspirational goal of Zero Suicide. We work with state and provincial leaders who want training that scales, and a common language that unites the workforce across their region. All program share core components: Video-guided learning. Virtual office hours. Ask questions and share experiences with Dr. Pisani and SafeSide subscribers from around the world.

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Stridist logo
Online coaching software Write a Review

Simple, beautiful client programming, communication and tracking in one easy to use platform. Made by fitness and nutrition professionals. Stridist is the most powerful, flexible, simple coaching platform ever made. Allowing you to quickly and effectively programme training and nutrition for clients. Build content libraries, online courses and group programmes. Programme nutrition using calories and macros, portion sizes, meal logging or habit based coaching. Communicate with them inside the app. Build community groups. Track their progress, easily on one profile page. And automate essential tasks like check-ins, onboarding sequences and DM’s.

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7 Speed Reading logo
7 Speed Reading Homepage 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Read 2.9x faster, with full comprehension, Or we'll give you a full refund, and pay you $50 on top. All you need to do is use our award-winning speed reading software for only seven minutes a day—for two weeks. That’s it.Triple your reading

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Designed for Educationalists Write a Review is an innovative educational tool designed to help professionals create impactful and effective lessons for their students. By utilizing best practices in education and developing a user-intuitive platform, Learnt makes it easy for professionals to deliver engaging content that encourages learning. Using the platform is both simple and efficient, allowing users to access the latest advancements in technology quickly and easily. With Learnt, it has never been easier to develop creative lessons that captivate student attention and offer a broad foundation from which knowledge can grow. Unlike other tools, Learnt does not attempt to replace traditional methods of teaching; instead, it provides an augmentation that enhances lessons with aesthetically pleasing visuals, meaningful content, and interactive experiences so that you can make the most of each learning opportunity. Professionals using Learnt will find a significant benefit in their workflow; by gaining access to cutting-edge resources they are able to save time while still providing engaging and comprehensive experiences for their students. In addition, the built-in analytics allow you to track how well your program is received by those who interact with it and get real-time feedback on potential improvements. Your business often depends on offering unique services while maintaining exceptional quality of delivery - thus there's no better way than through Learnt!

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AgileVideos logo
Home | Write a Review

AgileVideos is a scalable, cost-effective way to accelerate Digital and Agile online learning in your enterprise. Available 24/7, our platform contains over 230 videos created by experts and practitioners.

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Teachify logo
Turn your Passion & Talent Write a Review

Sell courses, coaching, digital downloads, and memberships all in one place with ease. With this scheduler, booking, reminders, and rating/review features, 1:1 coaching has never been simpler. Create increased revenue and conversions with features like bundle sales, coupons/offers, and affiliate marketing. Digital downloads are a great lead/revenue generation tool that can be made even better with funnel builder.

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Highako Academy logo
A Video-First Microlearning Platform Write a Review

Highako Academy brings together more than 20 order-to-cash industry leaders and attorneys including Robert Shultz, Scott Blakeley, and John Zimmer to bring bite-sized, on-demand, job-relevant online learning to credit and collections professionals worldwide. We offer a range of micro-learning opportunities - live workshops, course modules, skill assessments, downloadable resources, and community forums.Highako is a video-first resource for credit and collections professionals for more than 50+ Fortune 1000 companies. The courses accessed by the teams cover a variety of topics including Bankruptcies, Credit Policy, Credit & Collections Laws, Collections Negotiations, and ERP-specific integration courses on SAP FSCM, Oracle EBS, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and more.

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Indie Courses logo
Make more money with your video course Write a Review

Introducing Indie Courses: the premier platform that empowers educators and content creators to seamlessly sell their video courses to a global audience. This innovative solution dismantles the barriers between brilliant content and eager learners, offering a suite of tools tailored to boost sales without the complexity of a marketing degree. Crafted with the creator's success in mind, Indie Courses harnesses the power of cutting-edge AI technology to elevate educational material. The platform boasts an automatic subtitle generation feature—words align perfectly with dialogue through human-level accuracy, ensuring that content is accessible and engaging. Plus, this AI-driven functionality doesn't only improve comprehension; it also creates searchable transcriptions that enhance discoverability, widening the reach of their course. Understanding the importance of multilingual support, Indie Courses streamlines content creation across borders by supporting an array of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch, which opens doors to a more diverse and inclusive audience at the click of a button. Whether you are an expert looking to share niche knowledge or a professional educator aiming to extend their reach, Indie Courses stands as their digital ally. It’s time to take their video content from good to great, appealing to a community that values accessible, premium educational experiences. Discover the ease of selling their course with Indie Courses, where their passion meets profitability in the expanding e-learning marketplace.

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Befront logo
Get a grounding and land a top-demand job Write a Review

Take up bite-sized challenges and feel confident in making errors. Learn new skills using Befront brand-new Figma plugin. Explore design. Get a grounding and land a top-demand job. Start a career in design. Keep your design-skills cutting edge.

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BottomUp logo
BottomUp Skills by Qualitance 5 Based on 2 Ratings

Learn Design, Agile, Lean. Free skill courses for product people at BottomUp Skills

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Miholearn logo
Take your skills to next level Write a Review

Selling Live & Recorded Courses made easy. Discover a whole new world of growth opportunities powered by – Innovative tools, Intuitive learning & Interactive communities. Create, market & sell video based lectures, training modules and more. Offer flexible payment plans. Deliver seamlessly.

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Skillograph logo
Online Education / eLearning training provider- Skillograph 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

If you are looking for a training provider & want to get it through online(eLearning) then Skillograph is an excellent resource for eLearning.

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MindMajix logo
Corporate Training - Mindmajix Write a Review

Get Mindmajix's online and live corporate training in IT, project management, digital marketing, big data, cloud, and many other emerging technologies.

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YouPremium logo
Deliver your digital courses in amazing fashion Write a Review

If user want to deliver the digital courses in an amazing fashion and increase their value, user should use a premium platform. This will not only make courses more sophisticated, but also provide the students with a high-standard experience. User can even transform the digital course into a movie-style platform to make it more interesting for the audience. Additionally, if user want to make student's login page more dynamic, they can adjust it according to the platform’s design.

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Intellipaat logo
Corporate Training Courses And Programs - Intellipaat Write a Review

Intellipaat corporate training courses are designed and tailor made for your employees with the skills and knowledge they need to execute their jobs at a top level.

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