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Build Any Community And Grow The Business Write a Review
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MeltingSpot is the perfect community platform for professionals who are looking to explore and engage their own customized networks and communities. This powerful platform provides a private and safe environment where users can communicate, collaborate and cultivate meaningful connections – without all the noise of social media. Not only this, but it's also designed to help companies, non-profit organizations, creators and venture capitalists grow their respective networks in relative peace. With MeltingSpot, you're provided with intuitive tools that let you share content seamlessly, engage organically with members one-on-one or in groups, as well as track engagement metrics along the way – all of which provide a strong foundation for your company’s relationships with others. As an added bonus, MeltingSpot even helps organize support forums and virtual events so you can stay connected to key stakeholders in your network with ease. Increase user engagement and participation with a reliable networking solution today – get MeltingSpot!

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Accelerate your Community Goals Write a Review
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Community engagement is the key to success for any organization. A dashboard that unifies all the online channels can help organizations to understand and nurture their community like never before. This dashboard can identify and stimulate evangelists, influencers, contributors and users, helping to create a more robust community. Organizations can develop meaningful engagements and learning experiences, helping to create a powerful incentive mechanism that will ensure sustainable growth. Through this process, organizations can inspire their members to collaborate more effectively. This can help to build a strong, engaged and supportive community, which can drive business growth and success. By understanding and nurturing the community, organizations can develop a strong, vibrant and sustainable community that will benefit both the organization and its members.

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Fully functioning community on domain Write a Review
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Bring all your customers together at one place to engage in discussions, schedule meet-ups, and exchange files with each other. Habitate makes it simple to organize all of your events in one place – from small meet-ups to celebrating birthday parties to brainstorming new ideas. Your community members can keep track of events, register easily and also receive email reminders on the day of the event.

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Unlock the value of community Write a Review
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Community led growth for product is vital to the success of business. Quickly build content, create courses, run events and engage with the community all in one place. A full-suite of business tools; mobile app, landing page, live streaming, chat, dashboard and APIs all available at the touch of a button. Breaking down silos to bring people together using plug-ins for a smooth CX. Setup or migrate community with quick and easy menu options.

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The AII-In-One Custoomer Community Platform Write a Review
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WorkOutLoud is the premier customer community platform that empowers professionals to create meaningful, connected customer experiences that drive growth. With WorkOutLoud, can bring together the customers, partners, and employees in one powerful platform.With WorkOutLoud, can create engaging online communities to support the customers' self-help journeys and branded spaces to promote marketing messages. Will get tools to build modern digital experiences that improve customer engagement and deliver insights for better decision-making. WorkOutLoud stands out from the competition by providing a comprehensive and fully connected suite of features that no other platform offers. By unifying the customer experience with one easy-to-use platform, customer can create engaged customer communities that drive loyalty and growth. With intuitive key insights and analytics, customer can gain valuable insights into how the customers use the community, and make informed decisions that lead to success. Get started with WorkOutLoud and start building meaningful, connected customer experiences that help the drive business!

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Build your product in public Write a Review
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Changemap is a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to involve their community in the development process by easily taking feature suggestions. With Changemap, businesses can allow users to vote for the features they need, enabling them to keep track of the most popular tasks and prioritize their development roadmap accordingly. Furthermore, Changemap's user-friendly interface ensures that users remain engaged with the development process as tasks progress through the roadmap. The platform offers update emails on the features that users have voted for, ensuring that they are always aware when a feature they have invested in goes live. Changemap also offers a range of tools to seamlessly integrate its functionality into businesses' existing workflows. These include Slack notifications, embeddable widgets for sharing a changelog on businesses' own sites, and a full API for integrating Changemap with their own internal tools. Overall, Changemap is a powerful tool for businesses looking to involve their community in the development process and prioritize their development roadmap. With its intuitive interface and range of integration options, Changemap is the perfect solution for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition.

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Repod Communities

All-in-one podcast community Write a Review
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Repod brings together your podcast discussions, memberships, and growth into one central place — a podcast app. Join for free and start your community today. Users have a vision for your community experience. Repod provides users with the building blocks to bring their vision to life.

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The next-gen community growth tool Write a Review
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Blaze is a powerful tool that enables to build meaningful relationships with Discord users. It helps understand, engage and manage users by segmenting them based on activity, join date or sentiment. With Blaze, can gain a deeper understanding of how users interact with Discord server, by creating user profiles that map out their journey from first touch to transaction. Additionally, Blaze allows to measure user engagement, growth, retention and sentiment so can track user base and make informed decisions about how to better engage users. Blaze is the perfect tool to help unlock the potential of Discord community.

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Video chats with anyone Write a Review
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StoryPrompt is the easiest way to send and collect personal videos. Capturing stories, testimonials, and updates is as simple as sharing a link. With StoryPrompt, can exchange interactive video messages with customers, team, and community without busy schedule getting in the way. StoryPrompt helps capture stories from community to create highly-shareable video testimonials, reviews, and other user-generated content. StoryPrompt makes collecting video testimonials from customers and employees a breeze. They automatically apply branding for so all that's left to do is share on social or embed on website.

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All-in-one platform for community grow Write a Review
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Nectios is the perfect tool for those in the professional sphere who want to efficiently consolidate their ever-expanding communities. All of the events whether business conferences or team retreats can now be celebrated in an exclusive, made-to-order space. Nectios ensures a hassle-free experience and has you covered when it comes to hosting top notch events. Without needing any coding knowledge whatsoever, you can freely customize the exact look and feel that best suits your needs. Perfect for those aiming to create their own unique online presence, Nectios gives you full control over content creation and event planning. So join other professionals up on the cutting edge of digital organization with Nectios today!

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Unlock the power of communities Write a Review
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A new home for your community, virtual events, cohort courses, micro-school. ‍All users need in one place. No-Code allows you to build a lot of cool internet apps without having to code. From a simple website to a complex chatting app, a lot is possible with no-code tools. They run a small community of no-code enthusiasts. Join if you want to learn more.

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Engage your Community | Alumnet 5 Based on 1 Ratings
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Alumnet is an integrated database solution for communities for relevant communication, engagement and unlocking of value.

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Talkbase: Measuring the Community Impact Write a Review
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Introducing Talkbase: The Ultimate Community Analytics Tool for BusinessesIn today's hyper-connected world, fostering a strong and engaged community is vital for any business's success. But have ever wondered how to measure the true impact of community efforts? Look no further than Talkbase - the revolutionary platform that helps companies understand why community matters and empowers them to build powerful programs backed by data.With Talkbase, businesses can seamlessly visualize and analyze their community's impact throughout every stage of the customer journey. From the initial acquisition to onboarding and retention, our innovative community analytics tool provides unparalleled insights into how and why customers interact within community.Picture a world where can finally understand the true impact of community efforts, where can effortlessly identify the key drivers of customer engagement, and where have the tools to transform information into action. That world is here, and it's called Talkbase.Join the ranks of leading businesses who have unlocked the power of community analytics with Talkbase. Don't let community's potential go untapped - unleash its full force with our innovative platform. Take control of business's growth and watch as community thrives like never before.Talkbase is ultimate partner in this journey towards success. Embrace the power of data-driven decisions and become a community-building powerhouse with Talkbase - because community matters.

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Build Online Community in Minutes Write a Review
View Details software is a platform used to create an online community platform to keep your customers engaged. The software offers tools to customize brands with color, icon, and more. Engage community with discussion forums, quests, levels, profile rewards and other gamified features. It supports all devices. Small, Medium companies make use of the software.

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One Tab Group

Save/Restore Tabs & Tab Groups Write a Review
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Using a visual web bookmark is an easy way to quickly access webpages. It allows to preview the website, providing with information like a website's title, description, logo, author, and thumbnails. This is helpful when are searching for a particular website and do not want to manually type in the URL. Hovering over the tab in the session gives the option of using the link as a visual web bookmark. This is similar to how Twitter cards or Notion web bookmarks work. With a visual web bookmark, can save time by being able to quickly and easily access the webpage want without having to search through multiple links.

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Day One

a community and school for entrepreneurs Write a Review
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Day One provides with the connections, education, support, and confidence to supercharge path forward as an entrepreneur. Surround user with peers around the world on the most sensitive and crucial topics that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis.

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Unified Community Intelligence Write a Review
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As a community manager, need one place to measure and manage engagement for all community channels. Developer-first companies are embracing community-led growth as a top business priority. So need an easy way to share insights with all business stakeholders. With Peritus Community Intelligence get insights to help Support deflect cases, DevRel teams scale educational reach or recruit new influencers, flag revenue opportunities to Sales, and help Product teams quickly spot friction creating churn risk.

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The Latest Engagement Solution for Communities Write a Review
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Clowder is an app that helps organizations stay connected. It provides a configured solution to help members, employees, and stakeholders communicate easily and effectively with one another. With Clowder, own private social network right at the fingertips. It allows to create a more engaging and interactive experience, allowing to reach people wherever they are - their phones.

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AMS Features | Guild Solutions Write a Review
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With Guild, you can manage your membership the way you choose, with empowering features and tailored functionality.

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Monetise your Facebook group by collaborating with global brands Write a Review
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Convosight is a comprehensive community management platform that helps community builders manage and monetise their Facebook group, besides collaborating with brands to promote their products. The platform facilitates seamless collaboration between facebook group owners and global brands, who want to market their products among the particular type of audience present in that group. Users can find what their group members are talking about and get clear ideas of the kind of promotions they can run. Convosight also comes loaded with exclusive supporting content in the form of webinars, where users can learn to monetise their Facebook groups effectively. These webinars comprise excellent tips and tricks that can attract more brands and improve audience engagement levels in real-time. The platform also helps group owners with their comprehensive report generation task, showcasing the accurate impact of a particular campaign. Convosight comes fully compliant with exclusive GDPR policies, ensuring stringent data protection outcomes.

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