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Narrative Acquire logo

Narrative Acquire

Data Acquisition: Access the precise data you need | Narrative Write a Review

The fragmented data landscape makes it impossible for you to scale and evolve your acquisition strategy. Narrative provides turn-key solutions to simplify data access.

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Reltio Connected Customer 360 logo

Reltio Connected Customer 360

Reltio | Only Cloud-Native Master Data Management Platform 2.3 Based on 3 Ratings

Reltio Connected Customer 360 is built on cloud-native, big data architecture featuring graph technology and machine learning. Global 2000 enterprises use this information to fully understand customers and deliver exceptional experiences.

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Komprise logo


Intelligent Data Mobility and Management Write a Review

Komprise Intelligent Data Management tackles the two most pressing issues with unstructured data: managing its rampant growth across multi-vendor storage and clouds and unlocking data value. Komprise automatically moves unstructured (file) data to secondary storage according to the plans which users create so that data always lives in the right place at the right time according to its age, usage or other parameters such as security.

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Dataform logo


Manage workflows seamlessly and improve productivity 4.7 Based on 63 Ratings

Dataform is a data modeling platform that brings together open source tooling, best practices and software engineering inspired workflows to advanced and efficient data teams. The software conducts data modeling, data quality, and pipeline management based on a software engineering inspired approach. With the software’s built-in APIs and templating syntax, one can develop data workflows in SQL. It deploys the users SQL table definitions to their warehouses, creates tables, views and also runs tests at the same time. The software ensures that the users get access to trusted, well documented and tested data sets for their dashboards. It acts as an end-to-end solution for the upcoming data teams and the ones who are looking out to scale their business through cloud data warehouse solutions. Dataform helps the data analysts to efficiently manage all their data-related processes in their own warehouses, which can be used for analysis purposes. The software integrates seamlessly with other platforms like Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift.

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Enables Anyone to Make Better Decisions! 4.4 Based on 30 Ratings

TIBCO EBX helps organizations manage, govern, and share any and all data assets, including master data, reference data, and metadata. With its highly flexible MDM solution, EBX can be used to address even the most unforeseen data needs. TIBCO! Professionals dealing in finance, accounting, human resources, sales, marketing, ERP, business intelligence, big data, and GDPR compliance can benefit from this comprehensive data management solution.

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Prduct logo


The Collaborative Data| Management Platform Write a Review

Prduct offers a revolutionary solution to how supply chains collaborate on product data. Prduct streamlines the process of data exchange between links in the supply chain and allows for input from all stakeholders. With Prduct, data is distributed responsibly and its needs are made visible upstream and downstream to ensure that the entire system can remain stronger and better equipped for any future changes. Prduct has the ability to instantly provide pertinent data to allow companies to make more informed decisions on how to improve their processes. By utilizing Prduct, businesses are more effective and agile, giving them the ability to stay competitive in the supply chain market. With Prduct, companies can easily collaborate, making data needs visible and providing an invaluable asset to their businesses.

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Vin MDM logo


Best Master Data Management Software | Vin MDM 4 Based on 1 Ratings

Vin MDM is an intelligent, flexible and scalable solution that easily synchronizes content across multiple channels and geographies. Trusted by global leading brands like Johnson & Johnson, Brand Nexity and Coco Group.

Read more logo

Security Privacy Trust Write a Review

To facilitate this growing need Datastreams has developed a configurable common platform so organisations can easily configure how to collect and share their data services in a simple compliant manner. This platform enables companies to collaborate and get the most out of their digital assets while upholding the increasing demands to applicable regulations, compliance – security frameworks and privacy standards. Let’s stay agile for now and in the future.

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Nodeum logo


Control your Storage Data Management | Nodeum Write a Review

We care about Data Management, it is about your autonomy and your agility. In 1 hour, our trial version will show how you can save 80% on costs.

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Innovate Systems Synchronos logo

Innovate Systems Synchronos

Master Data Management Software | Synchronos MDM Platform | Innovative Systems 2.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Synchronos is an enterprise master data management (MDM) software platform that delivers 99.5% accuracy in 1/3 the time and cost of other approaches.

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Oracle MDM logo

Oracle MDM

Supplier Master Data Management | Data Governance - dataZen 3.8 Based on 21 Ratings

dataZen helps to fix issues like duplicates, fragmentation, and inconsistency across systems. Enhances data quality and tightens security within the enterprise.

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Triniti Master Data Management logo

Triniti Master Data Management

Master data management for Oracle EBusiness Suite and SFDC | Triniti 4.2 Based on 5 Ratings

Oracle EBS users can achieve 75% productivity improvements and 100% accuracy with Triniti's low-cost alternative to conventional MDMs including Oracle MDM.

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OpenDQ logo


Data Quality, Data Governance, Master Data Management Software 5 Based on 3 Ratings

OpenDQ is an enterprise zero license cost data quality, master data management and data governance solution. Built on a modular architecture, OpenDQ scales with your enterprise data management needs.

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SyncManager logo


The SyncManager – Data Model, Validation & Business Logic | b-synced 5 Based on 1 Ratings

SaaS solution designed to manage master data within and between enterprises. SyncManager forms a central repository for storing this master data.

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FreeSight logo


FreeSight – Data integration, data cleaning, data preparation and reporting. In a fraction of the time. 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Data integration, data cleaning, data preparation and reporting. In a fraction of the time.

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Datascale logo


Unleashing the Power of Data Collaboration. Write a Review

Datascale provides industry-leading insights and analytics solutions to help organization stay ahead in today's data-driven competitive landscape. With its data knowledge graph, Datascale enables to understand the relationships between data, analytics, and features across the board. The platform uses the latest systems in artificial intelligence and machine learning to soundly connect data points across all facets of operation, allowing effectively and efficiently access the collective knowledge of organization. By making all data relevant, the view of how different aspects of business are connected is made clear. Datascale also provides real-time monitoring and optimization of every aspect of business, ensuring its accuracy and accuracy of results. The customer will gain visibility and understand nuanced relationships between analytics platforms, so can make informed decisions that result in successful outcomes. With Datascale, make sure business is never left behind. Take advantage of all that Datascale has to offer, and stay ahead of the competition.

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List of Master Data Management (MDM) Software

Narrative Acquire Narrative Acquire 0
Reltio Connected Customer 360 Reltio Connected Customer 360 2.3
Komprise Komprise 0
Dataform Dataform 4.7
Prduct Prduct 0
Vin MDM Vin MDM 4 0
Nodeum Nodeum 0
Innovate Systems Synchronos Innovate Systems Synchronos 2.5

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