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Spyrix Employee Monitoring logo

Spyrix Employee Monitoring

Employee Monitoring Software. Spyrix - Cloud-Based Employee Monitoring Platform. 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings
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Monitor & Supervise all EMPLOYEE Computer Activity 1. Allows Employee Monitoring in real timefrom any place and any device since it is cloud-based2.

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RECITE Interaction Recording Solution 5 Based on 1 Ratings
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RECITE is an award-winning interaction recording suite that helps you boost your business success and ensure compliance. RECITE delivers unique insights...

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OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software logo

OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software

OsMonitor Overview, How It Works - OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software 5 Based on 1 Ratings
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OsMonitor employee monitoring software is a client-server system that works either in a local or distributed network. Learn its powerful functions now.

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Workfolio logo


Employee monitoring and timesheets Write a Review
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Manual time-tracking is flawed. Track employee work time through computer activity instead. Effortless, reliable and fool proof. Screenshot your employees active window recurringly, for upto every 1 minute interval. Optionally blur images for privacy. A visual log of daily activities of every employee broken down to productive time, idle time and break time.

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Cell Phone Spy App Write a Review
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Introducing BlurSPY the world's top spying app designed to monitor smartphones and tablets. BlurSPY is the perfect solution for those who want to anonymously oversee unusual and harmful activities of their kids, as well as monitor employee activities. BlurSPY offers hassle-free installation and does not require vast technical experience. It allows users to track smartphones and tablets with the Android, Windows, and tablet platforms. With BlurSPY, they will have the ability to access social media accounts, GPS locations, browser history, and more with just a few clicks. It also offers 24/7 customer service support for any troubleshooting. BlurSPY gives them the power to keep their children safe whenever, wherever. Be it GPS tracking for monitoring their kid's every move or gaining access to their social media accounts to protect them from potential harm. BlurSPY has them covered. Additionally, if they are a business owner, user can monitor their employees to ensure they are not using their phones for inappropriate purposes or wasting company time. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and functionalities, BlurSPY is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to monitor their kids' and/or employees' smartphones and tablets.

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About Time logo

About Time

Mobile Resource Management Employee Time Tracking - AboutTime 2.5 Based on 2 Ratings
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AboutTime helps your business connect, track and manage mobile resources including employee time tracking, electronic forms collection, asset tracking and real-time resource management.

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Best Free Keylogger logo

Best Free Keylogger

Features - Best Free Keylogger Write a Review
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Unique Smart Read feature makes keystroke records easily readable by cleverly replacing keystrokes like space and backspace. Web filtering can filter websites based on their text content. Web blocking can either block or allow a set of user-defined websites. Reports generated by Best Free Keylogger can be sent to you over Email, FTP, LAN, or USB as encrypted files or HTML reports.

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Network Perspective logo

Network Perspective

There’s a smarter way to work Write a Review
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Network Perspective takes a holistic approach to employee experience and productivity by combining elements from a variety of analytics platforms. It works to reduce time spent in meetings and messaging by promoting balance between synchronous and asynchronous work. Through comprehensive task grouping and meeting scheduling, Network Perspective encourages deep work and reduces context switching. It also helps teams maintain productivity and bonding with daily and weekly routines. With strong ethical considerations at the forefront, Network Perspective offers a comprehensive yet realistic solution to maximizing employee experience and productivity.

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EmpMonitor logo


Features | EmpMonitor - Check Employee Engagement Online Write a Review
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Now do productivity measurement, stealth mode, websites accessed, report generation, and other areas for employee engagement only with EmpMonitor Software.

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Worktivity logo


The Ultimate Emplyee Monitoring Software Write a Review
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At Worktivity, it is understandable how time-consuming it is to manually manage employees' activities. That's why developed a user-friendly program that provides real-time insights into individual workloads and offers tailored solutions to optimize operations. From resource management, task tracking, project approval automation, and automated reporting - innovative solution will take business performance to the next level. With Worktivity’s end-to-end approach, get comprehensive management of staff tasks with customizable features such as set preset objectives for each team member or employee group, assign relevant tasks accordingly, accurately monitor progress with associated deadlines and rules for executives or senior members to sign off on projects when completed. This makes it easier for makeing data-driven decisions on multiple fronts of organization while ensuring transparency between teams.

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Employee monitoring software Write a Review
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CloudDesk is a powerful tool for managing remote teams. By analyzing the PC and laptop activities of each remote worker, it provides managers with valuable insights into their team's productivity. This data can then be used to help optimize processes and maximize growth. It also provides team members with useful analytics and feedback to help them become more productive. With CloudDesk, managers can easily keep track of their teams' performance, identify areas for improvement, and take action to ensure their teams are performing at their best. Additionally, it allows managers to give their team the motivation and support they need to work smarter and reach their goals. By harnessing the power of CloudDesk, managers can ensure their remote teams are working at an optimal level and helping their business reach its full potential.

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WorkTrak logo


An Employee Monitoring Tool Write a Review
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WorkTrak is a SaaS product used to gain real-time analytics reports on the productivity of the employee. The software offers Application and website blocker to block the malicious websites that can be a threat to the organization. Make successful team by daily monitoring of employees with workplace productivity.

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Talent Mobility Software Write a Review
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WORQDRIVE is the Talent Mobility platform that is proving people want to stay. Employees using WORQDRIVE log in 4 times a month to see new matching jobs, add skills, and advocate for their teammates.

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Workshots logo


Employee Activity Monitoring Software | Time Tracking Tool Write a Review
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Workshots is an advanced employee time tracking and productivity monitoring software. It provides time tracking, cost tracking, time-sheet management, task management, and task management.

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Statily logo


Insightful Data for Smarter Workforce Management Write a Review
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Statily is the perfect tool for any individual or team looking to maximize their time and achieve their personal or professional goals. With an intuitive user interface, efficient dashboard navigation, and comprehensive analytics setup, Statily provides an effortless way to keep track of all of their workforce tasks. Their one-stop solution gives individuals and teams a much easier way to manage their hours, skillset utilization, and overall performance. Statily ensures that they can easily view all essential data in real-time. They will get access to automatic reports for each employee or team member as well as more advanced features such as analyzing team performance metrics. Plus, with their comprehensive reporting tools, users can visualize the progress of their projects with ease. Simply add notes or comments on each task to ensure that everyone is on the same page when completing tasks. The customizable modular structure can be tailored to fit their specific needs so that Statily serves as a powerful ally for managing everything from finite timetables to high-level strategy meetings; it's powerful enough for organizations but friendly enough for freelancers or small teams at home. All-in-all, Statily makes it easy to stay organized while saving loads of time whether they're managing multiple clients or keeping tabs on in-house staff performance!

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Berqun logo


Free Employee Monitoring Software | Berqun 4.5 Based on 2 Ratings
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Know when and what your employees are working on using Berqun Employee monitoring software. Collect screenshots, network usage information from Employee computers. Insider threat detection software.

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Luchismart logo


Secure, Keyless Access Write a Review
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Welcome to the future of access control and workforce management with LuchiSmart. This cutting-edge AI Enabled cloud-based software is designed to revolutionize how businesses manage their premises and protect their assets. Imagine being able to monitor and control who enters and exits their building with just a few clicks. With LuchiSmart, they can do just that. This advanced AI technology ensures only authorized personnel have access to their premises, giving them peace of mind knowing that their assets are secure. But LuchiSmart is more than just an access control system. This innovative software also includes workforce and productivity time tracking features, allowing businesses to efficiently manage employee schedules and track hours worked. With LuchiSmart, they can say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamlined, automated solutions. Fast, flexible, and future-proof, LuchiSmart is the ultimate tool for businesses looking to enhance security, productivity, and efficiency. Don't get left behind join the future of access control and time tracking with LuchiSmart today.

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MonitUp logo


The Perfect Tool To Improve The Work Performance Write a Review
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MonitUp is the perfect solution for efficiency-minded professionals. MonitUp helps them maximize their productivity and success. By using MonitUp, professionals can easily track their work activities and computer usage. MonitUp measures the productivity of the time spent on the computer and offers personalized suggestions to users about how to increase their productivity by utilizing MonitUp's advanced artificial intelligence integration. With MonitUp, users can easily keep track of the opening and closing times of their computers, as well as the programs used and how long they were used. MonitUp also keeps track of how long a website has been visited. MonitUp makes it easy for users to monitor their usage and make changes that will definitely help them achieve their work goals.

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Streamline, Monitor, and Simplify with One Powerful App 4.8 Based on 4 Ratings
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HRTrace is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their human resources with its mobile-friendly application that packs a powerful punch of HR solutions. From payroll and payslip automation to comprehensive employee analytics and report tracking, HRTrace offers an all-in-one solution to streamline HR processes. The application stands out with its capability to monitor real-time employee screenshots, enabling management to oversee work from anywhere in the world. Utilizing the HRTrace Time Tracker simplifies managing employee work hours through a straightforward process of registration and login, followed by the use of a start and stop button. Administrators and employers benefit from insights into break times, activity levels, attendance, and the ability to export detailed reports. For those managing employees on an hourly basis, this feature is invaluable in ensuring accurate payment reporting. Additionally, HRTrace's project tracker offers a seamless method for calculating working hours based on client, project, and task, further enhancing the efficiency of project management and employee tracking within the HRTrace portal.

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wAnywhere logo


Challenges in remote work Write a Review
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In the fast-paced world of remote work, wAnywhere stands out as an innovative solution for organizations seeking to embrace the future of work while enhancing productivity. This cutting-edge employee monitoring software offers a suite of tools powered by artificial intelligence to provide in-depth monitoring and actionable insights. wAnywhere simplifies productivity management by automatically tracking work hours, idle time, and breaks. Gain insights into app and website usage, location tracking, and more, tailored to individual employees or across broader organizational metrics. Experience comprehensive visualization and reporting capabilities that deliver meaningful analytics at various levels - from managers to entire business units. Set customized actions when predefined thresholds are breached. Receive instant notifications or initiate screen blocks to prevent further violations. Navigate the system with ease thanks to an intuitive design, making it effortless to analyze data and implement changes. Designed with the modern professional in mind, wAnywhere offers an unparalleled degree of oversight and control, enabling businesses to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance with company policies. It's an indispensable tool for enhancing staff performance and accountability, all while nurturing a culture of trust and self-management. The software's robust capabilities cater to the needs of managers and organizational leaders looking to streamline operations and foster a productive remote or hybrid work environment. Make the smart choice for their organization with wAnywhere the sophisticated yet user-friendly solution for excellence in remote employee monitoring and productivity.

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List of Employee Monitoring Software

Spyrix Employee Monitoring Spyrix Employee Monitoring 4.5
Recite Recite 5
OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software OsMonitor Employee Monitoring Software 5
Workfolio Workfolio 0
BlurSPY BlurSPY 0
About Time About Time 2.5
Best Free Keylogger Best Free Keylogger 0
Network Perspective Network Perspective 0
EmpMonitor EmpMonitor 0
Worktivity Worktivity 0

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