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Adobe Advertising Cloud

Explore Adobe Primetime features
(86 Ratings)

Explore Adobe Primetime features that move the needle for broadcasters, cable networks, and service providers.

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Google Marketing Platform

Google Marketing Platform - Unified Advertising and Analytics
(281 Ratings)

Introducing Google Marketing Platform, a unified marketing and analytics platform for smarter marketing measurement and better results.

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Flashtalking | Ad Serving
(20 Ratings)

Flashtalking is the independent global ad server for advertisers who value control of their own data and wish to separate media sales from delivery and measurement.

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Omni Channel Advertising Software
(6 Ratings)

Innovid is a leading independent omni-channel advertising and analytics platform built for television. It enable the personalization, delivery, and measurement of ads across the widest breadth of channels in the market including TV, video, display, social, audio, and DOOH

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Zeta Programmatic, Formerly...

Zeta Global: Data-Driven Marketing Powered by Artificial Intelligence
(262 Ratings)

Sizmek is a people-based creative optimization platform. It connects advertisers and agencies to audiences around the world. The company serves over 2.3 trillion impressions each year.

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Platform – One platform for all your digital advertising and campaigns
(111 Ratings)

Bannerflow is a Creative Management Platform (CMP) that enables in-house marketing teams to take control of their digital advertising. Designers and marketers can reduce time to market by up to 90%. Bannerflow supports a large range of digital ad formats such as: Display, Social, Video, Mobile, CRM/onsite advertising and even new channels such as DOOH.

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Thunder Creative Management...

Homepage - Thunder Experience Cloud
(2 Ratings)

Thunder Experience Cloud solves bad ads. You can now create, personalize, and measure ad experiences.

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Clipcentric Display Advertising Production
(2 Ratings)

Templated or totally custom, Clipcentric lets you combine ad formats and features to create ads that are never limited by technology and always put you in control

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SteelHouse Advertising Suite

Performance TV Prospecting - SteelHouse
(16 Ratings)

SteelHouse provides software for brands, agencies, and direct marketers. The SteelHouse Advertising Suite gives brands worldwide everything they need to run retargeting, prospecting, and branding campaigns. Brands can view their audience data in real time, create unlimited segments, and track their performance.

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Advertising Content Manager...

Product Slider • Adssets
(37 Ratings)

Product Slider is a Rich Media format that displays products over a background image. The consumer can browse between the...

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Advanced conversational advertising platform.
(0 Ratings)

Cavai Cloud gives an astonishing speed and flexibility in the most demanding creative workflows. It provides some valuable key features like Cloud, Creative and Insights.

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Technology with creativity
(2,510 Ratings)

NEXD Create stunning animated, interactive, rich media ads in minutes, not hours. Publish and traffic your campaigns on virtually any platform. Nexd offers a creative management tool to build engaging digital ad campaigns that are effective and efficient.

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Netsertive | Localized Digital Advertising
(9 Ratings)

Netsertive provides digital marketing technology and campaign management for location-based businesses. Over 1,500 brands partner with Netsertive's dedicated teams serving healthcare providers, automotive dealers, local businesses, and publishers.

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WoodWing Studio

WoodWing Studio - Multichannel Publishing System
(22 Ratings)

WoodWing Studio is used by magazine, newspaper and book publishers, marketing departments, advertising and media agencies, and corporate organizations. Content creators can easily adapt or tweak the content they produce and publish it to any print or digital channel.

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Product | Build | Bannerwise
(58 Ratings)

Bannerwise is a creative management platform that enables advertisers and agencies to build, publish and optimize digital ads at a large scale. By simplifying and automating digital ad production, we unlock the full potential of digital advertising.

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Bonzai- The Programmatic Creative Management Platform
(3 Ratings)

Make digital advertising smarter, better and faster with Bonzai's rich media formats & features. Deliver bigger & better across devices with our range of standard and customised high impact formats.

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Expand your creativity and optimize your brand assets
(0 Ratings)

Marpipe is a creative testing platform that helps businesses to create thousands of ad variations in minutes, deploy them over various platforms and get real-time insights about each component. The platform allows businesses to auto-generate ad variants through simple drag and drop features easily. They can create up to 1500 ads at once. It also provides a plugin for Adobe XD where all the features of Marpipe can be accessed from a single place. The platform helps users handle ad deployment from a single interface. It provides split tests up to 1500 ads on Facebook and Instagram with only a few clicks. The solution also automates the process of manual ad uploading and ad duplication. When users hit the launch button, Marpipe automatically executes tedious deployment work for users. It helps to increase creativity by getting feedback on the specific brand assets that outperform others. show more

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Data-driven SaaS-platform
(44 Ratings)

Storyteq is a data-driven SaaS-platform that empowers brands to create personalized videos and produce creatives at scale. It has a valuable solutions like Videos in CRM, Creative automation, and Dynamic creative automation.

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Control your marketing strategy with this photo editing software
(0 Ratings)

Abyssale is a banner ad creation tool that allows you to have more creative control over your marketing strategy. Every banner adheres to your brand guidelines. Your logo variations, fonts, and colour palette are all included in the brand presets. Anyone on your team will be able to reliably design beautiful and on-brand banners with Abyssale. During the banner design process, you can access millions of free stock photographs from Unsplash. You can choose one of their built-in templates or design your own, then link or import your data via our user interface, integrations, or API. Without having to open Photoshop, Sketch, or Figma, you can alter your copy or product photos, as well as instantly update your banners. By keeping all of your data in one place, you can boost your visual marketing production process. It lets designers focus on the artistic aspects of their job while eliminating repetitive processes, allowing them to develop effortlessly and efficiently. Furthermore, because it scales across all marketing channels, you won't have to spend hours resizing for each one. show more

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Platforms | enginemediaexchange.com
(1 Ratings)

Balihoo software tackles the daily administrative tasks of local paid search and display. Balihoo users spend 90% less time performing account setup and campaign maintenance. Customers have seen 500% increases in CTR and 94% decreases in CPC within the first 2 weeks.

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List of Creative Management Platforms

Adobe Advertising Cloud 3.7
Google Marketing Platform 4.1
Flashtalking 3.7
Innovid 4.2
Zeta Programmatic, Formerly Sizmek 3.7
Bannerflow 4.6
Thunder Creative Management Platform 2.5
Clipcentric 4
SteelHouse Advertising Suite 3.8
Advertising Content Manager (ACM) 4.4