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Must-Read Design tips from Designers, To Designers

by Route 1 Print

50 Tips from Designers, to Designers, gather advice from experts in the Graphic Design field all in one place. From client management to typography, brand identity to finding alternative textures in Photoshop, this eBook offers practical tips for designers and showcases new ways to think about design.


What's Inside

Table of contents

#01. Presentation Is Very Important In Design

#02. Design & Produce A Welcome Pack

#03. Make It Very Clear At The Outset

#04. Go The Extra Mile: Look Out For Copy Mistakes!

#05. Who’s Signing Off Your Work?

#06. Start The Design Process On Paper!

#07. There Is No Place For Ego In Design

#08. Contrast Is Everything

#09. How To Cut Out Hair In Photoshop Keeping The Stray Hairs in Place For Realistic Effect

#10. Make Use Of Layer Palettes in InDesign

#11. Create A Habit Of Using Paragraph, Object Styles & Master Pages in InDesign

#12. For Large Areas Of Black, Use A Rich Black

#13. Never Restrict Yourself

#14. Don’t Undervalue Your Work

#15. Ideas In Design

#16. Start At The End & Work Backwards

#17. Build-Up A Mental Toolbox Of Successful Design Approaches

#18. Print Production

#19. Font Identification

#20. Create Simple Function Typography Using Maths

#21. Embrace Your White Space

#22. Always Improve Your Branding

#23. Don’t Hide Your Identity

#24. Always Be On The Lookout For Interesting Textures & Imagery

#25. When Discussing A Brief, Use Imagery & Words To Illustrate Your Discussion

#26. Show Your Design’s In Context

#27. Be Inspired By Other Designers

#28. Make Sure The Brief Is Understood

#29. Stand Out & Be Unique

#30. Your Most Valuable Asset Isn’t Necessarily Your Product, Your People Or Your Building

#31. A Successful Design Is Made On The Capacity Of The Designer

#32. Book & Magazine Design: The Importance Of Solid Style Sheets

#33. Many Designers Are Too Focused On Following Latest Trends

#34. Certain Fonts Are Overused, Not Engaging Or Just Plain Ugly!
#35. Make Being A Thoughtful Communicator Your Differentiator

#36. It Is Important To Listen To Your Client & Gauge What They Need

#37. Make Sure Your Proposal Documents Are Looking Amazing

#38. Make Time For Personal Projects Every Once In A While

#39. Need A New Idea? Think Opposite

#40. It’s All Too Easy To Go With The First Decent Idea That You Think Of

#41. Try & Resist The Urge To Jump Straight On To The Computer When Designing Something

#42. Constantly Check Out What Other Designers Are Doing

#43. Be Brave & Push Boundaries

#44. Do Your Research

#45. Website Design Is The Presentation Of Information

#46. Give The Briefing Phase Of Your Projects The Attention It Deserves

#47. Sketch Ideas & Don’t Focus On Detail Too Early

#48. Don’t Be Scared To Say No To A Project!

#49. The Power of Empathy

#50. Where Stress Is Absent, Creativity Thrives

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