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Compare SailPoint IdentityIQ vs OneLogin

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82% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
92% The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read More Remove
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IdentityIQ lets you control every file and application across their hybrid IT environment by employees, partners, contractors, and even bots. It enables users to connect to 99% of applications and data, then uses a wizard setup and preconfigured workflows to onboard them in hours. The platform offers value-added features like Access Insights, Access Modeling, and Recommendations, providing greater intelligence and efficiency by keeping access policies up-to-date. These features let users know if access is safe or risky. Businesses can integrate governance controls with their mission-critical apps, such as AWS, SAP, and Salesforce, thus enabling their users to only access the information they require. SailPoint Predictive Identity provides AI-driven recommendations that help users determine when it’s safe to grant user access. Companies can also protect and govern access across millions of identities, billions of access points, and tens of thousands of applications and data sources. SailPoint IdentityIQ can also identify those users with risky access and track historical user access patterns. ..show more

OneLogin is a compact value identity and access management software trusted by 2000+ customers all over the globe. Users can depend on the particular to avail facilities like resource optimization, top-graded operational efficiency, feature-rich product functionality along with value leading identity. Further, admins can leverage the software to protect their company by centralizing and securing devices, applications and end-users all within a unified portal. On cloud infrastructure and Sandboxes featured by OneLogin, helps users run detailed tests through codes before deploying them, for accurate change management. Moreover, features like smart factor authentication, single sign-on, advanced directory and identity lifecycle management help managers safeguard the identity of their workforce from unnecessary threats. Developers can utilize OneLogin, to generate top graded identity management applications for their business. They can make use of coding languages like Python, PHP, Ruby and Java. Organizations that want to offer secure customer experiences can trust on OneLoging with their business processing. ..show more


API Access Management Ensures that calls with authenticated access can enter APIs

Access Request Management Helps to view and manage access requests submitted by the personnel

Account Management Helps to manage user accounts within organisations

Compliance Management Helps in making an assessment of risks, ensures policy comprehension and that policies/procedures are being followed

Multi-factor Authentication Uses more than one method to verify a user's identity for a login

Password Management Enables the administrator to manage, authenticate and reset passwords

Passwordless Login Allows to login without password using other means of verification, e.g. SSH keys

Role Management Helps regulate access to systems, based on individual roles

Single Sign-On (SSO) Permits one set of login credentials to access multiple applications

Social Sign On Allows users to sign on using credentials of social networking services

User Activity Monitoring Monitors and records user activities in the enterprise


Access Monitoring

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San Francisco, California / +1 855-426-7227




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SailPoint IdentityIQ


  • Quickly build access models and keep them updated
  • Receive recommendations for approving access
  • Build peer groups based on attributes and access patterns
  • Identify users with risky access
  • Track historical user access patterns
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Single Sign-On (SSO)
$2 /User/Month


  • Cloud Directory
  • Unlimited SAML and OIDC Authentication
  • Single Directory Integration
  • Desktop Single Sign-On
  • Mobile Single Sign-On
  • Password Policy Management
  • Password Reset
  • Prebuilt integrations to the OneLogin App Catalog
  • Multiple Languages
  • Custom Branding
  • Standard Reports
  • SIEM Integrations
Advanced Directory
$2 /User/Month


  • Directory and Identity Synchronization
  • Unlimited Directory Integrations
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Mappings
  • Directory Provisioning
  • Security Policies
  • Custom Connectors
  • Trusted IDP
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
$2 /User/Month


  • Multi-MFA Configuration
  • Multiple Device Support
  • Multiple authentication factors per policy
  • TOTP & Hardware Tokens
  • OneLogin Protect
  • MFA Registration API
  • Authorization APIs
  • Third Party Integrations (Google, Duo, Symantec, Yubikey, etc.)
  • Password Blacklist
  • Email MFA
  • Security Questions
  • OneLogin SMS
  • OneLogin Voice
  • WebAuthn Biometric Factors (Windows Hello on PCs, TouchID on Macs)
SmartFactor Authentication
$5 /User/Month


  • All MFA features
  • Vigilance AI Threat Engine
  • Policy-Driven Access Denial
  • Smart Flows
  • Smart MFA
  • Smart Access
  • Compromised Credential Check
$4 /User/Month


  • Certificate-based trust
  • Machine-level authentication
  • Automated password resets
  • Shared workstation / kiosk mode
  • MDM deployment support
Identity Lifecycle Management
$4 /User/Month


  • Automated User Provisioning
  • Automated User Deprovisioning
  • Custom Attributes
  • Flexible Entitlement Mappings
  • Admin Approval Workflows
  • Application-Specific Rules
HR-Driven Identity
$2 /User/Month


  • HR Integrations (Workday, UltiPro, Namely, Bamboo HR)
  • Automatic Sync to OneLogin Cloud Directory
  • Automated Identity Workflows
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
$4 /User/Month


  • On-premise applications
  • Homegrown Applications
  • Authorization Policies
  • Gateway or Agent Deployment
  • Real-Time Deployment & Monitoring
  • CRUD APIs for Enforcement Points & Apps
RDG & RD Web Access


  • Remote access to Windows Servers
  • Remote access to Windows Desktops
  • Extend SSO to RDG & RD Web Access
  • Extend MFA to RDG & RD Web Access (requires MFA)
$2 /User/Month


  • WiFi and VPN Authentication
  • Extend SSO to a RADIUS end point
  • Extend MFA to a RADIUS end point (MFA required)
  • Vendor Specific Attributes
Enterprise Sandbox


  • Production data clone
  • Full performance testing
  • Dedicated URL & Environment
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