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Top 5 Avenista Alternatives

ResBoss logo
Automate your reservations, reduce your time and efforts Write a Review

ResBoss is a restaurant reservation tool with which users can automate their reservations from multiple numbers of sources and have full control over them. The app is designed to eliminate all the hectic work of dealing with manual processes of entering bookings into your diary and managing voucher redemptions. The app automatically captures and processes table bookings from numerous sources and placing them directly to your diary instantly. With ResBoss, you can manage your diary and table bookings in real-time. This smart app has the ability to work in a background and keeps capturing your bookings coming from various platforms or sources. This platform helps you to save your time, and improve your accuracy as well, by eliminating all risks of human errors. In this way, you can also let your customers have full control over their bookings and orders, thus bridging the gap between the business and the customers. By relieving your team from handling tedious reservation books you can save valuable time for your business, which will help you to focus on more important things.

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Waitlist Me logo
A fresh way to manage waitlists for streamlined service delivery 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Waitlist Me is an intuitive waitlist management application for restaurants and other businesses, allowing users to get text and phone call alerts notifying them of their turn. A wide variety of services offered by this platform makes waitlisting and reservation management extremely easy. Powerful features offered by this platform helps businesses with waiting customers run their daily operations smoothly and generate more profits in real-time. With Waitlist Me, businesses can easily add customer-specific information and receive estimated wait times on arrival in an instant. A simple one-button push technology helps businesses notify their customers when it’s their turn by sending a text or through automated calling techniques. Furthermore, with seamless management of waitlists and table booking, the platform helps businesses serve better and reduce walkaways effectively. Moreover, with Waitlist Me, users also get to manage their reservations within a unified space and assign them to a designated employee or server for accurate sales outcomes. Beyond this, comprehensive analytics and reporting help to gain a detailed understanding of multiple business needs and improve services to engage more customers.

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Yelp WaitList logo
Book plan-ahead or last-second tables 4.5 Based on 11 Ratings

Increase covers by making tables easier to book. Offer a one-click way for plan-ahead & last-second diners to book a table, wait where they want, & show up happy instead of frustrated. Work and dine with peace of mind with hostless Kiosks, capacity monitors, manual wait controls, and contact tracing. Use one system that’s updated and improving every month.

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Tableo logo
A better way to manage your restaurant's reservations Write a Review

Tableo is the perfect solution for every busy professional looking to simplify their restaurant booking process. With Tableo, they no longer need to worry about paper diaries cluttering up your workspace or reservations falling through the cracks. This digital booking system takes the headache out of managing reservations and helps user stay organized in real-time, so they can be sure exactly which tables are available for any day, time or service. Tableo makes it easier than ever for restaurant owners and group bookings alike, helping skyrocket their restaurant sales in no time! Make their job easier with Tableo's smart reservation management system today.

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Foodship logo
Online Food Ordering System Write a Review

Foodship Online Food Ordering System also comes with a table reservation management system that enables your customers to book a table online in your restaurant. Foodship Online Food Ordering Platform connects the table reservation management system to your existing website also available integrated with our free websites. Foodship’s table reservation system can be connected to Google’s proprietary Book a Table button. Restaurant’s customer sees this Book A Table button on a google search result and can directly land to your table reservation system.

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Products Similar to Avenista

TheFork Manager logo
Online Restaurant Booking System Write a Review

TheFork Manager is an efficient reservation management software that helps to manage occupancy rate and tables. It simplifies the task of keeping track of reservations, so can focus on other aspects of running business. With TheFork Manager, can centralize all reservations in one place and manage them in real-time. This software can also help to rotate tables, allowing to optimize occupancy rate and make sure that customers are having a great experience. TheFork Manager is a great way to streamline reservation management and make sure that are running business like a well-oiled machine.

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Yelp Guest Manager logo
Maximize the Restaurant's Earning Potential Write a Review

Yelp for Restaurants is a team of 250 dedicated to restaurants. We're engineers, marketers, and customer success people who eat, sleep, and breathe your restaurant. Meet the new Yelp and our latest product built specifically for you: Yelp Guest Manager.

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ReDi Restaurant Reservation logo
The plugin that manages reservations Write a Review

ReDi Restaurant Reservation is the perfect solution to help restaurants plan ahead and maximize their potential profits. With this simple yet effective plugin, restaurants can better anticipate their needs, streamline daily operations, and create a more efficient and profitable work environment. ReDi helps restaurants plan ahead by making it easy to identify daily workloads and determine the amount of staff, supplies, and services needed. This eliminates guesswork and ensures that restaurants have the right resources to meet customer demands. The plugin also makes it easier to calculate daily expenses and approximate income. This helps restaurants better control budgets and make smart decisions to drive profits. This comprehensive restaurant management platform also offers features to optimize processes. ReDi includes reporting and analytics tools to view all reservation trends, so restaurants can identify potential problems and address them quickly. Additionally, its data-driven design makes forecasting future outcomes easier. This allows restaurants to prepare for upcoming changes and make marketing and advertising decisions more efficiently. ReDi makes it easier than ever to plan ahead and maximize profits. Take advantage of the complete restaurant reservation system and start reaping the rewards.

Read more logo
A word from restaurant partners Write a Review has the tools to tackle the hurdles of an ever changing digital was built from the ground up to support restaurants of varying sizes. This tool help cut costs, save employee time, and improve workflow. All while being scalable to match business’s needs.

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Wisely logo
Goodbye transactions. Hello customers. Write a Review

Winning restaurant brands in every category is personalizing the guest experience to maximize customer lifetime value with Customer Intelligence. Customer Intelligence reimagines the restaurant experience by bringing everything you know about each customer to every interaction. Drive Profitability by Integrating Customer Intelligence — Everywhere there's a proven way to find and keep valuable customers—for life. Profitable brands are empowering every department to work a little smarter.

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OpenTable Connect logo
Sets the bar for powering up hospitality 4.2 Based on 57 Ratings

With the all-in-one solution to maximize seatings and setup operations for success, be they big or small. With the diner network and industry-leading tools to bring in more guests when need them. With top customer management tools that help serve up the best hospitality possible and keep guests coming back. With the ability to manage and monetize a full range of experiences, all in one place.

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Favouritetable logo
Restaurant booking software to supercharge your business Write a Review

Welcome to Favouritetable, the ultimate solution for restaurants looking to elevate their performance to new heights. As a customer-centric company, they understand the demands and challenges that come with running a successful restaurant. That's why they have developed industry-leading restaurant booking software that is designed to help they succeed, both inside and out. With Favouritetable, they can say goodbye to missed reservations and frustrated customers. This software is designed to streamline the booking process, making it easier for their staff to manage reservations and provide a seamless experience for their guests. It's time to take back control of their restaurant's operations and provide top-notch service to their valued customers. But they don't just stop at optimizing their restaurant's internal processes. This team of experts has worked tirelessly to ensure that Favouritetable also helps boost their restaurant's online presence. With this software, they'll have access to a wide range of marketing tools to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more. From targeted email campaigns to social media integration, Favouritetable has they covered. At Favouritetable, they don't just offer fantastic products, they also provide genuine value. We understand that running a restaurant can be expensive, but with this competitively priced software, they can rest assured that they'll be getting the best bang for their buck. Plus, this amazing customer service team is always available to assist they every step of the way. So why wait? Join the thousands of satisfied restaurateurs who have already made the switch to Favouritetable and see the difference it can make for their business. Take their restaurant's performance to the next level with Favouritetable.

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Yelp Reservations logo
Reach Diners & Optimize FOH with Yelp Restaurant Management Software 4.2 Based on 30 Ratings

Yelp's Restaurant Management Software Helps You Seat More Guests with Waitlist & Reservations, Attract New Diners, & Earn Repeat Business.

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simpleERB logo
Simple, powerful restaurant diary | simpleERB 5 Based on 3 Ratings

simpleERB offers free restaurant booking systems. Online restaurant reservation & table management to save time & increase revenue.

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TablelistPro logo
TablelistPro | Features | VIP Table Management Write a Review

Designed exclusively for user-friendliness in nightlife venues and events. Starting at $199 per month. Clients include Bounce Sporting Club, Club Space, 1OAK, Exchange, Echostage, RIOT Hospitality Group, Electric Zoo.

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eZee BurrP! logo
Features of Restaurant POS Software & Bar POS - eZee BurrP! Write a Review

Simple approach, ease of use and rock-solid reliability makes eZee Burrp! a great system for your POS needs. Offers modules like table reservation, material management, web based reporting, kitchen display system, loyalty programs, promotions and gift vouchers, definition of standard recipe and lot more.

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Quadranet Enterprise Solution logo
Complete EPOS System for Restaurants - Quadranet 5 Based on 1 Ratings

Powerful Epos System for Restaurants who are looking to streamline their organisation and improve the customer experience.

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rGuest Seat logo
Restaurant Table Reservation Software & Online Booking System | Agilysys Seat | rGuest Seat 3 Based on 1 Ratings

Agilysys Seat is the best-in-class restaurant table reservation software and online booking system. Earn and keep more quests with rGuest Seat from Agilysys.

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Quandoo logo
Discover & Book Your Favourite Restaurants | Quandoo 3.8 Based on 3 Ratings

Get inspired and plan your next meal with Quandoo. Browse menus, read reviews, compare restaurants and reserve your table online.

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The Parable Restaurant Diary logo
The Parable Restaurant Reservation System 5 Based on 1 Ratings

A Restaurant Diary and Table Management System built to replace the Reservation Book for restaurants. A truly mobile full featured restaurant booking system built FOR Restaurants, built BY Restaura…

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