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Visitor Identification Software

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IP Address to Identify Geolocation and Proxy Information | IP2Location
(14 Ratings)

Non-intrusive IP geolocation solution to help users to identify visitor's geographical location. Available as database, programming API and hosted solution. Users can access to complete database via subscription.

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whos.amung.us - free real-time stats!
(4 Ratings)

Free real-time analytics for your website or blog! No account required. Customize your free widget and get started! See where your visitors are from and what pages are most popular on your website.

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Opentracker - Real Time Analytics
(3 Ratings)

Use real time analytics to engage with your customers. Monitor behavior on your sit as it happens. Advanced event analytics platform. Free trial.

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A1WebStats - identify your website visitors and how to improve your sales
(1 Ratings)

A1WebStats gets you more sales from your website visitors via clever software and expertise that's deeper but easier than Google Analytics

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Neustar IP Intelligence

Security Solutions | Neustar
(3 Ratings)

Cyberattacks and missed connections can damage your business's reputation and bottom line. Our solutions secure your digital presence against risks while ensuring your customers enjoy consistent, uninterrupted interactions.

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Children's Check-in Software

KidCheck Children's Check-In - KidCheck
(4 Ratings)

KidCheck provides secure children's check-in software. Improve child safety in your church, children's ministry, fitness center, Sunday School and nursery!

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Whois Visiting

Advanced Website Visitor Tracking Software
(3 Ratings)

Whoisvisiting.com offers a straightforward and efficient solution to discover which companies are visiting website but not getting in touch. Their innovative method transforms anonymous B2B website visitors into potential customers. Get immediate feedback on the most likely leads. With the help of this service, can easily identify leads and take quick follow-up action. It is the perfect tool for any business looking to increase their sales and customer base.

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VisitorTrack Anonymous Website Visitor Identification Software
(1 Ratings)

VisitorTrack identifies the anonymous business visitors coming to your website. Intent data is fully integrated to pinpoint the companies already in-market for your products. Get accurate contact record details matched for the people you target.

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Clickback WEB

B2B Lead Generation Software For Accelerated Growth
(3 Ratings)

Clickback is a lead driver for marketers and helps to warm up cold B2B contacts into converted, opted-in leads with email. Clickback is a lead driver for marketers that want to warm up their cold contacts with a SaaS platform that safely and securely sends Email Lead Generation (ELG) campaigns to convert their contacts into opted-in leads, while unconverted contacts are tracked, targeted and nurtured using our Website Visitor Intelligence (WVI) technology for increased B2B lead conversion into any CRM/MA tech stack.

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VMS Singapore

Visitor Management System
(580 Ratings)

VMS Singapore provides Affordable and Reliable Visitor Management System Solutions. In addition, it also provide Security Systems integration. VMS Singapore offers Enhance Security, Track Authenticate Visitors, Integrated Access Control, Time Attendance and more.

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Reveal your B2B website visitors and close more deals.
(63 Ratings)

Happierleads gives you specific information about your site's visitors, including contact details, the company they worked for, how many times they visited your site, which pages they visited and how much time they spent on your site. You can then use this information as a sales lead to reach out and close that deal.

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Locate and identify website visitors
(0 Ratings)

ipXapi offers one of the leading IP to geolocation APIs and global IP database services worldwide. Using our modules know where your customers access your website from and customize user experiences based on IP. Use ipXapi's extensive set of localization data to implement geographic restrictions on your site, optimize ad targeting or deliver user experiences customized based on the location of your website visitors.

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List of Visitor Identification Software

IP2Location 4.5
Whos.Amung.Us 3.9
Opentracker 4.8
A1WebStats 4.5
Neustar IP Intelligence 4.8
Children's Check-in Software 4
Whois Visiting 4.2
VisitorTrack 4
Clickback WEB 4
VMS Singapore 4.1