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AWS CodeCommit

AWS CodeCommit | Managed Source Control Service
(57 Ratings)

Host any private Git repository with AWS CodeCommit, a managed source control service. It eliminates the need to operate your own source control servers.

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Built for enterprise collaboration
(771 Ratings)

Bitbucket repository management solution is explicitly built for professional teams. It offers users a central space to manage git repositories. Moreover, it allows users to access source codes and also guides them through the development flow. It is a useful collaborative solution that enables users to review code with full notification requests. This tool allows users to have discussions with coders in the source code with inline comments. It also offers a multi deployment option as it can be hosted in the cloud. The Bitbucket is a cloud hosting and collaborating tool that is designed to bring forth your complete software team together in order to implement a project. It offers a single place solution for the teams to collaborate on codes, build quality cloud and concept, and do automated testing and deploy codes confidently. The reason why developers must go for this tool is because of its configuration as it allows them to manage their delivery workflows; moreover, it also builds status automatically on pool requests and branches. Bitbucket is a fast and easy way to keep track of all elements with a premium subscription and quotation-based pricing strategies. show more

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CA Harvest Software Change...

CA Harvest Software Change Manager
(6 Ratings)

Manage development teams across your enterprise with agility.

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Micro Focus PVCS

PVCS offers reliable change and configuration management for small teams | Micro Focus
(2 Ratings)

PVCS (formerly Serena PVCS Pro) is a change and configuration management solution designed for small development teams. PVCS integrates software version control, issue tracking, and defect management into one easy-to-use tool.

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Helix Core

Perforce Helix Core Version Control | Perforce
(82 Ratings)

Helix Core is enterprise-class version control for faster, more collaborative development for teams of any size. Organizations around the globe rely on Helix Core to build and deliver complex digital products faster and with higher quality.

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Version Control with Kiln
(1 Ratings)

FogBugz has built in version control. Work in any part of your code in an unified way. Branch, merge, clone, push, or pull with ease.

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The easy-to-use software project management system for agile teams
(13 Ratings)

FogBugz is designed for software development teams and includes all the project management tools developers need straight out of the box. With out-of-the-box capabilities like time tracking, task management, bug and issue tracking, and email support, FogBugz adds simplicity and efficiency to your software development process. You can stick to your project management methodology, such as Scrum, Kanban, or Scrumban. FogBugz is nimble; you can customize it for your own workflows.

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Version Control Software - SourceAnywhere
(1 Ratings)

SourceAnywhere is SQL server-based source control service.The software can be integrated with Visual Studio, Eclipse and other MSSCCI compatible IDEs.

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Plastic SCM

Plastic SCM - Features
(18 Ratings)

A detailed list of the features in Plastic: GUI, distributed, big files, IDE plugins, Xlinks, diff tools and more.

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Fast database change
(0 Ratings)

Liquibase helps teams release software faster by bringing DevOps to the database. Easily order and track changes through version control. Always know when, where, and how database changes are deployed. Check database code quality before developers commit, when it’s much cheaper and easier to fix problems.

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We Track them Down
(0 Ratings)

Evolven lets you finally know all actual changes carried out in your environment. It uses powerful analytics and machine learning to detect and prioritize the most risky ones. With Evolven you will experience less incidents, faster MTTR, and improved productivity. Watch Renato Quedas, AppDynamics' Director of Enterprise Architecture & Strategy explain Evolven’s joint value with AppDynamics.

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Comparison Solutions for XML | DeltaXML Experts in XML Management
(1 Ratings)

Identify your XML’s content change with a comparison that has 100% guaranteed accuracy improving your reviewing workflow. Get more, work less.

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Git GUI for Windows, Mac, Linux
(0 Ratings)

Vershd is the effortless Git GUI, for Windows, Mac, & Linux. It boosts the software development productivity by making Git simple, with a unique UI/UX that prevents errors and creates clarity.

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Improve Software Development | Analytics for git repositories | Gitential
(1 Ratings)

Gitential helps you to improve the performance of your software development team based on their Git activities with actionable insights.

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Simul Documents

A Collaboration Tool for Word documents
(5 Ratings)

Simul software is a version control & collaboration tool for Microsoft Word. The software offers tools to edit and make changes automatically saved as new versions. Compare different versions of a document - including what changed, who changed it and when - in one simple interface. Revert back to a previous version in just 1 click. It integrates with Word and Word Online.

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iSecurity Change Tracker

Collects information in real-time
(0 Ratings)

iSecurity Change Tracker is dedicated to automatically monitoring and logging object changes, especially those made to production libraries, at both the source and object levels. Since Change Tracker relies solely on the actual updates within a library, no manual intervention is required. Based on the QAUDJRN system journal, iSecurity Change Tracker provides a robust and comprehensive solution that cannot be bypassed. Working in real-time, it can automatically record every revision and collect all information relevant to the modifications made, including object attributes, source code, and changes to file structures. show more

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Visual comparison of Adobe Illustrator file versions
(0 Ratings)

Alienbrain was created for teams to work together (including remotely) on the massive digital art files required for game, film, design and simulation production. Designed especially for 2D and 3D artists, files are displayed as high-quality thumbnails and previews, so you can find the right asset at a glance. Alienbrain provides a complete and detailed version history of all your digital assets. Coupling that with the Alienbrain preview capabilities, artists can compare files and easily rollback to earlier revisions. Previews are available for several hundred file formats, including those for the Unreal Engine and Adobe Illustrator, even if you don't have those tools installed. show more

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List of Version Control Systems

AWS CodeCommit 4.1
Bitbucket 4.4
CA Harvest Software Change Manager 4.5
Micro Focus PVCS 2.3
Helix Core 4.1
Kiln 5
FogBugz 4
SourceAnywhere 3.5
Plastic SCM 4.2
Liquibase NA