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Third Party & Supplier Risk Management Software

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D&B Risk Analytics

AI Powered Risk Intelligence Software
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D&B Risk Analytics - An AI-powered risk intelligence solution for a new era of business resilience helping supply & compliance teams to effectively mitigate costly third-party risk

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LexisNexis Entity Insight

Customize Your risk monitoring | Nexis Entity Insight
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View potential third-party risks and emerging risk trends at a glance on an easy-to-use risk management platform. Try Nexis Entity Insight.

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ServiceNow Vendor Risk...

Gain control over third-party risk
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ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management is used to get control over third-party risk with the transformative powers of automated assessments, transparent reports, and consistent remediation.

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SAP Ariba Supplier Risk...

Supplier Risk Management Software Solution
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Make smarter & safer procurement decisions with SAP Ariba Supplier Risk Management solutions. Get an in-depth risk analysis of the suppliers.

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Avetta One

Single Supply Chain. Single Platform
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Avetta is building the connections that build the world. Avetta provides a cloud-based supply chain risk management and commercial marketplace platform. The global solution is uniquely designed to connect the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, driving sustainable growth.

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Premier Vendor Risk Management Software
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VendorInsight is the premier third-party Vendor Risk Management software it provides advanced features such as vendor risk assessment, automated vendor monitoring, fourth-party vendor tracking, concentration risk analysis, and more.

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Platform | IntegrityNext
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IntegrityNext enables organizations to monitor 100% of their suppliers for sustainability and compliance. The platform automatically obtains the required supplier self-assessments and certificates. Companies in over 120 countries are using the IntegrityNext platform.

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MetricStream Third-Party Risk...

Effective Third Party Risk Solutions software
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The MetricStream Third-Party Risk Management software empowers organizations to efficiently manage third-party risks, compliance, performance, and issues to strengthen business resilience

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Beroe LiVE.Ai

Advantage Procurement Software
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Beroe LiVE.Ai covers all your intelligence needs on market, supply, risk and cost for smarter and seamless sourcing decisions. It is a future-Ready with AI Powered Procurement Productivity Suite

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Third Party Risk management Software
(4 Ratings)

Certa digitizes and automates the entire third-party journey so you can move faster while reducing risk. The most automated SaaS platform for Supplier Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, and KYC/AML.

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End-to-End Supply Chain Risk Management Solutions
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Resilinc is the leading provider of AI-based supply chain data monitoring, a cloud provider of supply chain resilience mitigation, and risk management intelligence and analytics.

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CENTRL Vendor360

Best Vendor Risk Management Software
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CENTRL Vendor360 - Advanced and flexible third party risk management platform for aggregating your vendor data, automating your assessments and getting control over your vendor risk management process.

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Predicting supply chain risks
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Prewave is a data analytics startup specializing in the prediction of supply chain risks from social media data. Prewave is making supply chains more resilient by monitoring and predicting supply chain risks through AI technology.

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Third-Party Management Software | Aravo
(1 Ratings)

Best-in-class third-party risk management software with robust automation capabilities to mitigate risk and track performance of vendors and suppliers

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Risk Management Services
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SCAIR is designed by industry risk professionals, and it is used by both Finance and Operations to inform the CxO. It is used to handle multi-stage, complex supply chains and it is analysis by financial value at risk and loss in market share.

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Supply Chain Risk Management Software
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Riskmethods empowers businesses with a solution to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. By using artificial intelligence, it helps to automate and accelerate threat detection, enabling to gain competitive advantage with a well-managed approach to meeting customer demands, protecting reputation and reducing total cost of risk.

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Third-Party Risk Management | Prevalent
(8 Ratings)

Prevalent takes the pain out of third-party risk management. Customers benefit from a flexible, hybrid approach to TPRM, delivering a rapid return on investment.

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LogicManager ERM Software | GRC Software
(10 Ratings)

LogicManager believes performance is a result of effective risk management. Since 2006, their enterprise risk management software has empowered organizations to uphold their reputation. Today, LogicManager's SaaS platform features state-of-the-art taxonomy technology.

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The Unique Source for Buyers & Sellers
(13 Ratings)

The Whistic platform supports both buyers to assess vendors and sellers to establish trust. The Vendors create their profile in Whistic, based on industry standard frameworks, and include supporting documentation, audits and certifications.

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Source Intelligence

Supply Chain Compliance Made Easy
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Source Intelligence is a global network of businesses linked together to expedite the exchange and validation of compliance information. SI is a cloud-based SaaS platform helps customers make informed decisions about business partners to offer products that meet legal, ethical, and environmental standards.

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List of Third Party & Supplier Risk Management Software

D&B Risk Analytics NA
LexisNexis Entity Insight 4
ServiceNow Vendor Risk Management NA
SAP Ariba Supplier Risk Management NA
Avetta One NA
VendorInsight NA
IntegrityNext 4.3
MetricStream Third-Party Risk Management NA
Beroe LiVE.Ai NA
Certa 4.7