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Apple Remote Desktop

Apple Remote Desktop User Guide for Mac
(40 Ratings)

Learn to use Apple Remote Desktop on your Mac to remote control other computers, copy files, automate tasks, and file reports.

Apple Remote Desktop Alternatives

Remote Desktop Services

What's new in Windows 10 deployment - Windows Deployment
(105 Ratings)

Use this article to learn about new solutions and online content related to deploying Windows 10 in your organization.

Remote Desktop Services Alternatives

Amazon AppStream 2.0

Amazon AppStream 2.0 | Stream Applications on AWS
(13 Ratings)

Centrally manage and stream desktop applications to any computer, without acquiring and operating hardware or infrastructure, with AppStream 2.0.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 Alternatives

Firefox Send Tabs

There is a way to protect your privacy. Join Firefox.
(3 Ratings)

Take your stand against an industry that’s selling your data to third parties. Stay smart and safe online with technology that fights for you.

Firefox Send Tabs Alternatives

Parallels Remote Application...

Application and Desktop Delivery | Parallels Remote Application Server
(61 Ratings)

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) is a complete application delivery and VDI solution empowering the creation of digital workspaces! Read more.

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) Alternatives

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Run Windows on Mac - Parallels Desktop 16 Virtual Machine for Mac
(33 Ratings)

The #1 choice of Mac® users to Run Windows on Mac without Rebooting! Easy to Get Started. Instant Download. Try Free Today!

Parallels Desktop for Mac Alternatives

Oracle Secure Global Desktop

Secure Global Desktop | Virtualization | Oracle
(2 Ratings)

Provide secure access to centralized, server-hosted Windows, UNIX, and legacy applications from a wide variety of client devices.

Oracle Secure Global Desktop Alternatives

Workstation Player

Workstation Player : Run a Second, Isolated Operating System on a Single PC with VMware Workstation Player
(25 Ratings)

VMware Workstation Player allows you to run a second, isolated operating system on a single PC. leverages theVMware vSphere hypervisor.

Workstation Player Alternatives

HP Remote Graphics Software

ZCentral Remote Boost
(3 Ratings)

ZCentral Remote Boost software gives power users the performance boost they need to tackle their most demanding, graphics-intensive projects from anywhere.

HP Remote Graphics Software Alternatives

Citrix Gateway

Secure Remote Access Solution to Enterprise Applications - Citrix
(32 Ratings)

Citrix Gateway provides a secure connection for remote network access, with two-factor authentication, consistent access control across all apps and keeps user identity on-premises.

Citrix Gateway Alternatives

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Fast, secure, and easy to use remote desktop software
(0 Ratings)

Splashtop Remote Desktop is the perfect service for professionals looking to gain remote access to their work computers. With its powerful features, Splashtop Remote Desktop offers a secure and reliable way to access any application that may be required or desired. Now you can run Adobe Creative tools, video editing software, CAD programs, and more from the comfort of your home. The high-quality streaming with up to 4K resolution at 40 frames per second guarantees a clear real-time view of the screen and reduces latency so there won’t be any disruptive lagging issues. Splashtop Remote Desktop is the perfect solution for professionals who need easy remote access to their work environment with superior performance and security. show more

What is Splashtop Remote Desktop ? Splashtop Remote Desktop Pricing Splashtop Remote Desktop Alternatives


Ammyy Admin - free remote desktop software, free remote access software
(4 Ratings)

Ammyy Admin - free remote desktop software. Best solution for remote PC control. Ammyy Admin is used as free remote access software for network administration, remote office, remote helpdesk, distance education.

Ammyy Alternatives

No-IP Remote Access

Remote Access with Dynamic DNS - 100% DNS Uptime - No-IP
(3 Ratings)

Remote access your computer, DVR, webcam, security camera or any internet connected device easily. Dynamic DNS points an easy to remember hostname to your dynamic IP address.

No-IP Remote Access Alternatives


CrossOver runs the Windows software you need on Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.
(19 Ratings)

Don't buy a Windows license, don't reboot and don't use a Virtual Machine. Try a free trial of CrossOver to run your Windows software on Mac, Linux and Chrome OS.

Crossover Alternatives

MSP360 Remote Desktop

Free Remote Assistance Software | MSP360™ (CloudBerry)
(45 Ratings)

CloudBerry Remote Desktop is a free remote access software that allows to control a desktop or server computer over the Internet.

MSP360 Remote Desktop Alternatives


MobaXterm free Xserver and tabbed SSH client for Windows
(52 Ratings)

The ultimate toolbox for remote computing - includes X server, enhanced SSH client and much more!

MobaXTerm Alternatives

Glance Networks

Glance Visual Engagement Platform - Glance Networks Inc
(15 Ratings)

Glance lets your agent be seen by the customer or prospect -- on-screen, via 1-way video. Glance is integrated with your CRM, so launching a sharing session is as simple as clicking a button.

Glance Networks Alternatives

NoMachine Everybody

NoMachine - More Freedom To The Desktop
(5 Ratings)

NoMachine is a free, easy-to-use program for remote Mac & PC access. Log into your computer from anywhere, control your desktop, run your programs & access files

NoMachine Everybody Alternatives

NoMachine Enterprise Server

NoMachine - Remote Access for the Enterprise
(3 Ratings)

NoMachine Enterprise Terminal Server provides secure and reliable access to mission-critical, specialized Linux desktops. Organizations can conveniently centralize access, management and monitoring. Users can run high-end, graphic-intensive X applications without performance degradation.

NoMachine Enterprise Server Alternatives


Synergy - Share One Mouse & Keyboard Across Computers | Keyboard Mouse Monitor Switch
(3 Ratings)

Synergy is a software download that shares one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers. You only need a regular Ethernet or WiFi network connection.

Symless Alternatives

List of Remote Desktop Software

Apple Remote Desktop 4.3
Remote Desktop Services 4.4
Amazon AppStream 2.0 4.1
Firefox Send Tabs 5
Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) 4.2
Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.4
Oracle Secure Global Desktop 2.8
Workstation Player 4.5
HP Remote Graphics Software 5
Citrix Gateway 3.8

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