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Moovit MaaS Solutions

Meet Needs with MaaS
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Moovit's MaaS solutions makes it easy for cities, transit agencies, campuses, and corporations to introduce MaaS to their citizens. Moovit's white label application solution is based on robust native and web transit apps and is backed by Moovit's server ecosystem, designed for endless scale and serving 100s of millions of users worldwide. App name and look-and-feel changes are tailored to customer needs, based on templates. Moovit provides a comprehensive and accurate understanding of travel patterns to and from a region. User-friendly, easy-to-use, and customizable dashboard shows the real-time data. show more

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A Smart Commuter Engagement
(1 Ratings)

RideAmigos is a trip tracking software that helps to manage and track usage for private and third-party vanpools and carpool networks. It gives employees, students and even the public the power to automatically track trips using a simple-to-use mobile app. With RideAmigos, can get more for every dollar spent on commuter benefits with smart targeting, gamification, and effective programs. Integrate with existing business systems to automate and track rewards to employees when they choose ridesharing or other alternatives to driving alone. Empower commuters to make smart, healthy transportation choices with simple commuter management programs. Tracking alternative trips is virtually effortless with the RideAmigos mobile commute tracker and integrations with dozens of third-party movement tracker devices and apps. Flexible commuter challenges and incentive programs make recognizing and rewarding healthy behavior fun and effective. show more

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A Transportation Planning Software
(4 Ratings)

TransCAD is the first and only Geographic Information System (GIS) designed specifically for use by transportation professionals to store, display, manage, and analyze transportation data. TransCAD combines GIS and transportation modeling capabilities in a single integrated platform, providing capabilities that are unmatched by any other package. TransCAD has applications for all types of transportation data and for all modes of transportation, and is ideal for building transportation information and decision support systems. TransCAD is a state-of-the-art GIS that is used to create and customize maps, build and maintain geographic data sets, and perform many different types of spatial analysis. TransCAD includes sophisticated GIS features such as polygon overlay, buffering, and geocoding, and has an open system architecture that supports data sharing on local- and wide-area networks. show more

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Trapeze TransitMaster CAD/AVL

Intelligent Transportation Systems
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Solutions providing the people transportation industry with advanced intelligence in the office, on the vehicles and in the hands of the riders

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Trapeze EAM

EAM | Enterprise Asset Management
(4 Ratings)

Complete bus transit EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) equipment life-cycle solution to manage repairs, maintenance, work order processing, tracking & reporting

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Transit Operations Made Simple
(1 Ratings)

RouteMatch is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that helps to identify the most optimal course of action with visibility into multiple services. With RouteMatch, can efficiently manage daily operations, access real-time insight into performance data, validate all operations data, establish effective communication with riders, capture all data needed for government audits, improve your customer service, and create standard and customizable reports.

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Justride Fare Payments Platform - Fare Payments-as-a-Service
(1 Ratings)

Justride is leading the movement away from bespoke and expensive ticketing systems. Over 80 agencies of all sizes across 11 countries signed up. Agencies benefit from the latest ticketing innovations delivered quickly.

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Public transit scheduling platform
(3 Ratings)

Optibus provides a comprehensive end-to-end software platform designed to make transportation services more equitable, efficient and sustainable for agencies, operators, cities, drivers and passengers. Optibus models transit networks at the most granular level, generating quality schedules and highlighting the business KPIs generated by planning and scheduling decisions. It supports the world’s most complex transit operations by being able to model any type of constraint, operational preference or regulatory requirement, across thousands of vehicles. Optibus not only provides scheduling and planning services, but also daily optimization of vehicle and crew schedules. The software utilizes real-time data (AVL, passenger count and more) and combines it with optimization algorithms and machine learning. The result is a plan that is robust, based on the realities of the transit operations, and not just a plan that works on paper. show more

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Transportation Management Software & Fare Collection
(1 Ratings)

With EZTransport as your transportation management software option, you can reduce annual operational costs and improve the quality of your service.

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Ecolane DRT

Demand Responsive Transit Solutions | DRT App | Ecolane
(22 Ratings)

Ecolane is the most flexible, affordable and reliable choice for transit agencies looking for transit software solutions. Ecolane delivers solutions for paratransit, NEMT, campus, government and other forward-thinking transit agencies of all sizes. With the use of the rider-facing EColane mobile app, riders can manage their own schedules and enjoy mobility independence.

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Trip Master

NEMT Software For Public & Private Transit Agencies - TripMaster
(5 Ratings)

Trip Master is a full-service software suite for paratransit, NEMT, and demand-response transit providers. It includes reservation management, custom reporting, and Automated scheduling. Visit us online for a demo and a free 30-day supported trial.

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Modivcare WellRyde

Web-Based Dispatch Technology
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WellRyde is a web-based dispatch technology solution designed to make the healthcare experience better for both members and providers. It optimizes routes, auto assigns trips, simplifies billing and provides real-time visibility into rides. This allows providers to easily coordinate rides for their members in a way that is safe, efficient and cost-effective. WellRyde helps providers to make sure that members can get to their appointments on time and with minimal disruption, thereby improving the overall healthcare experience. The technology also simplifies the billing process, making it easier for providers to keep track of their rides and get paid for them quickly. With WellRyde, members can also track their rides in real-time, giving them peace of mind that they will get to their destination safely. All of these features combine to make WellRyde an invaluable tool for providers and members alike, helping them to coordinate rides and make sure their healthcare needs are met. show more

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Ryde Central

Patient Transport Made EXTREMELY Easy
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Ryde Central is a revolutionary transport solution that promises to revolutionize the entire process of scheduling medical transports for brokerages, insurance companies, hospitals and nursing homes. Ryde Central streamlines the entire process into one simple step - eliminating all hassles associated with time-consuming paperwork and tiresome phone calls. The advanced technology offered by Ryde Central eliminates inefficiencies and maximizes results as it immediately notifies transport providers about new requests via text or email, based on a first-come, first-serve basis. Staff members are invited to fill out a short questionnaire containing pertinent information about the patient and the transport request for which transportation drivers will be chosen. Therefore, with Ryde Central, staff does not need to worry about tedious phone calls or complicated paperwork. All forms necessary for Medical Necessity/Physician Certification are completed automatically using answers from the questionnaire. So make sure to take advantage of this exceptional technological solution. Move away from traditional methods of scheduling medical transports and bring workers’ experience to a whole new level with Ryde Central now. show more

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List of Public Transportation Software

Moovit MaaS Solutions 4.7
RideAmigos 4
TransCAD 4.9
Trapeze TransitMaster CAD/AVL 3.5
Trapeze EAM 4.2
RouteMatch 2
JustRide 1
Optibus 4.8
EZTransport 1
Ecolane DRT 4.5