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The All in One Platform for provider operations 4.3 Based on 18 Ratings

ProviderCloud uses scheduling data as the foundation because it provides a complete view of providers’ past, present and future responsibilities, location and activity. Provider operations refers to the critical systems and data used for the employment and effective deployment of healthcare providers including physicians, nurses and staff.

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Healthcare Scheduling & Shift Management | ABILITY SMARTFORCE 4.6 Based on 4 Ratings

ABILITY SMARTFORCE Scheduler is a web-based scheduling & open shift management (OSM) software that helps you efficiently schedule your healthcare staff.

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Physician Scheduling Software | TigerConnect 4.5 Based on 1 Ratings

TigerSchedule is cloud-based, automated on-call physician and medical staff scheduling software. It eases schedule creation, aligns department schedules, and quickly syncs and communicates updates across an organization. Share schedules on smartphones and desktops to enable shift swaps and manage time-off requests. HIPAA-compliant, HiTRUST certified, and consistently delivering 99.99% uptime reliability, TigerConnect is trusted by 6,500+ healthcare organizations.

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Medical Patient & Receptionist Calendar Appointment Scheduling Software Based on 1 Ratings

Manage appointments, bookings and schedule availability for multiple people in our online calendar.

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API Healthcare Staffing and Scheduling from symplr logo

API Healthcare Staffing and Scheduling from symplr

Healthcare Workforce Management Software | symplr 4.3 Based on 4 Ratings

Drive positive outcomes and quality patient care with our with our healthcare workforce management software. Click to get a free assessment today.

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PetalMD Medical Scheduling Platform logo

PetalMD Medical Scheduling Platform

Petal On-Call | Hospital Dashboard | PetalMD Write a Review

Petal Scheduling reduces the time invested in the management of medical staff scheduling by up to 80%. Supported by AI, it automates the creation of schedules and ensures a fair distribution of work shifts. The solution facilitates the exchange of shifts between doctors and keeps schedules up to date in real time.

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NurseGrid Manager logo

NurseGrid Manager

NurseGrid Manager | Real-Time Nurse Staffing Solution 4.9 Based on 6 Ratings

NurseGrid is dedicated to providing smart staffing technology for every nurse, facility, and staffing department in the U.S. The NurseGrid Network is a community of hundreds of thousands of nursing professionals who use our technology every day.

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Casetabs Collaborative Scheduling logo

Casetabs Collaborative Scheduling

Casetabs Product Collaborative Scheduling 4 Based on 1 Ratings

Casetabs Collaborative Scheduling provides the tools need to ensure surgery cases and other procedures run smoothly. This platform automates communication and allows the case team to stay connected in real time, making it easy for everyone to receive updates and important information when they need it most. Features such as automated alerts, notifications, and accessibility to all necessary documents create a streamlined process for everyone involved. Casetabs also offers patient self-scheduling options that make it easy for patients to book their appointment without the hassle of traveling or waiting on the phone. This intuitive technology is designed with patient convenience in mind, allowing individuals to select their preferred provider or date/time of appointment with ease.

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Shift Admin

Simplifying the Scheduling Process - Shift Admin 4.9 Based on 18 Ratings

Shift Admin automates schedule generation and simplifies schedule management. The intuitive, web-based interface streamlines the processes associated with schedule requests, payroll, schedule sharing, and rule application.

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ShiftWizard | Nurse Scheduling Software Made By Nurses 4 Based on 1 Ratings

ShiftWizard's workforce management software was developed by nurses specifically for healthcare organizations. 80%+ of ShiftWizard departments leverage self-scheduling. Easy integrations with EMR, Time Keeping, and HR/Payroll systems. Quick, proven ROI with iOS & Android applications.

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Call Scheduler logo

Call Scheduler

Physician On-call Scheduling Software by Call Scheduler 2.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Physician on-call scheduling software. Your Best Investment in Automated, Rules-Based Physician On-Call Scheduling. Request A Demo.

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Medical Calendar logo

Medical Calendar

Medical Calendar v.6.3 - OrgBusiness Software 3.5 Based on 1 Ratings

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Digg Del StumbleUpon Tumblr Reddit Xing WhatsApp Blogger Viber Skype Amazonshares[Single Computer License] Medical Calendar is...

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OpenTempo - Now A QGenda Company | QGenda 4.8 Based on 2 Ratings

QGenda and OpenTempo have joined forces to become the most comprehensive scheduling, analytics, and clinical capacity management solution on the market.

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Healthcare VMS

VMS Software for Healthcare - ShiftWise Vendor Management System 4.3 Based on 2 Ratings

Manage a contingent workforce more efficiently with 24/7/365 live help and support. We know what you need and how to help you get it. Ask for a demo!

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Mesh AI

Physician and provider Scheduling Software Based on 1 Ratings

Mesh AI is an automated scheduling system designed for healthcare professionals. This system is powerful and flexible, allowing them to set up and configure your team's unique scheduling needs. This intuitive engine ensures efficient and accurate scheduling by forecasting appointment demands and working to optimize scheduling based on availability and team guidelines. Mesh AI is an invaluable tool for teams that struggle with manual processes and scheduling hard to juggle. They're dedicated to streamlining the process and making it easier to provide excellent, uninterrupted care for their patients. As a healthcare professional, them understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency in their job. Mesh AI ensures that they can maximize productivity while still providing the highest quality patient care. With this product, they have the ability to rank user permissions and customize user roles. Mesh AI helps cut down on paperwork by allowing them to easily consolidate, manage, and protect patient records. This system organizes appointments by day, week, or month and offers real-time insights into potential changes that can impact the schedule. No matter the size or complexity of their team, Mesh AI is the solution. This sophisticated scheduling solution simplifies your team's workflow and brings the transparency and trust they need for success.

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