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Updated on: May 19, 2022

Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software

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IBM Sterling Managed File...

Move over 1 million files per day
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IBM Sterling Secure File Transfer provides a unified file transfer platform so can share and track mission-critical information movement within enterprise and across trading partner network with peace of mind. Gain the benefit of the most trusted managed file transfer solution. Secure files at rest and in transit to comply with regulations and assure safe delivery. Monitor file activity with end-to-end visibility and governance to detect faults and improve your SLA performance.

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IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator - Overview
(29 Ratings)

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator helps companies integrate all their complex B2B and EDI processes across partner communities in a single gateway. It provides a flexible platform, available on premises or through hybrid cloud, that supports data transformation and most communication protocols; secures B2B network and data; provides certified container support; and achieves high availability for operations with IBM Sterling Global Mailbox. B2B Integrator enables to reduce costs by consolidating on a single platform and... read more

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SolarWinds Serv-U MFT

Enhance security and control over file transfers
(1 Ratings)

Reliable FTP server software for secure file transfer. Ad hoc file sharing to easily send and request files. Anywhere, anytime file transfer from web and mobile devices. Upload and download large files quickly and easily. Centralized file transfer management and automation. Maintain regulatory compliance.

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TIBCO Managed File Transfer

Reduce the Complexity and Risk of File Transfers
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With a single point of control, it’s so much easier for administrators to see and control all file transfer activity, both inside and outside the enterprise and across all major platforms, from Windows to the mainframe. TIBCO Managed File Transfer provides a digital dashboard viewpoint for all file transfers in your entire network, and it’s accessible from anywhere using a standard web browser.

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Progress MOVEit

A Secure File Transfer
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MOVEit software is a secure platform to manage File Transfer and Automation Software for the Enterprise. Collaborate with your team for managing file transfer activities to automate workflows. The software offers encryption in-transit and at-rest with advanced security features for handling information. It integrates with any system via our Mulesoft Connector, REST, Java and .NET APIs.

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GlobalSCAPE Enhanced File...

Managed File Transfer (MFT) Software | Globalscape's EFT
(40 Ratings)

Globalscape's EFT is the most powerful managed file transfer solution on the market designed to meet the demands of the global enterprise. EFT 2020 is the first of its kind to support a comprehensive set of data privacy related demands. The platform is available in managed cloud/SaaS, BYOL, and on-premise deployments.

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Control-M Managed File...

Control-M Managed File Transfer - BMC Software
(1 Ratings)

Control-M Managed File Transfer securely automates file transfers from a central interface that provides convenience, visibility and control.

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Axway AMPLIFY Managed File...

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer
(14 Ratings)

AMPLIFY Managed File Transfer is used by thousands of companies throughout the world as part of their core infrastructure. Having a corporate solution for all file transfer needs allows organizations to reduce shadow IT. Customers can choose to operate anywhere, by running the solution on-premises, as a Cloud hosted solution, or as a service.

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Secure File Transfer Solutions | SendThisFile
(12 Ratings)

This secure file transfer lets you send and receive large files securely. See how easy it is to send big files - start a free account today.

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Secure MFT Server for Accelerated File Transfers | JSCAPE
(14 Ratings)

JSCAPE is a platform-independent managed file transfer server. Centralizes all of your file transfer processes into a single easy-to-use application.

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