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CGM LABDAQ Laboratory Information System | CompuGroup Medical
(18 Ratings)

CGM LABDAQ can be found in virtually every clinical laboratory environment. Designed to increase reimbursements and optimize profitability with tools to verify that laboratory tests are billed correctly. Interface to your EHR or practice management system to enable seamless connectivity and interoperability. Backed by the renowned, in-house support and implementation teams at CompuGroup Medical.

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WellSky Transfusion (formerly...

Blood Bank Software | WellSky
(1 Ratings)

WellSky blood bank software supports quality patient care and drives efficiency by streamlining collaboration among the blood bank, lab, physicians, and nurses.

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Laboratory Information System
(1 Ratings)

XIFIN LIS Anywhere is the most advanced laboratory information system available today. It facilitates the open but secure exchange of diagnostic, financial, and clinical information. The cloud-based diagnostic platform connects all laboratory operational components.

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Pathology Software | Psych? Systems | Features & Benefits
(2 Ratings)

WindoPath is a Laboratory Information Software (LIS) for physicians. It features extremely flexible and intelligent creation andformatting of reports. Report Formatting is easy and automatic.

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LabCollector LIMS & ELN

LIMS Pricing Plan Options - LabCollector
(2 Ratings)

High modular, LabCollector fits any lab and industry needs. Use it on the cloud or on premises. It also brings many add-ons like data logger and sample test tracking.

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Laboratory Information Management System | HORIZON
(2 Ratings)

HORIZON is an efficient, configurable, secure and cost-effective solution to transform your lab. From simple data entry to analysis, HORIZON will ensure every facet of your lab's operations work more effectively.

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Sample Master LIMS

Sample Master LIMS | Accelerated Technology Laboratories
(3 Ratings)

ATL's Sample Master is a comprehensive Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that currently supports laboratories of all types and sizes.

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Pathology Lab Management System, Diagnostics Laboratory Software | OneLABz
(0 Ratings)

Pathology Lab Management System the most efficient, rapid reporting and EMR software. Integrated secured web-based powerful Diagnostic Pathology Lab management system. Designed to automate lab's all operations from sample collection to prepare the test result.

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MBioLIMS BioBanking

LIMS Software for Biobanks, BRC & Cohorts |MBioLIMS Biobanking
(7 Ratings)

Designed for BRC, Biobanks and Cohorts, MBioLIMS BioBankingĀ® software solution manages and tracks the entire life cycle of your biological samples

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Polytech LIS

Polytech Features - Comp Pro Med
(2 Ratings)

The Polytech Laboratory Information System (LIS) helps drive accurate, compliant patient text record management. This pages lists Polytech's key features.

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MSC-LIMS Laboratory Information Management System
(2 Ratings)

Product information site for MSC-LIMS, an affordable laboratory information management system (LIMS) for small labs

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LIMS software solution for efficient laboratory analysis
(62 Ratings)

Quality Management [FP].LIMS is quality management software designed by Fink & Partner GmbH. [FP], you have the chance to increase your quality, reduce costs, and improve your lab processes.

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software for pathology, x-ray,ultrasound , ecg reporting lab master - complete laboratory software
(2 Ratings)

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LAB MASTER Alternatives

Online LIMS

Laboratory and LIMS Products - Online LIMS
(4 Ratings)

Since 1989, innovative labs have trusted Online LIMS' modular solutions to integrate their equipment and database. Our flexible, modular approach integrates multiple applications and multiple teams from the lab, field, or office. Our Online Worksheet integrates your laboratory from the bench to your database systems. We believe the most efficient way for you to operate your lab is with software and hardware that is specific to the user.

Online LIMS Alternatives

LabOS (previously AutoLIMS)

LabOS Web-Based Lab Solution | Netlims
(1 Ratings)

LabOS is the only web-based, end-to-end lab solution with cloud and mobile support. LabOS offers full integration, customized automation, and outstanding usability, while being the ultimate patient-centric system. Selecting a new LIS is a big decision. Make the right choice.

LabOS (previously AutoLIMS) Alternatives

Achiever Medical

Configurable Lab Information Management System | Sample Tracking Software
(1 Ratings)

Interactive Software's Achiever Software CRM and LIMS solutions streamline processes and deliver insights through real-time dashboards and reporting.

Achiever Medical Alternatives

Lockbox LIMS

Sample Tracking with LIMS - Laboratory Information Management System
(10 Ratings)

Everything you need to manage your lab. A flexible, modern, and user-friendly Laboratory Information Management System. Supports CLIA and ISO 17025.

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Evolution | Atlanta Based Systems
(3 Ratings)

Evolution, our newest solution was designed to save dental labs time and money by providing information on demand.

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A Laboratory Information Management System
(3 Ratings)

Qualis LIMS Software is a platform used to automate laboratories workflows with specialized focus for quality control and research centers. Receive and test different categories of samples and execute efficient resource planning to measure the performance of the lab. The GLP laboratories need to perform internal procedures which are mandatory to comply with regulations & standards for high quality of testing results. Approve and Release reports in seconds with electronic signatures.

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List of LIMS Software

WellSky Transfusion (formerly HCLL Transfusion) 1.5
WindoPath 2
LabCollector LIMS & ELN 4.8
Sample Master LIMS 4.5
MBioLIMS BioBanking 4.7