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Library Management Software

A Library Management System is software that controls all aspects of a library's operations. It assists librarians in maintaining a database of new books as well as books borrowed by members and their due dates. All of your library's activities are totally automated using this system. Implementing library management system software is the best way to keep, organize, and handle a large number of books in a systematic manner. With this system, you can rapidly identify books, swiftly issue/reissue books, and handle all of the data in an efficient and organized manner. A library management system's goal is to deliver immediate and accurate information about any type of book, saving time and effort.

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OpenText Library Management

OpenText Library Management | OpenText
(3 Ratings)

Corporate libraries require a platform to manage digital content, electronic resources, multimedia, and print materials. OpenText™ Library Management (formerly Livelink for Libraries, or Techlib) is a web-based, integrated library system for managing library resources, including traditional and digital collections, and automating daily library operations. It provides the tools necessary to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the digital library.

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Voyager Standards-Based Library Integrated System | Ex Libris
(4 Ratings)

Voyager is the integrated library system chosen by leading libraries to serve as the backbone of their service systems. Voyager is standards-based, and built on open systems technology. This allows Voyager to inter-operate with existing library systems and scale to accommodate future library needs.

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Aleph Integrated Library System for Libraries | Ex Libris
(10 Ratings)

The Aleph® integrated library system provides academic, research, and national libraries with the efficient, user-friendly tools and workflow support they need to meet the increasing requirements of the industry.

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A Multi-Channel Communication Platform for Successful Libraries
(11 Ratings)

Social media has changed how customer conversations happen. Your users are tweeting you questions and posting on Facebook and Pinterest. Use LibAnswers to engage with users on social media and create fans & library advocates. Activity from Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest in one place enables you to efficiently monitor and engage all social channels at once.Apply Filters across any social channels to stay on top of all active conversations. Flag posts for followups and deletions. LibAnswers has everything you need for effective monitoring of social channels. show more

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Polaris ILS

Polaris Integrated Library System | Polaris ILS Software | iii.com
(13 Ratings)

Build the future of library services and extend the value of your library.

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Manage collections, customers, and processes
(0 Ratings)

V-smart is a comprehensive solution to showcase and manage collections of any kind. With V-smart libraries enjoy the benefits of a browser-based environment, offering convenient access through a visually appealing and customizable interface to circulation, cataloguing, acquisitions, serials, reporting, and Web Opac.

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The Library Corporation | Library•Solution
(1 Ratings)

TLC's automation and cataloging solutions are utilized by more than 5,500 public, school, academic, and special libraries worldwide.

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Apollo ILS/LSP

Wonderfully streamlined Checkin interface
(45 Ratings)

The Apollo ILS (Integrated Library System) was designed from the ground up by practicing librarians to be a hosted ILS for public libraries. This provides customers with amazing efficiencies and connectedness. And those customers are only public libraries with fewer than 300,000 items. Apollo customers say it is easy to use and dramatically increases ease of use and efficiency. staff will be able to accomplish more and deliver more to patrons with less time.

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SydneyEnterprise Integrated Library System | Lucidea
(1 Ratings)

Our SydneyEnterprise library management system combines next-generation library automation with powerful knowledge management functionality.

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Lucidea Integrated Library...

Lucidea | Redefine how Knowledge is Shared
(1 Ratings)

With Lucidea’s knowledge management solutions you can create a single venue to manage, find and share your knowledge resources.

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LibraryH3lp Features | Real-time chat, FAQ knowledge base, e-mail, texting
(5 Ratings)

LibraryH3lp provides a flexible, affordable online service software platform for libraries, education, and non-profits that combines website chat, texting, and FAQs (knowledge bases).

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Book Summary Service
(0 Ratings)

As a busy business leader, your most precious resource is your time. Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, business coach, course creator, Readitfor.me can help. Thousands of executives, entrepreneurs and business coaches trust us to help them stay on top of the biggest business ideas, decide which books they want to invest their time in, and engage their teams in learning.

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Eloquent Library

Eloquent Archives Collections Management Solution | Lucidea
(44 Ratings)

Mobile-friendly, browser-agnostic archives management solution makes going public with your collections and offering material to attract public interest easy.

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Readerware - Music, Video & Book Database Software
(1 Ratings)

Internet software for collectors, schools, libraries, churches. The easiest, fastest way to catalog your books, music and videos. Nothing else comes close.

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Small Library Organizer Pro

Small Library software for Windows: Small Library Organizer Pro
(1 Ratings)

Small Library software for windows: software for automating, cataloging, and processing school, church, synagogue, business, organization, or non-profit library.

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Handy Library Manager

Handy Library Manager for Windows, library management software.
(1 Ratings)

Handy Library Manager for Windows: library management software. Manage your library in seconds.

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Book Organizer Deluxe

Book inventory software, catalog your book collections: Book Organizer Deluxe
(4 Ratings)

Book Organizer Deluxe: windows software that will help you organize your book collections. Flexible book management program for private or business PC users.

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DataBiz Library

Site | DataBiz Solutions
(1 Ratings)

One of the largest suppliers of software to the educational sector in Ireland.

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Books Database

Readerware Readerware for Libraries Details
(4 Ratings)

Internet software for collectors, schools, libraries, churches. The easiest, fastest way to catalog your books, music and videos. Nothing else comes close.

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CodeAchi Library Management...

[Official website] CodeAchi™ Library Management System - A complete Library Software Solution | Library Automation System | ILS
(6 Ratings)

CodeAchi™ Library Management System is best solution for Library automation. There are great features which required by a Library Software, ILS or Library Automation System. Download the trial now!

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List of Library Management Software

OpenText Library Management 3.2
Voyager 4.8
Aleph 3.4
LibAnswers 4.3
Polaris ILS 3.5
V-smart NA
Library.Solution 2
Apollo ILS/LSP 4.8
SydneyEnterprise 3.5
Lucidea Integrated Library Systems 3.5