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Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)

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McAfee Network Security...

Intrusion Prevention System – Network Security Platform | McAfee Products
(19 Ratings)

McAfee Network Security Platform guards all your network-connected devices from zero-day and other attacks, with a cost-effective network intrusion prevention system.

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Integrated Advanced Threat...

Enterprise Intrusion Prevention (IPS) Software & Solutions
(2 Ratings)

Trend Micro’s enterprise intrusion prevention (IPS) software and solutions detects and prevent breaches at wire speed anywhere on your enterprise network to protect your critical data and reputation.

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TippingPoint® Threat...

TippingPoint Threat Protection System
(2 Ratings)

Trend Micro’s TippingPoint integrates with the Deep Discovery Advanced Threat Protection solution to detect and block targeted attacks and malware through preemptive threat prevention, threat insight and prioritization, and real-time enforcement and remediation.

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McAfee Virtual Network...

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform | McAfee Products
(1 Ratings)

With support for network virtualization, VMware NSX, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform enables the flexibility to quickly scale security based upon the changing dynamics of virtualized workloads.

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McAfee Host Intrusion...

McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop | McAfee Products
(0 Ratings)

McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop protects your systems from known and emerging threats.

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TippingPoint Security...

Security Centralized Management & Response System
(1 Ratings)

Trend Micro’s TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS) provides global vision and security policy control for threat intelligence and enables comprehensive analysis and correlation.

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Check Point IPS (Intrusion...

Intrusion Prevention System - IPS | Check Point Software
(5 Ratings)

Check Point IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) combines industry-leading IPS protection with breakthrough performance at a lower cost.

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FortiGate IPS

FortiGate Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
(5 Ratings)

Fortinet intrusion prevention system (IPS) functionality empowered by FortiOS is a proven network security solution.

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WatchGuard Intrusion...

Basic Security Services | WatchGuard Technologies
(1 Ratings)

The Basic Security Suite includes best-of-breed network security services, including GAV, IPS, URL filtering, app control, spam blocking and more.

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Snort Setup Guides for Emerging Threats Prevention
(21 Ratings)

Get access to all documented Snort Setup Guides, User Manual, Startup Scripts, Deployment Guides and Whitepapers for managing your open source IPS software.

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World's Most Widely Used Host Intrusion Detection System - HIDS
(10 Ratings)

OSSEC is a powerful open source host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) that is freely available and customizable to fit specific security needs. It works by monitoring system and application logs, as well as checking for unauthorized changes to files, providing users with an early warning system for potential intrusions and malicious activity. With OSSEC, the user can create custom alert rules, allowing them to be notified when certain events take place or specific conditions are met. Scripts can also be written to take action when an alert is triggered, such as performing a backup or sending an email. OSSEC provides a comprehensive security solution, allowing users to customize it to their own requirements and receive real-time alerts when threats are detected. show more

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Unified Threat Management and Compliance
(0 Ratings)

If the customer is looking for an all-in-one Unified Threat Management Platform that not only simplifies the customers cybersecurity measures but also helps reduce the cost and effort associated with securing the business? Look no further than UTMStack. UTMStack provides total visibility and easy centralized management across the length and breadth of the customers organization. With UTMStack, worry not about the cloud integration. It is currently integrated with all major cloud providers - Azure, AWS, Google Cloud - and offers comprehensive integration with SaaS and PaaS services, such as Office 365 and AWS Lamda, giving the maximum control over the cybersecurity. So Get UTMStack today and safeguard the customers business against all modern cybersecurity threats. show more

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List of Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS)

McAfee Network Security Platform 3.9
Integrated Advanced Threat Prevention 5
TippingPoint® Threat Protection System 2.5
McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform 2.5
McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention for Desktop NA
TippingPoint Security Management System 3
Check Point IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) 4.6
FortiGate IPS 4.8
WatchGuard Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) NA
Snort 4