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Currents: Have Meaningful Discussions at Work | Google Workspace
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Connect with coworkers with Currents, an employee engagement and knowledge sharing platform as part of Google Workspace.

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Medallia Ideas

Idea Management Made Easy
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Medallia's idea management platform is designed to help businesses capture and refine ideas from a broad audience or specific groups. It allows organizations to target challenges based on feedback, expertise, interests or experience, resulting in a more comprehensive approach to idea generation. One of the key features of Medallia's platform is to targeted user participation, ensuring that the right people are contributing ideas for new products, processes, and services or improving existing ones. Medallia's idea management platform also allows for systematic stage gates to refine ideas. Collaboration and voting are essential elements in idea development for business challenges. With in-depth reporting capabilities, organizations can gain a better understanding of the impact of ideas and make data-driven decisions. The platform offers customizable branding options, allowing organizations to align it with their brand identity. Additionally, Medallia's platform seamlessly integrates with existing business systems through Single Sign-on (SSO), connection via SAML, AZURE and Active Directory (AD), embedding of content through RSS widgets, and a powerful API that allows for a fully customized user experience. show more

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A simple way to manage product lifecycles
(28 Ratings)

IdeaScale is an active product lifecycle management software helping out industries with flexible configurations, idea portfolios, single sign-on and mobile-responsive interfaces. Also, cloud validated translation facilities available within helps teams and multilingual communities speak the language of their choice besides proceeding with tasks accordingly. A dedicated outcomes dashboard is made available, enabling teams to review incoming possibilities and ideas alike. For those who are into Yammer, Trello or Slack native integrations are made possible with a well-organised API present within. Admins can also understand innovation inputs, identify opportunities, gain perspective or keep track of individual innovation portfolios by making use of the activity trends, first-class PowerBI and detailed reports offered by IdeaScale. Other essential features available are, performance-wise benchmarks, custom roles, API access, personalised stage gating, idea ownership, proposal builder, value & cost estimation etc. Companies related to industries like healthcare, finance, technology, education and crowd services mainly use IdeaScale to get their day to day tasks completed in a hassle-free manner. show more

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Wazoku Idea Spotlight

Idea Spotlight - Wazoku
(16 Ratings)

Idea Spotlight enables internal and external innovation initiatives for organisations around the world. Capture, evaluate, improve and implement ideas with our idea management platform. Wazoku was founded in 2011, and is used by Waitrose, HSBC and UK central government.

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Our Crowdsourcing Software Products
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You’ve got a multitude of innovation activities. How do you handle them all while engaging your organization’s full creative talent and driving new modes of innovation? The Brightidea platform is a central hub to connect and manage all your innovation initiatives, crowdsource and collaborate on ideas, and measure success at every stage of your journey.

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Where the brand lives
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Bring all guidelines, libraries and projects together in a collaborative hub that evolves with brand. Get line of sight over entire brand story, from the logos to the latest campaign. Import existing guidelines or create new ones that are easy to update and share.

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HYPE Enterprise

Idea Management Software | HYPE Innovation
(2 Ratings)

Collect, manage, and analyze ideas from anyone inside or outside your organization. Idea & Innovation Management software to meet your innovation goals.

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Viima - Make More Innovation Happen
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Viima is the ultimate tool for managing and developing ideas. The customers can use Viima to unlock their organization's potential for innovation. It allows for capturing the creative ideas of employees, as well as harnessing the tacit knowledge that is hidden in the company. Moreover, it encourages collaboration between people from all corners of the organization in the development of ideas. By utilizing Viima, customers can make sure that their ideas are managed in an organized and systematic way, thus leading to a more successful innovation process. show more

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Accolade Enterprise...

Idea Development Software
(2 Ratings)

Creating Bigger and Better Ideas & Concepts with Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management Companies either have too many ideas to sift through, or they want to increase the number of ideas in the funnel. But what is more important is to find and develop high-value new ideas. Research regularly demonstrates that companies are consistently challenged to have

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Startup Flow

Our software helps you work consistently and at scale with startups and partners | Startup Flow
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Startup Flow enables corporations to have a 360-degree visibility of the increasing number of open innovation initiatives, interactions, and opportunities. Discover our software.

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The best Innovation-Led Development Platform is here
(235 Ratings)

Ideanote is the next-gen innovation platform that includes everything you'll need to gather, develop, prioritize, and act on more great ideas. It enables you to develop your own optimal innovation flow using its smart tools and features, which continuously collects ideas from your workers and ensures that the greatest ideas move forward. With Ideanote, you can start goal-driven idea collections easily. You can collect, develop, and act on the greatest ideas from employees and consumers on a continuous basis without the need for busywork. The platform allows you to increase the number of people who are involved in your idea along with measuring, celebrating, and tracking the impact of your innovation. With Ideanote, you can automate and streamline monotonous tasks in seconds to boost your innovation and get the correct ideas implemented faster and with ease. You can invite anyone or embed the Ideanote widget on your website so that no one is left out. Additionally, With Ideanote’s built-in powerful analytics dashboard, you can find top innovators, track your effect, and quickly convey your innovation success. show more

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Your performance creative hub
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Supercharge your team’s workflow to bridge the gap between media buyers and creatives. Motion bridges the gap between performance and creative by helping teams better integrate their workflow. Increase spend efficiency by easily identifying low-performing ads and re-allocating spend to top performers. Improve onboarding experience by providing your new team members with the context they need to excel in their roles. Save your team time and manual effort for reporting, so they can focus on making more winning creatives. Easily share performance reports to articulate value internally and externally. show more

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Incogneato || The Easiest Anonymous Suggestion Box
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Incogneato is a secure, anonymous suggestion box that empowers people to share their greatest ideas and chat anonymously. Create a box in 10 seconds!

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Qmarkets Innovation Management

Qmarkets Idea Management System Features
(40 Ratings)

Qmarkets is a leading enterprise-grade innovation management software provider, with customers including hundreds of organizations across the globe. Our platform allows you to engage internal and external stakeholders, generate ideas using your employees, partners, or customers.

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Innovation Cloud

Innovation Cloud - Innovation Management Software
(3 Ratings)

Innovation Cloud is end-to-end innovation management software. Software is compatible with all of your business processes and fully configurable.

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Wide Ideas

Share and engage in ideas whilst collaborating in Microsoft Teams
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Wide Ideas is business cloud software seamlessly transforming Microsoft Office 365 application into a powerful digital innovation solution. This mission is to help large organizations become collectively innovative at scale, by applying artificial intelligence to the collaborative innovation process.

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Ensure better performance in team
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Employees simply indicate what can or should be improved. At a glance you know what is going on in your team. Never lose an idea or action again. With the built-in dashboards you are completely transparent. Resulting in better performance, higher customer and employee satisfaction.

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Ideas Engine

Codigital | Ideas Engine
(1 Ratings)

The social evolution engine for ideas. Brainstorming, Conferences, Requirements, Collaboration

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Build hype and validate ideas
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Let your users promote your product through referral marketing. Your users will refer their friends and family to move up the waitlist. Save countless engineering hours. Just a few clicks and you're ready to receive signups.

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Innovation & Portfolio Delivery Software | Crowdsourcing Software
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edison365 is an end-to-end innovation and project delivery platform, built for Microsoft 365. Make ideas pay.

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List of Idea Management Software

Currents 3
Medallia Ideas NA
IdeaScale 4.6
Wazoku Idea Spotlight 4.6
Brightidea 4.3
Niice 5
HYPE Enterprise 4.5
Viima 5
Accolade Enterprise Innovation Management 3.3
Startup Flow NA