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Mass Notification System for Local Governments
(4 Ratings)

CivicReady is a mass notification system for state and local governments to alert their residents - Emergency and routine notifications with IPAWS and more.

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Online Training for Government Agencies | Request Free Demo
(2 Ratings)

Our online training program for government agencies features more than 1,000 courses for government employees across all industries. Request a Free Demo.

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ZOLL Data Systems: EMS, Fire, Hospital, and AR Optimization Software
(3 Ratings)

ZOLL Data Systems provide healthcare software solutions for EMS, fire, and hospitals. ? From better patient outcomes to greater revenue capture.

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Fire Records Management Software
(21 Ratings)

Save time on your fire department's NFIRS reporting with ESO Fire Incidents' intuitive interface and ePCR integration. Learn more.

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Phoenix Fire RMS

Fire Records Management System
(0 Ratings)

Phoenix Fire RMSs is a single point of data entry used to operate a single Fire/EMS agency or manage multiple jurisdictions. The software offers tools to schedule and record all agency agendas via calendars. Track inventory and set reorder thresholds for supply items. Create and maintain policies, track assignments, and “read history” to automate workflows. Capture the signature of the owner/representative directly on the tablet in minutes.

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Tablet Command

Tablet Command | Incident Management Software
(1 Ratings)

Incident Management Software for fire departments. This app is accountability software, incident command software, and incident response software. It also features advanced mapping including pre-plans and hydrants and custom map layers.

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Fluent IMS

Firehouse Information Management Software | Fluent IMS
(1 Ratings)

Providing secure cloud web based business management & compliance solutions.

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FIRES (Fire-Rescue Scheduling...

VCS Software – Intelligent Workforce Management
(1 Ratings)

VCS Software offers intelligent workforce management systems for businesses and the government. 20+ years of scheduling experience.

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Who's Responding

Must Have First Responders App!
(1 Ratings)

Do you want to know who's responding when your pager goes off?

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Pace Scheduler

Scheduling Simplified
(19 Ratings)

Pace Scheduler is used for employee schedules, absences, and assets and views detailed reports about their hours worked in a customizable format. Manage administrative tasks seamlessly on PC, Tablet, or Mobile phone. Gain access to public safety information and export training events directly into Pace Scheduler. Clients include Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, Campus Security, Fire Departments, Public Transportation, and more.

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Rescue Hub

Fire Service Training and Tracking Software | Rescue Hub
(1 Ratings)

Your All-In-One Fire Service Training and Tracking System You can use Rescue Hub to deliver fire service training, track attendance, and […]

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Fire Department Management Software + Pager App | FireQ
(407 Ratings)

FireQ provides emergency communication and records management software to fire departments across North America. FireQ is a two-part system, consisting of fire department management software and firefighter software.

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Fire Department Software FP2 - Fight Fires Not Paperwork!
(1 Ratings)

Ingenious Software has been making Fire Department software for more than 20 years. FP2 is used by over 250 Fire Departments across Canada. Learn more!

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The situation under control. Today for Tomorrow.
(0 Ratings)

Premergency analyzes the performance of your fire department or rescue service as well as the requirements and demand of your service area. Based on these automized analyses, and external factors (weather, time), the software visualizes risks of fire (or other events) on an interactive map. This allows you to spot potential hazards and plan accordingly. Premergency makes predictions towards the probability of where and when a fire (or another event) will most likely occur. Hence, with Premergency you always know how many team members are available if you have the required equipment to combat future hazards, and where to concentrate your resources. Additionally, you can take a scenario-based approach - simply simulate and compare distinct planning scenarios to be prepared for anything. show more

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FireHouse Manager

Firehouse management software company
(3 Ratings)

For fire departments looking to make the transition from traditional paper files to electronic records or replacing their existing software one of the most pressing issues they face is finding software that is easy to use, affordable, and meets the needs of governing agencies. FireHouse Manager is here to help make that transition as seamless as possible for user. Unlike other systems FireHouse Manager pricing is not based on the number of individual users.

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Records Management Software for Fire Departments | StationSmarts
(1 Ratings)

StationSmarts is software designed for the unique, day-to-day operations of fire departments. Trusted by Fire chiefs to provide Smart Records Management.

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List of Fire Department Software

CivicReady 5
TargetSolutions 4.8
RescueNet 1.8
ESO Fire RMS 3.6
Phoenix Fire RMS NA
Tablet Command 4.5
Fluent IMS 5
FIRES (Fire-Rescue Scheduling System) 5
Who's Responding 5
Pace Scheduler 5