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Enterprise Information Archiving Software

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Oracle StorageTek Solutions | Archiving and Data Protection | Oracle
(7 Ratings)

Oracle's StorageTek Solutions for archiving and data protection are reference architectures that help solve industry-specific or general IT challenges.

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Oracle Hierarchical Storage...

StorageTek Tape Libraries | Oracle
(3 Ratings)

Protect customer data from cyberattacks and archive it to meet governance and compliance requirements with Oracle’s StorageTek tape libraries.

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IBM Information Lifecycle...

Information Lifecycle Governance
(13 Ratings)

Information lifecycle governance solutions from IBM, can help you effectively manage the data lifecycle and avoid costs and risks to drive more business value from your information.

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Proofpoint Enterprise Archive

Data & Email Archiving Solutions - Cloud Archiving | Proofpoint US
(10 Ratings)

Find out how Proofpoint's Enterprise cloud, data, and email archiving solutions help simply e-discovery and retain critical data across your organization.

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Mimecast Cloud Archive

Cloud Archive | Mimecast
(14 Ratings)

Reduce costs with Mimecast's cloud archive to move to the cloud with a single, secure archive for email, files and other content.

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Proofpoint Archiving and...

Information Archiving & Compliance Solutions - Archive Data | Proofpoint US
(2 Ratings)

The next generation of archiving is here. Proofpoint is a complete, end-to-end solution to manage information risk and streamline compliance.

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Google Vault

Google Vault: eDiscovery & Email Archiving | Google Workspace
(28 Ratings)

Use Google Vault to manage, retain, search and export your company email, on-the-record chats, and Google Drive file content. Get Vault as part of Google Workspace.

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Barracuda Message Archiver

Email Archiving for Compliance and e-discovery
(13 Ratings)

Barracuda's email archiving solution reduces email storage requirements & ensures long-term storage while simplifying e-discovery requests and compliance.????????

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Veritas Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault: Automated Data Retention & Email Archiving | Veritas
(13 Ratings)

Veritas Enterprise Vault: our purpose-built retention management platform lets you execute diverse strategies to quickly and easily meet business and regulatory information retention requirements

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GFI Archiver

Email Archiving Solutions for Exchange, Office 365 and other servers | GFI Archiver
(1 Ratings)

GFI Archiver automatically stores all company emails and files in a central, secure environment. Easily access and search your electronic history. Start archiving your emails, calendar, files, faxes with tamper-proof security.

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Smarsh Connected Archive

Connected Archive | Cloud-Based Archiving for Compliance | Smarsh
(2 Ratings)

Smarsh's Connected Archive is inclusive of capture, Archive, supervision and e-discovery capabilities across 80+ communication channels. It delivers unparalleled efficiency for small to mid-sized organizations.

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Smarsh Web Archive

Archive Websites for Regulatory Compliance & E-Discovery | Smarsh
(1 Ratings)

Smarsh's Web Archive is the premier solution that makes compliance simple by ensuring all changes on your website are captured, archived and searchable.

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iManage Security, Risk, and...

Information Governance Software - Legal Security Software
(4 Ratings)

iManage secures and governs critical work product throughout a project or engagement lifecycle. Powered by AI and machine learning, iManage delivers 24/7 continuous threat detection, monitoring and reporting.

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Global Relay

Global Relay Archive
(6 Ratings)

Global Relay has Twenty years experience with Email Archiving Solutions, Email Compliance and Message Archiving Systems.

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SkyHistory Purchase – Manager to Export Skype Chat
(7 Ratings)

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase SkyHistory – manager to search for Skype users and to export Skype chat history. Store and manage Skype chats easily

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Social Media Archiving Solutions | Archive Social Channels - MirrorWeb
(3 Ratings)

MirrorWeb was born out of a large scale web preservation project on behalf of the UK Government. Our vision is to give organisations ownership of their digital truth. On the behalf of our clients we've archived over 800,000,000 web pages, 4,000,.000 social media posts and store over 400 TB of data.

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Micro Focus Retain Unified...

Retain Unified Archiving for Business Communication Data | Micro Focus
(1 Ratings)

Retain Unified archives all your business communication data (Email, Texts & Social) into one central location. Learn more today.

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Anti-Spam Software | Email Filtering and Management Solution | Antivirus Protection | Securence
(3 Ratings)

Securence is a provider of email filtering (anti spam filter, antivirus software) for small business, enterprises, educational, and government institutions worldwide.

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Compliant Archiving and Compliance Solutions
(0 Ratings)

Patrina emerges as a beacon of reliability and thoroughness in the world of compliance. By choosing Patrina, Conference Managers can rest assured that their digital communications are stored securely yet remain easily accessible. The archival system is more than just a repository; it's a robust tool that simplifies compliance processes and allows for seamless searching and retrieval. This not only safeguards against regulatory penalties but also streamlines management, ultimately saving time and reducing risk. The platform's standout attributes are the way in which it mirrors the stringent regulatory frameworks set forth by governing authorities. With security and precision at its core, Patrina's TOTALARCHIVE provides peace of mind by ensuring that all necessary digital documents, communications, and data are held to the highest standards of compliance. Whether it's managing data from a high-stakes conference or archiving communications within a secure environment, Patrina's TOTALARCHIVE adapts to the needs of Conference Managers and alike. Its commitment to aligning with rigorous mandates is not just a feature it is a promise to safeguard their professional integrity through impeccable records compliance. Ensure unyielding compliance and integrity with Patrina’s TOTALARCHIVE the definitive solution for their communication archiving needs. show more

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Features - eFiler, Addin for Microsoft Outlook
(2 Ratings)

eFiler is a low cost Outlook plug-in which saves emails in network and cloud storage. Works with Outlook, iPhone, Android and IMAP accounts.

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List of Enterprise Information Archiving Software

StorageTek 4.1
Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager 4.2
IBM Information Lifecycle Governance 4
Proofpoint Enterprise Archive 3.9
Mimecast Cloud Archive 3.9
Proofpoint Archiving and Compliance 4
Google Vault 4.3
Barracuda Message Archiver 4.2
Veritas Enterprise Vault 4.2
GFI Archiver 3.5