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Data-driven brands choose them Write a Review
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Accurate data for modern DTC brands. Connect sales, marketing and customer data in the tools already use. Littledata stitches sessions together automatically to provide a holistic view of any Shopify or BigCommerce store. Access the data in tools such as GTM and Google Analytics, including GA4. Audit analytics setup to ensure accurate tracking in Facebook Conversions API, Google Analytics or Segment, from marketing channels through unique checkout flow, including repeat purchases and refunds.

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Grow Your Business 4.4 Based on 7 Ratings
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A Feed Marketing Solution combining Data Transformation with Help & Advice, that empowers Merchants and Agencies to succeed on eCommerce channels. All in one: one place to create, manage and optimize feeds across your entire client portfolio with sub-accounts for your staff and your customers. The Ultimate Feed: save time by creating universal feed rules that will work with any channel of your choice.Master Accounts: accessing and managing your clients accounts - simplified.

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Second Measure logo

Second Measure

Second Measure - An analytics platform that lets you see inside companies 3.5 Based on 2 Ratings
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Second Measure - A dashboard that provides a daily view into company performance and consumer behavior.

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Metrilo: The plug-n-play growth platform for ecommerce brands 4.8 Based on 21 Ratings
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Ecommerce Analytics, Ecommerce CRM & Email Marketing that boost customer retention and help you grow sustainably

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Simple PHP Shopping Cart Platform 3.8 Based on 3 Ratings
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Shop-Script. With this powerful PHP shopping cart platform, can easily get in-depth sales analytics that will show exactly where profits are coming from. This make it easier than ever to get real insights into the store and its performance, so can make informed decisions about the business. Shop-Script offers all the features and tools need for a successful online store. The customer have access to an intuitive user interface, powerful sales tracking features, flexible payment options, and one-click basket abandonment recovery - all designed for the ultimate customer experience. Plus, the reporting dashboard and built-in analysis tools gives an in-depth look at customer activity over time so that the customer can further optimize conversion rates and maximize returns with precise targeting data.

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Create Massive Impact, One Transaction at a Time Write a Review
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ShoppingGives is all-in-one impact strategy. Get everything need to offer customers a seamless and native giving experience during their shopping journey. Continue to focus on business while handle all the reporting and donations management for user.

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Putler - Multichannel e-commerce analytics done right. 4.8 Based on 2 Ratings
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Track & grow your online business. Putler fixes 100+ data problems in payment gateways, shopping platforms and Google analytics. Reports, drill-downs, segments.

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Profitero | Accelerate your eCommerce sales 4 Based on 2 Ratings
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Profitero is the eCommerce analytics platform of choice for the world's leading brands. Brands can measure their digital shelf performance and gain actionable insights across 8,000+ retailer sites in 50+ countries. Beiersdorf, Edgewell, General Mills, Heineken, Kids II, MillerCoors and L'Oreal all use Profitero's data to improve their e-commerce performance. The company has two core SaaS technology products that are accessible via a single platform.

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Soona's exceptional content creation capabilities merge with Canva’s user-friendly design platform, offering an unparalleled ease of use for busy marketers, content creators, and business owners. By connecting their soona and Canva accounts, the hassle of downloading and re-uploading stock to design tools becomes a thing of the past. Imagine diving into Canva to craft their next marketing material and finding soona’s high-quality, personalized content waiting for them. This streamlined process is a game-changer for efficiency. Whether it’s striking images, unique graphics, or engaging videos, their soona-captured content enriches their designs, ensuring their brand stands out in the crowded digital landscape. Take advantage of this integration to maintain creative consistency across all their projects while speeding up their workflow. With soona and Canva combined, they have a powerful toolkit at their fingertips, empowering they to create with confidence, enhance brand presence, and ignite audience engagement. Make the strategic leap to link their soona content with their Canva workspace; it's a professional move that puts their best visual assets front and center, where they belong.

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Intelligent Reach logo

Intelligent Reach

Get products in front of online shoppers Write a Review
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Product Data is the lifeblood of e-commerce, and feeds are key to e-commerce success. Intelligent Reach gives full control over product data feeds to seamlessly grow online revenue across 1,500+ channels and marketplaces. Build data feeds perfectly tailored to any channel, run powerful tests to improve offsite product performance and seamlessly sell on multiple marketplaces, all from one platform.

Read more logo - The #1 Collaborative Marketing & Analytics Platform 4.8 Based on 2 Ratings
Visit Website transforms monetization for marketplaces and revolutionize hyperlocal co-op marketing for multi-outlet brands.

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Mobile Apps | MonkeyData 4.4 Based on 15 Ratings
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Powerful eCommerce Analytics for Growth MonkeyData is the best analytics solution for your online store. It gives you the perfect insights on how all areas of your business are performing. Watch metrics from Adwords, Amazon, eBay, Facebook and more in clear dashboards.

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Shopify Tool to Transform Data into Insights 4.6 Based on 46 Ratings
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Elevar is a data management tool that turns processes data to churn out insights, manages data tags, and fuels the growth of businesses. It is a niche tool for Shopify business owners which claims that it can boost revenue by about 10% per visitor. Handy features include data analysis, event tracking, and insight generation. Users can automatically create intuitive custom events while browsing the website and in the Google Tag Manager. Managers can get everyone on their team onboard to track all the key behaviour of the website and boost conversions. Elevar also digs deep into funnel analysis by breaking down behaviour analysis into micro-funnels. This enables users to understand the dynamics of every touchpoint in the customer journey. They can also receive proactive alerts about every significant change that induce costs. Elevar also creates opportunities for optimizing the Shopify site and realize more on-site revenues.

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Benefits Archive | ChannelApe 4.8 Based on 11 Ratings
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ChannelApe is a cloud-based commerce platform that syncs data, sync data, and automate processes. ChannelApe supports EDI, EDIFACT, X12, IDoc (SAP), XP, and many more formats. Open API to extend the platform to do whatever you need.

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Radix Haven logo

Radix Haven

Grow your Business Faster Write a Review
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A data analytics platform for Stripe and PayPal. Perfectly designed for SaaS & eCommerce. Simulate your KPIs performance with your business goals. Identify trends and seasonality. Improve your inventory management.

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Game-Changing Tools Write a Review
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Introducing Sellerise, the comprehensive business solution that can get their business to the next level. With Sellerise, they have all the tools users to need to handle everyday business tasks with ease and put them in complete control. Whether it’s scaling or growing the business, Sellerise has all the features to conclusively deliver results for success. Sellerise sets itself apart from other solutions by allowing them to do a deep dive into all of the processes and uses data-driven decisions to tackle any challenge that comes users' way. Not only can they utilize advanced analytics tools to track performance, but also stay ahead of the competition through innovative strategies crafted for long-term success. Stop wasting time and start using Sellerise today! Its automated solutions are designed to make sure that even when juggling multiple tasks throughout the day, nothing significant falls through the cracks. Trust in Sellerise's reliable products and services and reap the benefits of maximum efficiency in minimal time.

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Gain top brands' marketing strategy analysis Write a Review
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Introducing GoodsFox, the ultimate solution to boost marketing efficiency and outsmart the fiercest competition in the professional realm. With This intelligent dashboard at their disposal, they gain access to an unparalleled level of strategic analysis from top brands. This mission is clear: to equip professionals like they with the tools needed to stay ahead of the game. In today's highly competitive marketplace, it's more crucial than ever to make data-driven decisions. That's why GoodsFox provides a massive-volume data library, ensuring that they have easy access to the best selling products in the industry. No longer will they have to rely on guesswork or waste precious time searching for the perfect product to market. This comprehensive database empowers they to make informed choices, enabling their marketing efforts to reach new heights. But GoodsFox isn't just about numbers and data. We understand the importance of professional perspectives, which is why we cater specifically to professionals like them. This intelligent dashboard is designed to seamlessly integrate into their workflow, providing they with an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Say goodbye to clunky interfaces and hello to a state-of-the-art marketing tool that streamlines their processes and saves they valuable time. When it comes to marketing, staying ahead of the competition is key. With GoodsFox, they have the advantage of an intelligent dashboard that not only boosts their efficiency but also helps they analyze the strategies of top brands. Gain insights from the best in the industry and leverage their tactics to propel their own marketing campaigns to new heights. Don't settle for mediocrity. Choose GoodsFox and revolutionize their marketing game. Join the ranks of professionals who are transforming the way they do business, and unlock their full potential with the most intelligent dashboard on the market.

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Growth centred Analytics for E-Commerce Write a Review
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Shoppr is an Analytics platform for E-Commerce Stores, enabling Entrepreneurs and Marketers to better focus on customer growth and retention by providing access to 40+ metrics across Sales, Marketing Campaigns, Customers and Orders

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Optimizing ecommerce performance with digital shelf analytics Write a Review
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Introducing DigiSense360, the smartest way to take their shelf analytics to the next level. Helping them better understand the customer experience, DigiSense360 is a digital shelf analytics platform that has a comprehensive set of capabilities and unsurpassed accuracy that allows them to monitor and optimize key metrics such as product content, prices, share of search, stock availability, and more. With DigiSense360, them can quickly gain insights to discover opportunities and maximize revenues. DigiSense360's award-winning dashboard and reporting tools bring clarity to complex analyses by providing actionable insights in real-time. Intuitive and easy-to-use, DigiSense360 provides visibility into customer purchasing patterns and makes it easy to spot trends. They can also measure the effectiveness of pricing and promotional activities and take appropriate steps to maximize ROI. Overall, DigiSense360 is the perfect solution to help them scale to the demands of the market and grow their revenue. Take their shelf analytics to the next level with DigiSense360.

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ClearCut Analytics logo

ClearCut Analytics

Retail Analytics Company | Delivering Growth for CPG Brands 5 Based on 4 Ratings
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ClearCut is a retail analytics and eCommerce services provider on a mission to support CPG companies. ClearCut's intelligence delivers actionable insights into today's complex retail marketplace.

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List of E-Commerce Analytics Software

Littledata Littledata 0
DataFeedWatch DataFeedWatch 4.4
Second Measure Second Measure 3.5
Metrilo Metrilo 4.8
Shop-Script Shop-Script 3.8
ShoppingGives ShoppingGives 0
Putler Putler 4.8
Profitero Profitero 4
soona soona 0
Intelligent Reach Intelligent Reach 0

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