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ArcGIS Data Reviewer

ArcGIS Data Reviewer | Data Quality Management
(6 Ratings)

ArcGIS Data Reviewer, an extension for ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap & ArcGIS Enterprise, provides a complete system for automating and simplifying data quality management. Learn more and request a free trial.

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CRM Data Quality Tool
(248 Ratings)

DemandTools is a CRM data quality software. Bulk processing coupled with DemandTools’ automation capabilities guarantees data quality is never overlooked. DemandTools is the key to clean data that unlocks the knowledge and understanding you need of your customers. Prevent duplicates for standard and custom objects as records are created and modified in Salesforce with the ability to block, report, or auto-merge duplicates.

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Informatica Data Quality

Enterprise Cloud Data Management | Informatica
(10 Ratings)

Informatica delivers enterprise data integration and management software powering analytics for big data and cloud. Unlock data's potential.

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Talend Data Quality

Talend Data Quality — Trusted data for the insights you need
(7 Ratings)

Talend Data Quality gives you quality controls to profile, clean, and mask data in any format or size to deliver data governance for trusted and compliant data.

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Trillium Quality

Trillium Quality: Scalable enterprise data quality for trusted insights
(5 Ratings)

See how Trillium Quality helps you rapidly transform high-volume, disconnected data into trusted & actionable insights with scalable enterprise data quality

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DataMatch Enterprise

Data Match Enterprise: Rated Faster and More Accurate than IBM and SAS
(26 Ratings)

Build scalable configurations for deduplication & record linking, suppression, enhancement, extraction, and standardization of business and customer data by Data Match Enterprise Solution.

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WinPure Clean & Match

?? The Best Data Matching & Data Cleansing Software Suite
(69 Ratings)

Software suite is ideal for cleaning, correcting and deduplicating mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets and CRMs. WinPure™ Clean & Match will help save your business time and money. Built-in sophisticated fuzzy and phonetic match algorithms. Affordable licences available with World Class Support & Training. Free Demo with Live Online Training available.

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Home - Salesforce Deduplication, Cleansing | DupeCatcher
(13 Ratings)

Block duplicate records in Salesforce with DupeCatcher. By the creators of Cloudingo and Cloudingo Studio. Salesforce data quality tools.

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Data Deduplication Tool

Data Deduplication Tool
(8 Ratings)

StrategicDB's de-duping tool normalizes fields such as Website, Address and Company Name for better identification of duplicates. You select how to define a duplicate by setting up your own rules of identifying which record is going to be the surviving (master) record.

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Peeklogic Salesforce...

Salesforce Duplicate Management Tool | Peeklogic
(3 Ratings)

Peeklogic team developed a Salesforce Duplicate Management tool which allows user to Dedup Salesforce records in bulk or one-by-one.

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Take the pain out of data
(0 Ratings)

Osmos eliminates the headaches and complexity of ingesting their customer's data with no-code ETL pipelines and self-serve data uploaders. The only external data platform that puts them in control of the data onboarding. Customers have the freedom to share their data, and they have full control over how the data is received. Bidirectional data imports that are secure, delightful, and simple.

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Smarter CRM Searching, Cleaner CRM Data | ActivePrime
(2 Ratings)

ActivePrime provides tools for smarter CRM searching and cleaner CRM data. If customer data quality is a challenge, learn how our tools can help. For use with Salesforce, Oracle CRM On Demand, Oracle Engagement Cloud, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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iugum Data Software

Data integration, data cleansing and data management software | iDS
(1 Ratings)

iugum Data Software offers a turnkey data management, data integration and data cleansing software to download online. Get your free trial!

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All-in-one data quality platform
(0 Ratings)

Contact data is your asset not a headache. With Boardana you will have it accurate across all platforms in use. Bordana is your one-stop shop to cleanse, validates, and enriches contact and account data.

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List of Data Quality Software

ArcGIS Data Reviewer 4.2
DemandTools 4.5
Informatica Data Quality 4.4
Talend Data Quality 4.6
Trillium Quality 4.5
DataMatch Enterprise 4.2
WinPure Clean & Match 4.7
DupeCatcher 4.1
Data Deduplication Tool 4.9
Peeklogic Salesforce Duplicate Management 4.2