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Cross-Channel Advertising Software

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Criteo Dynamic Retargeting

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting | Criteo
(227 Ratings)

Criteo sees 75% of the world's active online shoppers every month and $800B in annual ecommerce sales. Generate an average of 13X return on ad spend. Up to 28% of purchases are products that weren't previously viewed. Leverage Criteo machine learning to personalize every element of your ads and craft experiences that convert more shoppers into buyers.

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Adform Integrated Advertising...

Integrated Advertising Platform
(7 Ratings)

The Integrated Advertising Platform provides a centralized command center for creating, activating, and managing campaigns across all channels and the corresponding media. Ideal for medium to large enterprises in local or global markets.

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Rubicon Project, For Buyers

BUYERS Achieve Better Outcomes with Rubicon Project
(18 Ratings)

Achieve better outcomes and scale with an efficient, transparent, and economical supply path, a clean, well-lit marketplace with innovative formats.

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RTB House Personalized...

RTB House - Our Solution
(3 Ratings)

RTB House is a global company that provides state-of-the-art retargeting technology for top brands. Its proprietary ad buying engine is the first in the world to be powered entirely by deep learning algorithms.

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Search Marketing Platform to Make Smart and Fast Decisions
(2 Ratings)

Kenshoo is a global software platform for companies that want marketing insights, planning and activation at scale. Kenshoo generates over $350 billion in annualized revenue for the world's top brands.

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Programmatic Advertising Software | TubeMogul
(32 Ratings)

Execute global cross-channel advertising campaigns from a centralized platform. See TubeMogul’s programmatic advertising software in action!

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Marin Software

Search Social | Marin Software
(448 Ratings)

Marin Software provides industry-leading enterprise marketing software for advertisers and agencies. Marin's solutions ingest and synchronize audience, revenue, and contextual data from any source.

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Epom Ad Server

Ad Serving Platform for Networks
(32 Ratings)

Epom Ad Server is an Ad Management platform to customize and understand ad campaigns in minutes. The software offers RTB technology and Premium ad inventory to reach audience across devices. Epom Ad Server provides an automatic CTR, conversion, and eCPM optimization to simplify ad operations and automate split testing directly within the account. Monitor the performance of their advertising operations with real-time reports.

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Atlas Solutions

Measure and Optimize Your Ads Performance with Facebook
(26 Ratings)

Discover how ad measurement tools powered by Facebook help marketers make better decisions to improve results.

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OmniChannel Advertising Made Simple
(343 Ratings)

Mediaocean software is a platform used to gain insights into campaigns performance in minutes. The software offers a central solution for collecting and routing business outcome data to attribution services and data clean rooms provided by media platforms or other vendors. Collaborate with teams to measure Media performance across channels, and campaigns via visual dashboards.

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Cross Publisher Campaign Management Tools & PPC Performance Dashboard | Acquisio
(81 Ratings)

Acquisio provides industry leading AI-powered software for marketers, agencies and local SEM resellers. Businesses replace low-value tasks like bid and budget management, campaign launch and cross-channel campaign management with automation, machine learning and AI.

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Global Mobile Advertising Technology
(2 Ratings)

Taptica is a publicly traded, global end-to-end mobile advertising platform that helps the world’s top brands reach their most valuable users with the widest range of traffic sources available today.

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Airnow Media

The Future of Mobile Advertising
(0 Ratings)

We are a growth marketing company specialized in user acquisition, branding and retargeting for mobile applications, mobile marketers and digital agencies with a focus on performance and transparency. We enable advertizing and distribution solutions for mobile marketers and app brands, optimizing performance to the KPIs that matter to you. Our unique and cost-effective technique to enhance user acquisition, retargeting and brand awareness ensures you can take advantage of every touchpoint within mobile media buying thanks to our trio of solutions. show more

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Digital Media Buying & Planning Agency | Programmatic Advertising
(1 Ratings)

ExactDrive's real-time media buying ad platform enables digital media buyers to evaluate, bid on and purchase ad inventory on an impression-by-impression basis.

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Full collaborative software AI-powered to speed your business growth
(0 Ratings)

Adtuo is the first all-in-one tool created to make advertising open and collaborative. Get more control unifying Facebook Ads & Google Ads campaigns together. Chat in real-time within campaigns with your team. Open up to your community by showing your work to others, and be able to interact with advertisers globally. Adtuo is powered by Artificial Intelligence to help saving time on repetitive tasks, improving your campaign results and generate copies for your ads, all thanks to insights and recommendations functionalities within the app. show more

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PPC Ad Lab

The Battle for Clicks
(0 Ratings)

Can Give You an Unfair Advantage on the Google Ads Battlefield. All the advertisers who compete with your clients. The keywords they compete on. Their ad copy. The time of day their ads run.

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Launch targeted ads in seconds
(0 Ratings)

Plai is the ad tool built for small teams & creators to launch ads like a pro, no experience required. Simply plug in your creative and budget, and Plai runs your ad campaign for you. Plai doesn't just make marketing easy, it makes it better. Digital marketing is always changing, that's why we regularly update Plai to include the latest best practices to keep you a step ahead without you having to spend hours learning the latest tactics. Plai makes it easy for you to plan your marketing campaigns, find insights in your analytics, and act on your insights with targeted ads. Difficult tasks like bidding, remarketing, match types, A/B testing and more are all done for you without you having to lift a finger. show more

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Manage Advertising
(5 Ratings)

Drive more traffic to business, website, app, or service through more advertising channels. Humming makes it easy, bringing everything together under one roof to help share your message wherever your customers may be.

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Amazon ads made easy
(0 Ratings)

Grow sales in as little as 14 days without ever touching an ad account. Eliminate keyword research, campaign setup, and daily ad management with the first 1-Click Amazon PPC automation software. Leave complicated Amazon advertising software and expensive advertising agencies in the past. Launch profit-proven PPC campaigns with just 1-click.

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Make great ads Easy.
(1 Ratings)

Otterfish is a powerful, easy-to-use marketing tool designed to help user business thrive in a digital world. Their simple software helps users create and launch dozens of unique ads into real audiences in minutes and compares the results in real-time, saving you time and money. Otterfish is the easiest way to create and run Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads (with more platforms launching very soon). Their intuitive software helps users create dozens of ad variations (using our template engine) and launch those ads into real audiences to run tests in minutes. No design or marketing skills are needed, Otterfish automates all the hard work instantly, saving user's time and money. show more

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List of Cross-Channel Advertising Software

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting 3.8
Adform Integrated Advertising Platform 4.3
Rubicon Project, For Buyers 3.7
RTB House Personalized Retargeting 3.7
Kenshoo 4.5
TubeMogul 3.5
Marin Software 3.8
Epom Ad Server 4.5
Atlas Solutions 3.3
Mediaocean 4.1