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Articulate Storyline 360

Any course you can imagine
(228 Ratings)

Deliver interactive courses to every device without tweaking a thing. User simply create their course in Storyline 360, then click publish. That's it. The course auto-magically plays everywhere, beautifully. Designed to deliver an ideal learner experience, the player hides sidebar menus, eliminates browser chrome, and delivers mobile-friendly playback controls optimized for every screen size and orientation.

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ProProfs eLearning Authoring...

Train Learners Anytime, Anywhere
(1 Ratings)

Empower learners to learn whenever they want and from wherever they are. Create eLearning courses that work on all devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Once user publish a course, they can easily share it via email and embed it on the website. User can even share it with private groups having their own login credentials. The tool supports 70+ interface languages.

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Build supercharged online courses
(0 Ratings)

Create custom courses, build beautiful no-code websites, or launch own app all using just Graphy. Use customizable, no-code tools to flaunt your brand wherever audience is. Build a custom website, or use extensive template library. Use simple website builder, no coding knowledge required

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iSpring Suite

Create interactive online courses for students and employees
(309 Ratings)

iSpring Suite is a comprehensively fast e-learning authoring tool where professionals get to create engaging courses online. The software includes 69,000+ e-learning assets, characters and templates that help users to create unique and interesting courses at their convenience. At iSpring Suite, professionals can convert their PowerPoint presentations into online courses within a few clicks. Moreover, it also enables users to collect feedback or evaluate learners’ progress by adding questions and setting scoring rules. Companies can train their sales representatives or tone up call centre operators communication skills with intuitive courses created using iSpring Suite. Organisations can also record video lectures, software simulations, watch-and-repeat tutorials and other visual content with the platform, providing an amazing learning experience to individual users. Course creators can even ask their colleagues and teammates to review and approve the content just by sending them a link. Further, a highly trained support team assures 24/7 query resolution on the go and can be contacted via phone, email or live chat from Monday to Friday and only via email on Saturday and Sunday. show more

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iSpring QuizMaker

It’s time to run your brains
(14 Ratings)

iSpring Quiz Maker is a smart quiz creation software that makes use of excellent technology to help customers promote positive training with the help of interactive and fun quizzes. It provides creative interactive courses with registered evaluations that do not require first training or any type of additional training. It works as a medium to impart knowledge and e-education to all. With iSpring Quiz Maker, users can improve their preparation materials with tests and pragmatic exercises that greatly help the employees in acquiring new abilities, and enables the user to ensure they've gotten a good grasp of the material prior to continuing on. You can use drill and practice exercises and point by point input to help your workers ace material at their own speed. You can give different endeavors on tests, add remarks to each address, and give helpful connections and materials. Users can additionally upgrade their preparation tests with extra slides containing itemized data regarding the matter. show more

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Symbaloo Lesson Plans

Be creative, create fun and interactive Learning Paths
(1 Ratings)

Create a gaming-style Learning Path using the best educational resources. User can use Symbaloo Learning Paths to create a gaming-style digital lesson plan using the best open educational resources. Tile by tile, create pathways for students so they may learn at their own speed.

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PeopleFluent Content Authoring

Talent Management Software | Learning Solutions | PeopleFluent
(0 Ratings)

Talent management software and learning solutions to help you guide your organization’s people, culture, and outcomes.

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Sell courses for websites in minutes
(0 Ratings)

Learnyst software is an All-in-one platform to create & sell Courses to automate learning experience. The software offers tools to create courses with videos, live classes, PDFs, SCORM /TINCAN & quizzes. Engage learners with media and sell mock tests for competitive exams with actual exam templates. Integrate with various tools like Zoom, Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook, Zapier and more.

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Lectora, the Top eLearning Authoring Tool - Try it free!
(52 Ratings)

Lectora is a user-friendly, award-winning authoring tool available as both a cloud-based and desktop solution. Part of the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites, it empowers you to quickly create interactive eLearning courses. Offered in seven languages and used by the Global 2000s, including the US government.

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ViewletBuilder - Easily create Flash tutorials and Simulations using Screen Capture technology
(1 Ratings)

Communicate online quickly, easily and inexpensively. Easily create flash tutorials within minutes with our presentation software.

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Heights Platform

Tool to Create Your Personalized Learning Platform
(0 Ratings)

With Heights Platform, users can build and sell their own online courses to students through an engaging technology. It enables the user to focus on the teaching aspect of their job, without worrying about the technology. Teachers can easily mentor their students online through an easy to learn and flexible system that allows them to sell access to their own branded learning platform. This eliminates the need to hire any developers since both landing page creation and payment processing are built right into the app. Through the tool, students can see results in real-time through powerful insights and validators. And the best part is that it constantly keeps the students engaged even after the students are done with consuming the content, helping them polish their skills for better results. Additional features include content management, white label branding, analytics, hosting, and lead tracking support. show more

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Thoughtfully Designed for Creators
(0 Ratings)

Hassle-free scheduling of weekly, monthly, or custom subscriptions in a few clicks. Avoid back and forth calling with your clients and connect your calendar effortlessly. Automatically send session reminders, invoices, booking confirmations, etc. via Email & Whatsapp.

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Measuring technical ROI: Are you asking the right questions? - Instruqt
(2 Ratings)

Instruqt is an online, hands-on learning platform. Enterprises make use of our learning solutions to upskill at scale cost-effectively.

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Gomo Learning

Gomo learning | Cloud-Based eLearning Authoring Tool | Beautiful Multi-Device Learning |
(2 Ratings)

Gomo provides two products that enable you to create, host, update and track beautiful multi-device learning, anywhere. We are on a mission to make workplace learning more easy, flexible, accessible and beautiful for everyone.

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Create tutorials, presentations or demonstrations with Demo Builder
(2 Ratings)

Create Video Demonstrations for customer support, employee training and product presentations.

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Composica Enterprise

Composica - e-learning authoring tool and course builder
(0 Ratings)

Composica is a cloud-based collaborative e-learning authoring tool used to build online training, compliance, and custom courses

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Rali - Video at work
(0 Ratings)

Rali unleashes the power of video for transformation, collaboration, engagement and learning. Rali makes video content more engaging and effective with real-time conversation tools, interactive features, and analytics. Rali is video at work.

Jubi Alternatives

UMU AI Audio Slides

Unlock the Virtual Instructor
(0 Ratings)

Create video courses featuring user-self with a slide deck, speaker notes and a profile picture. UMU AI Audio Slides makes the sharing of knowledge easier and more convenient. Simply upload a slide deck with speaker notes and a profile picture and AI does the rest, immediately generating a video course featuring trainer. All it takes is a few steps to complete the work of a whole team.

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SmartBuilder: Elearning Authoring Tool | Features
(12 Ratings)

Everything you need to create interactive elearning, faster: Check out features for layout, motion, action logic, testing and publishing.

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Course Architect

Simple and Effective Course Creation
(0 Ratings)

Course Architect is an unparalleled course creation system designed with efficiency to save you hours of time by making your course creation process easier, faster and better. It is designed for both Beginner Creators, and Experienced Creators.

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List of Course Authoring Software

Articulate Storyline 360 4.6
ProProfs eLearning Authoring Tool 4.5
Graphy NA
iSpring Suite 4.7
iSpring QuizMaker 4.6
Symbaloo Lesson Plans 4
PeopleFluent Content Authoring NA
Learnyst NA
Lectora 4
ViewletBuilder 5