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Corporate Wellness Software

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Cerner Wellness

Wellness Solutions & Services | Cerner
(12 Ratings)

Successful wellness programs rely on engaged patients. Our Wellness Solution Services are a one-stop wellness strategy for your workforce.

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Virgin Pulse

A simplified and orchestrated health
(17 Ratings)

Homebase for Health means streamlined access to the resources and tools needed to build lasting, healthy behaviors. Having everything in one place makes it easier for people to understand the goals of their personal health journey and take action to realize them. By connecting data, people and technology, every member gets served up a unique, engaging experience. Individuals are empowered to develop healthy routines, manage a chronic condition, and navigate complex care needs.

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Employers - WebMD Health Services
(2 Ratings)

Learn about our corporate wellness programs that help our clients increase employee engagement while creating a holistic wellness culture.

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Unmind | Mental wellbeing. Done well. | Workplace Wellbeing
(3 Ratings)

Unmind is built on the belief that everyone has the right to a healthy mind. Our workplace mental health platform empowers employees to proactively measure, understand, and improve their mental wellbeing. We take a whole-person approach to supporting employee wellbeing, focusing on seven key areas of life.

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Grokker: Employee Health Engagement and Personalized Wellbeing
(4 Ratings)

Grokker delivers health engagement and employee wellbeing via HD video available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Schedule a free demo today.

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Employee Wellness Challenges For Higher Engagement | Wellable
(39 Ratings)

Employee wellness challenges are more than just counting steps, and they definitely don't have to be time-consuming to administer. Learn how easy it can be with the Wellable's platform.

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Wellness Benefits for a Healthier Workplace
(5 Ratings)

Get a comprehensive summary of population health and keep employees informed about their individual health. Ensure all employees complete their annual physical with automated tracking & verification. Ensure compliance with seamless tracking & verification for mandated vaccination requirements. A hassle-free way to motivate & reward people to make healthy decisions.

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Pacer for Teams

Pacer for Teams - Easy, Fun Corporate Step Challenges
(2 Ratings)

Pacer for Teams is an easy, intuitive step challenge platform for organizations. Run fun challenges powered by the Pacer App to get your employees active and healthy!

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Employers - WebMD Health Services
(1 Ratings)

WebMD ONE is the corporate wellness program that brings together the most comprehensive set of integrated core solutions and services.

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Employee Wellness | For Employers | WellRight
(2 Ratings)

WellRight's complete corporate wellness program creates a habit-forming environment. Our highly configurable platform can be completely customized to meet the needs of your organization.

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CoreHealth Corporate Wellness...

CoreHealth Corporate Wellness Technology Trusted by Wellness Companies
(2 Ratings)

CoreHealth Technologies Inc. is a total well-being technology company trusted by global wellness providers to power their preventive health programs for 3+ million employees worldwide. CoreHealth's technology powers health and wellness programs for the following providers: Corporate Wellness companies, Insurers, Health Coaching companies, Employee Assistance providers, Group Benefits brokers, Human Resources consulting firms, Health Systems and their wellness divisions, Disability and Absence Management Companies and beyond. show more

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ConXus Wellness Platform

Wellness Platform | Wellness Platform
(1 Ratings)

ConXus Wellness Platform delivers comprehensive, private-labeled workplace wellness, health-management, and COVID-19 testing programs. ConXus is delivered using a SaaS model that allows rapid deployment and unlimited scalability. The platform supports multiple branding and service level options to localize programs.

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Get MoveSpring - A Fitness Tracker Platform for Corporate Wellness.
(25 Ratings)

MoveSpring is a fun, easy-to-use step and activity challenge platform. We make fitness fun for everyone through a variety of step challenge modes, such as leaderboards or collaborative team challenges

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Virgin Pulse + Redbrick Health

Corporate Wellness Solutions– RedBrick Health
(4 Ratings)

Reinvent corporate wellness and enhance employee well-being at your organization. Our solution measurably improves employee health and engagement scores while inspiring meaningful change.

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Solutions - Aduro | Wellness fuels performance
(0 Ratings)

Aduro is a Human Performance company. We unlock human potential in the workplace by providing expert coaching, interactive content and personalized insights.

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Work Life Balance
(0 Ratings)

Woliba is the ultimate solution for creating a successful and rewarding workplace. From course building to team engagement, this all-in-one platform provides everything they need to make this work environment a happy and productive place. This unique offerings ensure different departments can interact and support each other in order to produce amazing results. With th platform, teams have access to numerous functionalities including course building, engagement tracking, wellness platforms and social networks allowing them to collaborate with colleagues from across the organization. Additionally, they offer rewards and acknowledgements that recognize employees for their hard work, encouraging them to feel appreciated for their individual contributions. It’s been proven that satisfaction leads to up to 20% more productivity at the workplace so by utilizing Woliba's powerful tools they can create an efficient culture where employees thrive! Make sure the team succeeds by ensuring it is connected and supported with Woliba's innovative platform today! show more

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MediKeeper Wellness Portal

Wellness Portal | Integrates Seamlessly With Third Parties
(0 Ratings)

A wellness portal is an online hub that serves as the single point of access for a user’s (or corporate administrator’s) health and wellness information

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A Corporate Wellbeing Platform
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Wellbees is the next generation wellbeing mobile app in a B2B SaaS format developed for employees. It offers employee wellbeing holistically offering company culture-specific events, content covering eight wellbeing areas and more. Wellbees is a global company based in Turkey serving 17 countries with expert support. Wellbees improves employees’ wellbeing through expert support, seminars, challenges, content and activities customised specifically for each company and offering each individual a separate personal wellbeing experience with ist AI algorithm. Wellbees looks at the entire cycle of employee experience, mapping the employee journey specific to each company and then implementing wellbeing practices that solve and contribute to a company’s specific lifecycle and workforce. show more

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Vantage Fit

Vantage Fit Feature List - Employee Wellness App by Vantage Circle
(4 Ratings)

Vantage Fit gives your employees the best workplace experience with an engaging corporate wellness program. Get them moving and encourage a healthy lifestyle for better productivity.

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Proactive Employee Wellbeing delivered
(0 Ratings)

Ashia is an innovative platform that provides comprehensive employee and organizational well-being solutions to prevent small issues from becoming significant problems. The platform offers safe and engaging content that educates, informs, and provides proactive support to employees and organizations, helping them to maintain optimal health and well-being. Ashia's advanced features enable businesses to identify potential issues and implement preventive measures, reducing the risk of significant health or performance problems down the line. With Ashia, businesses can rest assured that they are providing their employees with the resources they need to stay healthy, motivated, and engaged. The platform's intuitive interface and easy-to-use features enable employees to access the content they need quickly and efficiently, making it a valuable resource for businesses seeking to optimize their well-being programs. In summary, Ashia is an essential tool for businesses seeking to promote employee and organizational well-being, providing them with the tools and resources needed to prevent small issues from becoming significant problems. show more

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List of Corporate Wellness Software

Cerner Wellness 3.4
Virgin Pulse 4.1
StayWell 3.5
Unmind 4.7
Grokker 4.1
Wellable 4.8
IncentFit 4.9
Pacer for Teams 4
WellRight 4