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Updated on: May 19, 2022

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Amazon Elastic Container...

Amazon ECS | Container Orchestration Service | Amazon Web Services
(243 Ratings)

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) is a fully managed container orchestration service that provides the most secure, reliable and scalable way to run containerized applications.

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) Alternatives

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) | Microsoft Azure
(31 Ratings)

Easily manage Kubernetes with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Use a managed Kubernetes service with hardened security and fast delivery.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Alternatives

Azure Web App for Containers

App Service - Web App for Containers | Microsoft Azure
(4 Ratings)

Bring your own containers and deploy to App Service as a web app running on Linux in seconds using Web App for Containers feature of Azure App Service.

Azure Web App for Containers Alternatives

AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate | Serverless Compute Engine | Amazon Web Services
(19 Ratings)

AWS Fargate is a serverless compute engine for containers that works with both Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS).

AWS Fargate Alternatives

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Kubernetes - Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)  |  Google Cloud
(173 Ratings)

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a managed, production-ready environment for running containerized applications.

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) Alternatives

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service - Overview
(16 Ratings)

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service enables the orchestration of intelligent scheduling, self-healing and horizontal scaling.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service Alternatives


Kitematic user guide
(6 Ratings)

Documentation that provides an overview of Kitematic and installation instructions

Kitematic Alternatives


Network Management & SDN Optimization | Juniper Networks
(2 Ratings)

Monitor, troubleshoot, & optimize physical & cloud infrastructure performance, based on predefined business outcomes. Get end-to-end visibility with Contrail Insights.

AppFormix Alternatives

Red Hat OpenShift Container...

OpenShift Container Platform - Red Hat OpenShift
(50 Ratings)

OpenShift Container Platform offers enterprises full control over their Kubernetes environments, whether they’re on-premise or in the public cloud, giving teams freedom to build and run applications anywhere.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform Alternatives

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine...

Docker for Enterprise - Pricing, Edition Download & More
(228 Ratings)

Need Docker for Enterprise? Docker Enterprise is the industry-leading platform for simplifying IT operations. ? View prices & editions for download!

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise) Alternatives

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