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PayScale Insight Lab

PayScale Insight Lab - Salary Survey Management Made Easy
(154 Ratings)

PayScale Insight Lab offers a smart, easy to use compensation management software. transparent datasets, intuitive structure modeling, and best-in-class service and support. Validated, built-in datasets let you know what companies just like you are paying for jobs. Unique skill based data to keep an eye on market trends for fast moving jobs.

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PayScale MarketPay

PayScale MarketPay - Compensation Survey Management and Participation
(109 Ratings)

PayScale MarketPay delivers a modern solution that is easy to use and gives companies insights necessary to make smart pay decisions. Natively integrated with Tableau, you can make informed decisions and deliver impactful insights by leveraging big data.

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Get Pay Right
(0 Ratings)

CompAnalyst you get the data and insights you need to make pay decisions with confidence. Our solution addresses the entire compensation process, helping you quickly price jobs with unparalleled accuracy and analyze your compensation pay practices.

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IPAS Global Surveys | Salary.com
(362 Ratings)

Serving more than 8,000 customers worldwide, Salary.com delivers smart, integrated compensation management solutions. CompAnalyst platform streamlines compensation data management and streamlines labor-intensive compensation processes.

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Workday Compensation

Compensation Management Software System | Workday
(72 Ratings)

Compensation management software from Workday makes it easy to define employee compensation throughout your organization. Contact us today to learn more.

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Make smarter compensation decisions
(7 Ratings)

Pave provides the most accurate real-time compensation benchmarking data by integrating systems in just minutes. Plan, communicate, and benchmark compensation in real-time (without spreadsheets). Powered by real-time integrations with HRIS, ATS, and Cap Table.

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COMPview by HRsoft

COMPview - Compensation Management Software - HRsoft
(54 Ratings)

COMPview™ is the global leader in compensation management software. Suitable for organizations with 1,000+ employees, COMPview is intuitive, configurable and proven to streamline.

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CURO Compensation

Compensation Management Software Solutions | Curo
(22 Ratings)

CURO's compensation management and pay equity solutions make compensation decisions easy and help ensure every employee is paid fairly. CURO Compensation Management software is a highly configurable cloud-based solution that supports both easy and complex salary review processes, bonus processes, and long-term incentive awards.

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The changing state of remote work
(298 Ratings)

Gain the insights and confidence to get pay right with relevant, validated salary data and industry-leading, AI-powered compensation software. Redefine and automate the compensation experience with Payfactors, the powerful and scalable full-suite compensation management solution for any organization.

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FocalReview - SpiraLinks Corporation
(1 Ratings)

Configure based on what works best for your business with FocalReview. Multiple languages, currencies, pay options, powerful role-based capabilities, and deployment either on-premise or in the cloud.

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Compensation Management Software Solution | HCR Software Inc
(59 Ratings)

Looking to automate a manual process? CompXL is the most flexible & most affordable compensation management software on the market today. Call us for our solutions.

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SimplyMerit l Simple, Intuitive, and Global Compensation Management
(5 Ratings)

SimplyMerit is cloud-based, so we manage the entire environment for you. It's real-time, so your managers and leaders know exactly what is happening as it's happening. SimplyMerit handles the currency co.

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Compensation Management Software | CompTrak
(15 Ratings)

CompTrak provides a cloud-based compensation management SaaS solution. The single, unifying CompTrak platform provides planning, management and communication of your total compensation strategy.

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CompAccelerator | Dartican
(4 Ratings)

Dartican has taken the pain out of compensation planning. We cut the resources and time needed to a FRACTION of other solutions, some by over 90%. Save time and money while gaining business agility.

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Harvest HCM

Compensation Management | CompLogix
(13 Ratings)

An intuitive, configurable and cloud-based compensation management solution designed to help you work more efficiently.

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Market Pricing Done Better
(4 Ratings)

Market pricing for compensation is a critical business process, but today's systems still require significant manual work. While technology has revolutionized other HR processes, compensation teams are still addressing modern comp challenges with technology decades out of date. Comp pros have to deal with issues like declining service levels; clunky, hard-to-use software; and ongoing, unaddressed pain points like annual data migration. Until now.

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Compensation solutions developed by compensation professionals
(0 Ratings)

CompTool has a solution to wage and salary data that takes the guesswork out of market research. Squirrel, the only real-time market data solution designed exclusively for compensation teams, provides 10 million job postings with employer-reported pay ranges. With data gathered from reliable sources, you can make informed decisions about wages and salaries more quickly. CompTool allows compensation teams access to the latest information on labor trends and informs their decisions based on the most up-to-date information available. Not only does this ensure employees will receive a competitive wage or salary, but it also gives leadership the confidence that their compensation policy is keeping up with market demands and expectations. CompTool's Squirrel enables managers to glean unique insights which ultimately lead to eviendence-based strategizing; this helps set organizational compensation plans apart from those in markets like yours who don't have meaningful access to such data. CompTool's best of breed technology combines employee requirements and data integration into one intelligent package so your organization can stay ahead of your competition as well as mitigate risk correctly. As professionals truly dedicated to helping organizations thrive, CompTool understands what is important when setting wages and salaries and they provide the insight that you need back. show more

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List of Compensation Management Software

PayScale Insight Lab 4.3
PayScale MarketPay 4.4
CompAnalyst NA
Salary.com 4.4
Workday Compensation 4.3
Pave 4.5
COMPview by HRsoft 4.5
CURO Compensation 4.5
Payfactors 4.4
FocalReview 5