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Symantec Email Security.Cloud

Email Security.cloud
(31 Ratings)

Symantec Email Security.cloud stops targeted spear phishing and other email threats with the industry’s most effective and accurate email security solution.

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Mimecast Email Security with...

Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection | Mimecast
(130 Ratings)

Mimecast's Secure Email Gateway and Advanced Email Security with Targeted Threat Protection uses multiple, sophisticated, detection engines and a diverse set of threat intelligence sources.

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Hosted Email Security

Email Security | Trend Micro
(2 Ratings)

Trend Micro offers cloud email gateway services, including hosted email security and email security advanced, to stop malware issues before they attack.

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Barracuda Essentials

Office 365 Security & Compliance - Stop Phishing, Spam & Ransomware
(20 Ratings)

Barracuda Essentials offers advanced Office 365 security features including email scanning, archiving, backup & recovery, and real-time phishing defense.

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SolarWinds Mail Assure

Email Security Tools & Products | SolarWinds MSP
(52 Ratings)

SolarWinds Mail Assure's cloud-based email security helps you and your customers stay in control and protect inbound and outbound email. Built-in 24/7 email continuity maintains business productivity. Seamless integration with Microsoft 365 with an easy-to-install Microsoft 365 add-in.

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Hornetsecurity Spam Filtering...

Spam filter - Stop spam email! The blocker for business
(11 Ratings)

Hornetsecurity offers Best Spam Filter Service & Malware Protection - detect and block 99.99% of spam, phishing and malware. 250+ 5* Reviews on Spiceworks

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(2 Ratings)

Secure email client with a collaborative environment, consisting of mailbox, calendar & address book, & protection against spam, phishing, ransomware, etc.

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Hornetsecurity 365 Total...

Office 365 security - protect your company with 365 Total Protection
(3 Ratings)

Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection was specially developed to secure the Microsoft 365 business environment with comprehensive protection for all 365 cloud services. With onboarding in seconds and extremely intuitive use, you'll simplify your IT security management with a fully integrated solution.

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Email Security, Email Protection and Email Filtering
(0 Ratings)

Email security is a critical component of any organization's IT infrastructure, as it plays a significant role in preventing phishing, malware, spam, viruses, and other malicious email threats from causing harm. SpamTitan email protection solutions provide advanced yet user-friendly email protection for businesses, with features that are designed to safeguard sensitive information and prevent cyberattacks. The software is compatible with Microsoft 365, making it an ideal option for businesses that rely on the popular productivity suite. SpamTitan's email security features include email filtering, URL filtering, attachment scanning, and advanced threat protection. With these features, businesses can ensure that their employees are protected from the myriad of email threats that exist in today's digital landscape. Overall, SpamTitan's email protection solutions provide a reliable and effective way for businesses to secure their email communications and prevent costly data breaches. show more

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Phish Protection by DuoCircle

Best Phishing Protection Service Demo Request | PhishProtection.com
(26 Ratings)

Request a phishing protection demo that works for your small or medium-size business. Get Advanced Threat Defense included in all plans.

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Cloud Email and Collaboration Security
(158 Ratings)

Avanan is the ultimate cloud security solution, powered by True AI and trained on comprehensive data sets to stop the most sophisticated phishing attacks. Its advanced multilayer anti-phishing software offers unique protection against malicious threats, built for the cloud and calibrated to organization's specific needs. Detailed reporting and advanced forensics on network, process, registry events, and exploited macros gives security administrators full visibility into each phishing attack. Avanan stops malware and ransomware from entering environment through any cloud application, including Slack and Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Box. With Avanan, can work confidently with cloud applications, knowing secure from the most insidious threats. show more

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modusCloud Email Security

modusCloud: A Complete Cloud Email Security Solution
(1 Ratings)

modusCloud is a cloud email security solution with advanced threat protection, offering cloud based email archiving, continuity, encryption and DLP.

modusCloud Email Security Alternatives

OnDMARC by Red Sift

Stop spoofing attacks and block email impersonation
(0 Ratings)

OnDMARC by Red Sift is a cloud-based application enables organizations to utilize fast automated business email protection by quickly configuring SPF, DKIM and DMARC for all legitimate email sources in weeks, not months.OnDMARC simplifies the complexities of the email security protocol, DMARC, by automating processes and providing clear instructions on how to block unauthorized use of your domain. This protects both in- and outbound business email communications with customers, suppliers and partners by blocking vendor fraud, account takeovers, and email spoofing. show more

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SilverSky Email Protection...

Trusted Cybersecurity Solutions | SilverSky
(0 Ratings)

SilverSky has been helping small and mid-sized businesses in some of the most regulated industries for over twenty years. Our expert Security Operations Center watches over your email systems to keep you safe 24x7x365. Cloud Email and Collaboration offering brings Hosted Exchange, Skype, Sharepoint, Multi-Factor authentication and Mobile Device Management in an easy subscription package.

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Area 1 Security

Area 1 Horizon | Anti-Phishing Solution | Area 1 Security
(34 Ratings)

Area 1 Horizon deploys in minutes and stops phishing attacks across all traffic vectors—email, web, or network. Block phishing attacks.

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Email Shield

Email Shield - Free Download - Fraud.Net | Email Security
(0 Ratings)

Email Shield is a cloud-based email security add-in which helps businesses across various industry verticals. It tracks and verifies trusted contacts, letting users expose risky emails and ensure safety of financial transactions. The application enables teams to take control of payment fraud in Outlook by screening all inbound account or wire change requests and invoice submissions.

Email Shield Alternatives

Guardian Digital

The Perfect Solution for Enterprise Email Protection
(0 Ratings)

Guardian Digital provides the perfect solution for enterprise Email Protection. This focused and security-oriented solutions will reduce the stress and responsibility of IT professionals who are pressed to protect their companies' data integrity and electronic communications. With Guardian Digital's service-as-a-security model, customers can rest assured that their email is always secure from even the most sophisticated threats. The team of experts understand the unique requirements for different enterprises which enables us to provide comprehensive, tailored solutions that precisely fit individual organization’s needs. And when unforeseen challenges arise, support staff is ready to help quickly resolve any issues. To make this promise a reality, go beyond email protection by offering comprehensive support services that go far beyond what would expect from a provider in the same space. Whatever needs may be, can rest assured knowing that Guardian Digital has covered. Make sure enterprise is secure with Guardian Digital today! show more

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Reshaping Cloud Email Security to Address Today’s Risks - GreatHorn
(1 Ratings)

GreatHorn's cloud email security platform allows any organization to address advanced threats at the moment risk enters your environment.

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IRONSCALES: A Self-learning Email Security Platform
(18 Ratings)

IRONSCALES, an email security platform powered by AI, have alumni backgrounds from the Israel Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit, and have been incubated in one of the world's top venture programs for cybersecurity. This service is fast to deploy, easy to operate, and is unparalleled in its ability to detect and remove all types of email threats, including BEC, ATO, and more. IRONSCALES is the future of phishing protection.



Increase Email Delivery Rate in Minutes
(0 Ratings)

SimpleDMARC provides a wide range of features to ensure the emails are secure and compliant. Its easy-to-use search parameters gives an in-depth insight into the DMARC data with four high-level tabs – DMARC – Capable, Forwarding, Non-compliant, and Threat. It also helps to identify any domains or IP addresses associated with emails sent from the domain name. With its source viewer, can get a complete list of all the senders and recipients of emails sent using the domain, giving a peace of mind that data is secure. In addition to ensuring compliance and security, SimpleDMARC also helps detect any malicious activity such as phishing. Receive alerts when it detects malicious activity, so necessary steps be taken to protect your data. show more

What is SimpleDMARC ? SimpleDMARC Pricing SimpleDMARC Alternatives

List of Cloud Email Security Software

Symantec Email Security.Cloud 3.8
Mimecast Email Security with Threat Protection 4.4
Hosted Email Security 4.5
Barracuda Essentials 4.2
SolarWinds Mail Assure 4.3
Hornetsecurity Spam Filtering and Malware Protection 5
Hornet.Email 3.5
Hornetsecurity 365 Total Protection 5
SpamTitan NA
Phish Protection by DuoCircle 4.7

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