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Clinical Trial Management Software

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OpenClinica Enterprise - Clinical trial software solutions
(13 Ratings)

OpenClinica Enterprise is a subscription-based clinical trial software powering clinical research in a regulatory compliant fashion.

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BioClinica CTMS

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) | Bioclinica
(12 Ratings)

Consider the benefits of the intuitive Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) to consolidate all of your operational data in an end-to-end solution.

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OnCore CTMS Enterprise Research System, Clinical Research Software
(10 Ratings)

OnCore is the leading enterprise-class clinical research management system. For over a dozen years, it has supported operations at leading research organizations across the country.

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Path eClinical

Path eClinical™ Reduces Clinical Trial Training Costs Worldwide
(1 Ratings)

Path eClinical™ reduces costs and maximizes efficiency as well as improves retention and increase compliance for clinical trial training.

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Reify StudyTeam

Reify Health | Empowering the Clinical Trials Ecosystem
(7 Ratings)

Reify developed StudyTeam to help clinical trial sites quickly track, manage and complete patient recruitment and enrollment. Sites and sponsors need to be able to communicate seamlessly, rapidly, and securely in order to understand where potential patients are coming from.

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Clinical Conductor CTMS

CTMS - Clinical Trial Management System | Clinical Conductor
(4 Ratings)

Used by more organizations around the world than any other CTMS. Clinical Conductor standardizes and simplifies complex processes for research organizations managing and conducting clinical trials.

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eClinical Software for Needs
(1 Ratings)

Viedoc software is a platform used to revolutionize the way conduct clinical trials. The software offers tools to design, manage and execute your clinical study from scratch. Patients can securely join the call from the phone, tablet, or desktop through Viedoc Me to interact with the investigator and/or study coordinator. Data can be exported in Excel, CSV, and SAS XPT formats.

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Datatrak: Delivering the Complete Unified Experience Today | Datatrak Int
(1 Ratings)

DATATRAK provides industry-leading digital software for clinical trials. Responsive to the needs of each unique trial, we simplify the management of data for modern trials.

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CTMS by Datatrak

Datatrak CTMS | Clinical Trial Management System
(1 Ratings)

Datatrak’s CTMS optimizes your workflow with real-time insight-driven data and analytics, empowering users to accelerate the progress of clinical trials.

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Clinical Trial Software
(2 Ratings)

Clindex Clinical Trial Software is a fully integrated CTMS, CDMS and EDC offering you an all-in-one compliant eClinical solution.

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Octalsoft CTMS

CTMS I Clinical Trial Management System I eClinical Software for Clinical Research
(2 Ratings)

The Octalsoft Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is an open architecture, CDISC compliantsoftware that offers CROs and Pharma companies a centralized cloud-based platform to seamlesslymanage their end-to-end clinical trial activities.

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Game changing EDC and eSource | encapsia
(1 Ratings)

Encapsia streamlines the capture, management and reporting of clinical data. It uses a unified database to give you real time access to all your data with actionable insights.

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A decentralized clinical trial platform.
(1 Ratings)

Clinion is a comprehensive eClinical trial platform for small and midsize CROs, academic research groups, and pharmaceutical corporations. It allows users to handle the intricacies of clinical trials with simplicity by sharing consistent trial data across the entire trial process, resulting in speedier clinical development, increased compliance, and faster time to market. Clinion Electronic Data Capture can be integrated with CTMS, IWRS/RTSM, and ePRO/eCOA for complete end-to-end study assistance, eliminating the headaches of data reconciliation when working with several eClinical systems. Randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) processes are improved with Clinion's RTSM system. Clinion RTS and Clinion EDC are intimately connected, allowing sites to get randomization and kit assignment directly from the EDC. Clinion ePRO is a mobile and web-based solution for patient diaries that is integrated with Clinion EDC. Clinion ePRO can be utilised as a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solution to improve participant compliance and study data quality while also complying with global regulatory requirements. Moreover, scale down costs and improve productivity by automating study and submission document generation. show more

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Clear Clinica

AI-driven detection and response for clinical trials and real-world data
(1 Ratings)

Flaskdata is a virtual trials platform that just fits in to your systems, people and work-flow. Real-time data and monitoring on all channels of your study.

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BSI CTMS: The next generation of clinical trial management
(1 Ratings)

BSI CTMS is the backbone of your eClinical systems landscape. We make life science software for people - and have done so for over 20 years. Our software solutions made in Switzerland, Germany and the USA.

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ClinicalHawk IWRS

Reduces risk in any trial
(0 Ratings)

ClinicalHawk IWRS Interactive Web Response Systems (IWRS) offers a full-fledged Randomization and Trial Supply Management, also called “RTSM”. ClinicalHawk IWRS with its rare features, plays a vital role in managing and tracking products throughout the clinical trial. ClinicalHawk IWRS has a very user-friendly interface flow that proves to be useful in all types of trials. ClinicalHawk IWRS and IP Supply Management Solution are easy to set up and use. Moreover, this Intuitive Interface allows users to set up Randomization and Inventory Management just within a few clicks. show more

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Cenduit IRT

A State of The Art System
(0 Ratings)

We are a recognized, industry leader in the IRT market and eClinical field, and have implemented over 1,500 clinical trials requiring patient randomization, clinical supply distribution and returns/destruction accountability.

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List of Clinical Trial Management Software

OpenClinica 4
BioClinica CTMS 4
OnCore 4.5
Path eClinical 5
Reify StudyTeam 4.6
Clinical Conductor CTMS 4.4
Viedoc NA
DATATRAK ONE Unified Experience 4.5
CTMS by Datatrak 4