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Clinical Communication and Collaboration Software

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Verizon Healthcare IT...

Healthcare IT & Digital Health Solutions | Verizon
(11 Ratings)

Focus on patients not technology with help from Verizon. Explore our healthcare IT and digital health solutions that help you provide better care.

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Change Healthcare Clinical...

Clinical Network Solutions
(3 Ratings)

Discover how our clinical network solutions help to capture and share clinical information, improve alignment, coordinate care and streamline clinical workflow.

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Vocera Platform

The Leading Platform for Clinical Communication and Workflow | Vocera
(10 Ratings)

Vocera Platform delivers communications complete with information about the patient event, healthcare environment, and care team.

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CareConnect | Netsmart | Netsmart
(4 Ratings)

CareConnect is an integration engine that allows organizations to connect with other providers outside their four walls.

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TigerText Essentials

HIPAA-Compliant Communications | Request a Demo| TigerConnect
(17 Ratings)

Empower care teams to communicate efficiently with TigerText Essentials, a secure, HIPAA-compliant communications and messaging solution. Communicate securely from your smartphone or desktop!

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TigerFlow Enterprise

Custom EHR & Clinical Integrations | Request a Demo | TigerConnect
(1 Ratings)

TigerFlow Enterprise is the perfect solution perfect for care teams looking to set a model of performance in the industry. Learn how TigerConnect supports custom EHR integration!

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Home | Mobile Heartbeat
(0 Ratings)

Mobile Heartbeat's MH-CURE platform enables all roles, across all departments within a hospital to communicate with context. Hospitals gain valuable insights on how users are engaging with each other.

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CareChannels by QliqSOFT

CareChannels | Patient Messaging | QliqSOFT
(1 Ratings)

With QliqSOFT’s CareChannels, care team members collaborate on questions, ideas and feedback through patient-focused group messaging.

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Halo Health

Halo Health | The Clinical Collaboration Platform | Unified Communication
(2 Ratings)

The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform (CCP) is a cost-effective, comprehensive solution for acute, ambulatory, and long-term care providers.

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Digital Transformation - Connexall
(1 Ratings)

We have evolved from the information age to the innovation age. Healthcare leaders are embracing digital transformation methods to find innovative ways to connect patients, staff, systems and devices. As we move from sticky notes to spreadsheets to collaborative applications, we have the chance to reimagine how we communicate – how we engage our community …

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Clinical Communication and Collaboration
(1 Ratings)

Telmediq's Healthcare Communications Hub (HCH) is designed to simplify and strengthen healthcare communication. It integrates with your hospital's clinical, IT, and telecom systems to reduce communication errors, streamline care coordination and improve patient safety. The time savings for clinicians and supporting staff allows for more time to be spent on patient care, leading to an overall improved patient experience. In addition to improved patient care, the HCH also helps save money from reduced communication errors. It's an effective way to ensure that all members of healthcare team stay connected, while also providing the best possible care to the patients. show more

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PolicyManager by PolicyMedical | Healthcare Policy Management Solution
(4 Ratings)

PolicyManager is a comprehensive SaaS-based enterprise platform that enables healthcare professionals to access the right documents anywhere, anytime...

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BlueNote Communicator

BlueNote Software - Not Found
(8 Ratings)

BlueNote Communicator Lights are a quick in-office communication dashboard for use in a medical office. Training is not necessary because the software is intuitive for anyone who has ever used a touch screen. The Windows-based software program is HIPAA secure and can be instantly downloaded on every computer on the network.

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Einstein II IRP

Internal Resource Pool Management Solutions
(0 Ratings)

Einstein II IRP - Build & deploy internal resource pools (IRP) to reduce nursing labor costs, engage the contingent workforce directly & better utilize current nursing staff. A simply intelligent workforce solution that optimizes internal float pools to attract clinical staff and lower labor costs

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Hipaa Compliant Texting for Physicians & Nurse Practitioners | Hucu.ai
(10 Ratings)

Hucu.ai is a FREE HIPAA compliant patient-centered messaging network, with real-time patient health and staff attrition risk reporting. Customers streamline professional communications within our easy to use app, receiving push notifications when colleagues tag them for immediate delivery. Users share text, documents, images, emojis, and videos that are securely stored in the HucU.ai encrypted cloud.

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List of Clinical Communication and Collaboration Software

Verizon Healthcare IT Solutions 3
Change Healthcare Clinical Network Solutions 4.5
Vocera Platform 4.2
CareConnect 3.8
TigerText Essentials 3.8
TigerFlow Enterprise 5
CareChannels by QliqSOFT 5
Halo Health 3
Connexall 4