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Description AWS Amplify is a set of services and tools for web and mobile developers to build scalable full-stack applications. It can be used to personalise app backends besides connecting users’ apps in minutes, for deploying static web apps in few clicks and easily monitoring app content external to the AWS console. Developers can use the Amplify admin CLI and UIs’ intuitive workflows to set up upgradable AWS backends with authentication, data, storage and other common use cases. Amplify UI can also be used for providing non-developers with administrative access to manage app users and content without an AWS account. With this Amplify console, users can host static websites besides single page web apps comprising Git-based workflow, by simply connecting their app’s repository. AWS Amplify supports popular web frameworks, such as JavaScript, Angular, React, Vue, Next.js and mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Ionic, React Native and Flutter. Read more Back4App is a robust low code application creation platform that enables you to create data structures visually using the UI or programmatically using API calls to save items. With a scalable and open-source backend, you can store and analyze relational data in the cloud and make it accessible through GraphQL and REST. With Back4App, you can improve development efficiency, shorten time to market, and grow apps without having to worry about infrastructure. You can create indexes, run geo-queries, and execute aggregate operations on relational data. Back4App’s multi-region distribution system provides responsiveness and low latency and allows you to add business logic to your project on the server side. You can install NPM modules to make your work go faster and keep your users up to date at all times to minimize repeating inquiries. With Back4App, you can create your functions in Javascript and execute them using a job scheduler, database triggers, or API calls. Additionally, you can use live queries to obtain real-time data supplied to customers that have subscribed with Back4App low code platform. Read more
Pricing Options
  • Free Trial Not Available
  • AWS Amplify Offers Custom plan.
  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Back4App Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.
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83% SW Score The SW Score ranks the products within a particular category on a variety of parameters, to provide a definite ranking system. Read more

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Technical Details

Organization Types Supported
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business
Platforms Supported
  • SaaS/Web/Cloud
  • SaaS/Web/Cloud
Modes of Support
  • Online
  • Online
API Support
  • Available
  • Available

Reviews & Ratings

User Rating
Not Available
4.9/5 35 user ratings
Rating Distribution
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  • Very Good

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  • Terrible

Pros & Cons
  • Effortless creation of mobile and web apps
  • Seamless user app connectivity within minutes
  • Simplified deployment of static web apps
  • Intuitive Amplify admin CLI and UIs for backend setup
  • Supports popular web frameworks and mobile platforms
  • May require additional resources for complex app development
  • Limited customization options compared to some competitors
  • Low-code platform for efficient app creation
  • Visual data structure creation and API-based programming
  • Scalable and open-source backend for data storage and analysis
  • Multi-region distribution for enhanced responsiveness and low latency
  • Live queries for real-time data delivery
  • May lack advanced features found in some enterprise-grade MBaaS solutions
  • Limited integration options with certain third-party tools
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Pricing Options
  • Free Trial Not Available
  • AWS Amplify Offers Custom plan.
  • Free Trial Not Available
  • Back4App Offers Free-forever and Custom plan.
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Vendor information

Company Details Located in: Seattle, Washington Located in: Sunnyvale, California Founded in: 2015
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What are the key differences between AWS Amplify and Back4App?

AWS Amplify is a comprehensive platform for building mobile and web apps, while Back4App is a low-code platform for creating data-driven applications.

What are the alternatives to AWS Amplify?

The top alternatives to AWS Amplify are Vercel, Firebase, Microsoft Azure, AWS AppSync, and Cognito.

What are the alternatives to Back4App?

The top alternatives to Back4App are CodeMash,, Backendless, Apps Panel, and CloudBoost.

Which product is better for building complex mobile and web applications?

AWS Amplify is a more comprehensive platform for building complex mobile and web applications, with features like authentication, data storage, and deployment.

Which product is better for building data-driven applications?

Back4App is a better choice for building data-driven applications, with features like a scalable and open-source backend, GraphQL and REST APIs, and real-time data updates.

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